Getting prepared!

Happy Tuesday everyone!

These past two days have shot right past me. They both seem to kind of blur together.

Yesterday I was up early to go to the gym with my mom before I headed over to work. We carpooled in and I was able to eat my overnight oats without having to drive haha. I had a sweaty, but good, run on the treadmill!1 2

At work I did a few tasks involving invoices and travel before focusing on getting more product up online. Every time I feel like I am catching up we get more product in and I have to start all over again! I enjoy doing it though. I had a banana and yogurt for my snack.3

For lunch I had pretzels, chicken salad, peppers, grapes and a cheese stick.4

After work we headed home and I had trail mix for my snack.5 Then I did some relaxing before cleaning off the wood for my bed frame project that I am finally getting around to doing! For dinner my mom made pasta, sauteed peppers and tilapia. I mixed my pasta and peppers with a little spinach and a dab of balsamic. Plus a sun dried tomato laughing cow wedge. It was all absolutely delicious! 6

We watched the movie Runner Runner and it was pretty good. I felt like everything was a little predictable, but it was still alright.

For my snack I had an almond butter sandwich and blueberries before calling it a night.

The original plan this morning was to meet my boss at the gym at 8 to workout, but he texted me at 5:40 this morning and asked if we could workout during his lunch instead. I had no problem with that! I was happy to sleep a little bit more. Then I got to see this goofball!7 For breakfast I had the overnight oats I made, topped with blueberries and walnuts, a pepper and spinach scramble and a chai latte.8

After breakfast I got ready to head over to Chapel Hill to get acquainted with the campus a little! I parked in my parking spot and walked over to the student book store to get my books for my biology class. Once I got my books I took a short walk to find the buildings my lecture and lab are in. Everything was close to my parking spot and easy to find, so I hope the rooms themselves are easy to find! I always feel much more prepared when I know exactly where I am going. That is always the stressful part for me! I am so happy to have everything I need and I am excited for the start of my first class as a Tarheel on Thursday!

Once I was done in Chapel Hill I went over to the Bulls to steal my boss. We walked across the street to the Y and got to work! We targeted our backs today and then did a few planks. I didn’t think this was a bad workout at all!9

After returning Bryan to the Bulls I headed home and then fixed myself lunch. I had a big plate of quinoa with taco turkey and cheese with carrots & salsa and grapes on the side. Plus a greek yogurt! Very tasty!10

After my late lunch I got to work on staining my wood! I ran out of stain though so I will have to get more so I can finish. I am trying to decide if I want to put another type of finish on it… Any thoughts???11

Now I am about to go have a little snack before I get ready to take my parents to Chapel Hill for dinner and exploring! Have a great evening!

Garage Day

Man oh man, did I put in some work today. After my breakfast of black beans, cheese, veggies, an egg and oatmeal with a latte I got started on “project: garage.” Image

We had about 85 boxes filled with old tax files piled up in our garage that were getting picked up to be destroyed. We have been trying to get this company to get the boxes for a while now and they finally followed throw with it. Just in time for our wood from the Reuse Ware house to be dropped off! I spent all morning moving boxes and dodging spiders. There were so many spiders. I thought I was going to be a goner. I ended up moving all the boxes 2 times before they got picked up. I did my best to clean and organize the garage. It was raining all day so I kept everything in the garage, which is why I ended up moving the boxes twice. I think I messed up my back during the cleaning process… I made a weird bendy/twisty movement to pick something up and it has been in pain ever since. That is what I get for lifting with my back and not my legs. I pushed through it though, no biggie. Garage after I cleaned: Image

Garage after wood was delivered and boxes were picked up:ImageImage

It was funny, the guys from the Reuse Warehouse showed up first and then the Cintax guy showed up a few minutes later. So I just got all the business knocked out at the same time!

Mid morning I took a break for my snack, which was a peanut butter banana and chocolate smoothie. Image

Once everything was finished around 2 I threw together a quick lunch. I made a 3 minute pasta portion and had it with tomato basil soup and spinach and then greek yogurt and berries. Yum!Image

I then relaxed the rest of the afternoon. It was rainy and gross so I wasn’t up for anything else after all that work in the garage.

For my second snack I had pretzels, turkey and raspberry jam. Holy cow, great combo.Image

We decided to go out for our Friday night dinner and we just went to Applebee’s. I really really pushed myself to order my big challenge for the week: ordering a cheeseburger and fries.Image I ate all the fries and half the burger and got a box. I think I did alright with that challenge. It was definitely hard because I wanted to order something different, but I stuck with it. I tried not to be upset after I ate it. It was a successful day for me! I got a lot done and my parents said they are so happy with how the garage looks 🙂

Hope you had a good day!