We made it to Raleigh a little after 2 this afternoon. Last night and this morning was very laid back. My parents’ good friend Terry stopped by the RV last night and it was fun to just listen to them talk and catch up. For dinner I had a few boneless buffalo chicken bites and queso mac for dinner. They were just quick, cheap things that my mom and I found at Walmart that wouldn’t require dirtying too many dishes. The queso mac wasn’t as spicy as I was hoping, but it was still decent.Image Then we just relaxed for the rest of the night and watched Alaska: The Last Frontier. For snack I had popcorn and trail mix.ImageI had another good night of sleep! Yay! We all slept in some and then had breakfast. I went with a bowl of apple cinnamon Cheerios with trail mix. I also had some tea with it.Image Then my mom and I hit up the shower house before getting ready to hit the road to Raleigh. Once we were on the road I fixed my snack. I had pretzels with vanilla almond butter and chocolate hazelnut butter. It tasted like dessert!Image I knitted basically the entire way to Raleigh. Knitting is a great way to keep my mind semi occupied. It allows me to think about things but it prevents me from over thinking since I have to remain somewhat concentrated on the knitting so I don’t mess up. Once we got here and set up the RV we popped some buffalo chicken quesadillas in the oven for lunch. We each had an apple with our quesadillas.Image It was like 3 when we finally ate lunch, so it was very late. Shortly after we finished eating Terry stopped by the RV again. He went with his son and one of his son’s friends to NC State for a tour, so they swung by the RV to say hello.

I am so excited for tonight! We are going to the Penguins game! I guess technically it would be the Hurricanes game since it is here in Raleigh, but whatevs haha. My parents got these tickets for my birthday and they are the best.seats.ever. They are one row away from the glass. We are going to go right when the doors open so that we can watch them warm up and so I can take millions of pictures. I made sure that I brought my Letang jersey to wear for the game!

On a different topic, this morning my mom asked me how I thought I did on this trip. I responded that I thought I did alright. I fell short on filling up my bubbles, but I didn’t have much anxiety. She also asked me what three things were good. I told her that I was able to have my snacks without being told, I handled Friday night (out to eat) well, and then I struggles coming up with a third so my mom helped me out by saying that I didn’t skip any meals or snacks. So I would say that the trip was a success for me. I got caught in the repetitive snacks and meals though. I am sure you all are sick of hearing about trail mix, pretzels, and turkey sandwiches! Haha. I felt like I was limited with my snack options in the RV so I will be happy when I am back home and have more options to mix it up. I say that, but watch me stick to pretzels and trail mix even when I get back haha. I also just need to make sure that I really kick it up a notch and reach the goal of eating all of my bubbles. I made it a goal of mine last week to really push myself and do this for myself.

Tonight I decided that I am going to be courageous and eat dinner at the hockey game! Especially since we ate such a late lunch I just don’t see us eating dinner before we go to the game. I am sure that they will have something at the concession stands that I will feel comfortable enough with ordering. Who knows, maybe I will live life on the edge and order something that sounds really good to me (and that I would have ordered back before Eduardo came into my life). I am ready to have some fun and lose my voice from cheering so loud!


One thought on “Raleighwood!

  1. LeTang is so cute…How did he look up close? Hope the game was awesome. Congrats on your 3 good things, Reflection is always important, and rarely accomplished. Have a good last day of vacay..Love you

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