Back To Life

Back to life, back to reality. Vacation has come to an end! Today I went back to work with my dad, although I feel like I didn’t really get much done haha.

So last night after I finished blogging I whipped up a chocolate banana shake using a Boost Plus. I really wanted to push for filling up the bubbles I missed.Image Then I was off to dream land. Except I don’t think I ever hit my REM cycle. I kept waking up all throughout the night. I managed to still have to hurry to get ready for the day though. I got dressed and then started to prepare my lunch and snacks for work. Once I got it all packed I made my breakfast. I had an egg and spinach waffle-wich, yogurt and orange juice.Image I needed a little more time to prepare everything because I still missed a few bubbles. Everything was very good though. At work my job was to just fill out a few census reports. WOOO… so much fun… hahaha. For snack I had Kashi island vanilla squares.Image My lunch was carrots, berries, turkey/spinach/guac sandwich, and a pupcake (pumpkin cupcake).Image Since I didn’t really have much to work on I ended up surfing the internet. I did some research on how to go about taking online classes. I found out some useful info, now I just need to figure out when I will be ready to go back to taking classes. Pinterest may or may not have been a time killer as well… My afternoon snack was a key lime greek yogurt and blueberry blaze trail mix.Image Before I knew it the workday was over. On the way home my dad and I talked about my bubbles for the day. I feel like that was the first time we really discussed my meal plan in depth. It was surprisingly comforting to have that conversation. I felt an extra wave of motivation. When I got home I grabbed an apple to take out to Vinnie. He has been deprived for a week and was more than ready to inhale his treat.Image Look, his mane is almost ready to flop over!Image I love it when animals are being extra adorable, but it is so sad when you are too slow to capture the full cuteness on camera! This will just have to do.Image After I was finished at the barn I came home and unloaded/reloaded the dishwasher before I got to work on my necklaces for two amazing youngsters 🙂 I hope that they don’t see this picture… I don’t want the surprise to be ruined! I also wrote them each a note.Image For dinner we had penne with tomato sauce, peepers, onions, hot italian sausage and garlic bread.Image It was good, but I don’t think that dish is one of my favorites. I think I have had enough sausage over the past two weeks to last all of November haha. I hope everyone had a good Wednesday and is ready to be one day closer to the weekend!


7 thoughts on “Back To Life

  1. Hi Beth hope you got to see some of the Pens game last nite. This morning I am presiding at the funeral for a guy who was the ultimate Pens fact he has a picture with the STanley Cup the last time the Pens won it because he was friends with the Pens trainer…he was laid out in his Mario Lemuix jersey was his request! (No the jersey will not be cremated..again by his request!) He was a great guy and though he died at 49, he accomplished more in his years than most do when they live to 80. So get living!

    • I caught the end of the game. There were a few times at the very end where I thought it was going to go into OT. I am sure he was an amazing man. He and I would have been great friends. It is so sad that he passed away that young. I will keep him in mind as a motivation to start living my life!

      • It was a great service. Todd had a List of people that he would give his hockey tickets a lot of folks who would never get to see the Pens got to see them. His seats in the old arena were in the very last row of the top could almost touch the roof of the Igloo because you were so high! He must have given his tickets away (yeah he never took money for them) for hundreds of games. The last two years his cancer caused him to lose his I like to believe that the game against the Bruins was the first game Todd got to “see” in quite a while. Yes you two would have been great friends and honestly he would have found a way to get you an autographed pic of Letang..because he was doing that kind of stuff all the time!

  2. Bethy, I hear a lot of motivation in your writing, I am thrilled you have a plan, and you are filling those bubbles..I love Robert and what is the kitty cats name? V is looking especially good. I am positive he was thrilled to see you and his apple.

  3. You are an amazing young lady and I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to reach out to my family! It may not feel like it right now, but you are, and will continue to be an inspiration to others. Sometimes our struggles in life teach us many things that we can then pass on to others.

    • It was the least I could do! You have supported me so much over these past few months and I couldn’t thank you enough. I think perhaps we go through rough patches of our own so that we can learn from them and then help others when they are in need.

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