Photo Dump!

Here is a photo dump from the game last night and from my day today!

1 IMG_0705 IMG_0962 IMG_1090 IMG_1104 IMG_1108 IMG_1110  He is just perfection. IMG_1116 IMG_1128 IMG_1134 If only there was no glass in between us…IMG_1137 This was Crosby’s assist!IMG_1151 IMG_1153 IMG_1192 I think this picture was from the end of the game when Sid’s helmet was knocked off. IMG_1206 Pens won 3-1!IMG_1209

Last night was amazing. I ended up sitting on the glass for the entire game and it was the best thing that could ever happen to me. Well, I take that back. The best thing happened last night was when I MADE EYE CONTACT WITH KRIS LETANG. He is my all time favorite hockey player. And he just so happens to be the most attractive man to ever walk the planet. I know that is very superficial of me, but right now I do not care one bit!

Today was a busy day. My mom and I helped my dad get the RV ready to roll and then we went and ran some errands. We started off at Caribou Coffee where I got oatmeal and I tried a Chai Tea Latte.2I was in love. I didn’t want to be in love because it has caffeine in it and I am scared I am going to get addicted, but I think every now and then it would be just fine to get 🙂 While we ate our breakfast we planned out our meals and grocery list for the week. Then we went to Michaels and I probably could spend all day in that store. I got some things to make necklaces for two special little girls I know! We did part of our grocery shopping at Earth Fare, a store similar to Whole Foods. I found some good things there, but there selection was very limited so we had to make another stop at Food Lion to get a few things. On our way to Food Lion I had a key lime pie Larabar and it was alright. Not as limey as I was expecting.3 Once we made it home we unpacked the groceries and then unloaded the RV. Then we went through my moms Stitch Fix and everything she got was so cute!IMG_1210 IMG_1211 For lunch I had Progresso cheesy chicken enchilada soup with berries.IMG_1212 Then we were off to Mary’s. My snack after my session with Mary was pretzels and a Figamajig.4 I ate it while I worked on a Sudoku puzzle in the lobby waiting for Lori. After Lori I picked up Noodles & Company for dinner and headed home. I made some “pupcakes” and PB Balls before I heated up my chicken and Japanese Pan Noodles.IMG_1213 I have been wanting Noodles & Company for so long now and I was so happy to get it! My parents made it home while I was working on the dishes so I talked to my mom a little bit about the parent meeting and about things that have been going on with her friends at her school. Now we are watching Dante’s Peak!

Session With Mary

My session with Mary was very eye opening today. We talked about our trip to Chattanooga and then we analyzed my bubbles. I knew I was short on my bubbles pretty much every day, but I didn’t realize how short I was coming up. I was over 10 bubbles short every day. I really had no idea. So we all discussed the current fears I am still having and we came up with ways to defeat them. Mary also told me it is normal to kind of lapse a little, but as long as I don’t relapse I will be able to work through this. I just need to really work hard to make sure that I am filling up every single one of my bubbles. It was a good session in that I am really starting to see how I have been slowly moving backwards and I need to put a stop to that right now! We talked about my goals and my mom had me mention the Krispy Kreme Challenge. It is typically the first or second weekend in February and I really want to be able to run it! So Mary said that my goal to do that is completely possible, but I will really have to step my eating game up so that I am at a healthy place. We touched a few other topics, but those are the main ones that I really need to focus on!

Session With Lori

Our therapy appointment with Lori went really well also. We also recapped on our trip to Chattanooga and we talked about levels of anxiety. We put a number on a few different situations to gauge my level of anxiety. For example how I felt going to a new restaurant, how I felt once I started looking at the menu, how I felt once my food arrived, what my anxiety level is at at home compared to when we are away, etc. It was very useful to have an idea of my anxiety level for different situations. I think my anxiety level has significantly decreased though! It has decreased partly due to the fact that I have been staying with my easy foods. I need to push myself with my food so that I can move forward by slowly increasing those situations that would cause me to have more fears. That way I kind of desensitize myself so that I can be prepared for whatever life throws my way 🙂 It is our homework for the week to try and get me to successfully eat things that put me at a 6 or 7 on the anxiety scale (1 is no anxiety, 10 is completely freaking out). I think this will help me to reach my bubbles! Two ways we suggesting doing this was to either increase portion size of easy foods or try new foods that pack a lot of punch. I think we decided to try both to see what works best.

So I would say that it was a pretty good day. I am feeling very motivated right now! I just need to keep a firm grasp on this feeling so that I can make these next two weeks really count so that I hear nothing but good news at my next appointment with Dr. Chung!


4 thoughts on “Photo Dump!

  1. Hiii! Still reading and loving your entries, just lapsing in commenting. Soooo, a number of things:
    1. You are stunningly lovely! Your kindness and intelligence radiates from the inside out.
    2. I don’t think you’ll get dependent on caffeine. Lots of stuff people regularly have have caffeine in it without them realizing it–everything from apples to tea to DECAF, so a lot of the time I think the caffeine fear lots of people have is almost all psychological.
    3. Never ever seen Key Lime Pie Larabars. Ooooh . . . . There should be some sort of orange/chocolate flavor. It’d be amazing when oranges are in season this winter.
    4. Ooh, I TOTALLY know what you mean about getting over food fears. Sometimes I surprise myself and dive right in to a new food, but other times I either need to: a) just TRY foods I’ve never eaten before, so I don’t freak out about having to eat an entire plate, such as asking to taste someone else’s food at a restaurant, or b) slowly but surely incorporating more and more foods, such as different types of cheese instead of ONLY the one I’m okay with, switching to a new granola brand, etc. Good luck!

    • Hello!
      1. Thank you so much! I can tell you are equally as kind and beautiful 🙂
      2. What a good point. Caffeine is present in many things that I am already consuming (chocolate hahaha) so the small addition from tea wouldn’t do any harm. You are probably right about a fear of caffeine being psychological. When I was younger I would get headaches if I didn’t have soda, so I think I am just scared that I will get those withdrawal headaches if I start drinking caffeinated beverages. But I’m not going to worry about that!
      3. I think you might be on to something! Orange/chocolate sounds scrumptious
      4. Those sound like they would both be good ways to try new foods. I will probably steal your techniques and try them out for myself 😉
      Hope you are doing well!

  2. Great seats for the hockey game..Tanger as we call him up here..needs to start playing better. He’s still too careless with the puck for my taste! Great photos though I really enjoyed them…as for those bubbles being filled out..that’s entirely up to whatever you have to do to self motivate..figure it out!

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