I’m sold

Good morning, all!

I had a fabulous Monday. I know what you are thinking: that sentence shouldn’t even exist. Everyone dreads Mondays, but when you get the day off incredible things can happen!

So after typing up my post yesterday I did the crossword puzzle before fixing myself banana bread and a green smoothie for breakfast. Oh how I missed my green smoothies!IMG_3066
I was bummed when I checked my email and saw that my advising appointment at UNC was canceled because the advisor was out with an illness. So I rescheduled and made an appointment for the first time available, which is next Monday. So because I didn’t have to go to Chapel Hill in the morning I took one of my books and hit the porch swing for a bit of time. It was so relaxing! I eventually headed inside to start getting ready to go into Durham. I stopped at the bank on my way to Whole Foods to grab lunch for my mom and I. We ended up eating our lunches on a shaded bench outside her school. It was beautiful out!1 2
I basically talked her ear off about new developments in my life, AKA boy drama hahaha. It’s not really drama though. Before leaving the shaded bench I prepped a little work for my appointment with Mary.
My time with Mary flew by! We talked a lot about general things and how my week went. I always like how Mary will use other real life examples to explain certain difficulties that others might face. It sometimes is like I am getting a mini lesson of something I might learn at UNC. So of course I love it! Then we dove into doing the Quick Quiz activity in The Tao of Eating book that she lent me. The quiz is designed to analyze how much you are still letting thoughts about food dictate your thoughts or actions. Going through the question I had to quickly right down a yes or no and then we added up the yeses to see where I scored. I originally scored rather high, meaning I was still very consumed by “diet” rules or thoughts, but then after discussing each one (because the majority of my answers were more of a “kind of” than a yes or no) we concluded that I am only moderately driven by some of those remaining thoughts. Then I told her exactly that, they are all thoughts and my actions don’t reflect them. As we discussed each question and my response I wrote down long term goals, so now I know of a bunch of things that I can still work on! It was a great session and we covered a lot of ground!
Once I got home I relaxed for a bit before fixing my snack of pretzels and guacamole. I hadn’t had guac in a while so I was super happy!IMG_3067
Then I got a text from Renee saying she would be home at 7 and she asked if I wanted to ride Ray. I jumped on the opportunity! So I got changed and headed out there. I groomed Vinnie and gave him an apple (he got the day off from work too haha) before Renee and I headed up to the arena with Ray! She rode him first so that she could give me a visual of all of the cues she uses with him. Then it was my turn to hop up in the saddle! I had a great time and I absolutely loved riding him! That was the verse time I think I have ever seriously ridden western. He really wasn’t a challenging horse to ride. Yes, it still required a lot of work, but it was so enjoyable! Renee was so happy that I rode him and that I thought he was a great horse. I made plans to ride him again this morning before I go to work, so after I fix my breakfast it is going to be a morning full of horses!
When I got home last night my parents had dinner ready. We had chicken sausage, peppers and onions, and then I heated up leftover rice. It was simple and delicious!IMG_3068
I relaxed the rest of the night and before bed I had a quick snack of an apple and trail mix.3

Well alrighty, I am off to have another fabulous day, starting with this yummy breakfast!IMG_3069 I hope you all have a day that is equally (if not more 😉 ) amazing!

Hitting Refresh

Today was a nice, low key day. It was a perfect way to hit the refresh button for my system. I had an easy going morning, which I started by working on the crossword puzzle before fixing my breakfast.Image

After breakfast I decided to do a few small chores so I did laundry, dishes and a quick clean up of the kitchen.

Then I got ready for my appointment with Mary! It was a great session. I told her all about the past couple of days and how I overcame the challenges I faced. I filled her in on the events of Thursday: my trip to UNC to meet up with a friend, dinner (burgers) with the guys and the bonfire. I told her about puppy sitting and the race I had on Saturday. It was nice to reflect on some of the events of the weekend because I also realized a few things that I didn’t notice before. For example, I noticed I have gotten better at eating at a normal pace, or even at a quicker pace if I am short on time. My exampled were Sunday morning when I had to quickly eat breakfast before going over to Evan’s to watch a movie before work, when I was at work and I had a large snack that I had to squeeze in during a short break and when I would eat lunch at work. I wasn’t upset that I couldn’t savor each bite and take my time because I was actually busy living my life! We then talked about a few things that still are a concern/worry. I admit that eating out is still a little difficult and then just being conscious about the amount of fat or protein in a meal. I’m not sure why protein is a little challenging but Mary reassured me that there is no reason for me to worry about getting too much. She gave me a few suggestions about possibly having vegetarian meals for breakfast and lunches when we are planning on having a large portion of meat for dinner. So we had a good conversation about that and then set up some good goals for me!

After my appointment with Mary I went to Whole Foods and picked up lunch for my mom and I. I built my mom a salad and then picked out a sandwich, veggies, fruit and a yogurt for myself. Image

After lunch I headed home and got ready for the barn. I managed to get a quick lunge in with Vinnie in between periods of light rain. I think he really enjoyed his grooming as well! I missed him this past weekend so I was glad that I spent some time with him today.ImageImage

After the barn I hit the couch and had some major relaxation time. For my snack I had a kashi bar and trail mix. Image

We just finished our dinner of leftover chicken, veggies and potatoes.Image It was yummy! Anndddd the Penguins won!!! Yippee! On to Round 2 of the playoffs!

I am going to have my snack and hit the bed early since I have to be at work at 8:30 in the morning! I hope you had a wonderful day!

Goal: Work With No Excuses

I have literally spent my entire day at work. Yesterday, too, when I wasn’t at my appointments. Last night I got home and had dinner at 11:30 so I was just way too tired to do my daily post. Tonight I was able to leave earlier so I am taking advantage to do a reallllyyy quick update before I have snack and go to bed. I NEED TO SLEEP. Tomorrow is opening day at the ballpark and we still have like a week worth of things that need to be done, so I am going to be going in really early and I will be there till the last person leaves, so more than likely there will be no post tomorrow either. So… Where to begin?


I woke up early to go to the Y with my mom before clocking in at 8. I followed my mom’s lead and did a 40 minute strength training workout. It was a good one. I felt the burn as I did the exercises but it didn’t make me sore. Before the Y I had a banana and after the Y for my morning snack I had overnight oatmeal made with strawberry Greek yogurt.Image I worked on personalizations for online orders all morning before I went to my appointment with Mary. My session went really well! I have my goals made and we talked about creativity and how to differentiate between different types of satiety. It is also my goal to be more spontaneous when I am at work. I have been coming up with excuses to not partake in the eating activities that others do. A lot of people go grab a quick bite out and I haven’t felt comfortable doing that, which makes me wait till I get home to eat dinner and I end up eating too late and going too long in between meals and snacks.

After that I met my mom at Whole Foods for lunch. I had a rice, veggie and egg mixture, mixed fruit and greek yogurt.Image After sitting and talking with my mom for a while I ran to the bank before heading over to my appointment with Lori. I can’t believe that yesterday was my last appointment with Lori. I am really going to miss working with her. We briefly talked about my homework from the past week before we reflected on what I have learned over the past year. We also discussed techniques that really worked for me so that I can use them in the future. It was a good way to wrap up our time together.

After my session I had a new bar for my snack.Image Then I went back to work! I worked until 10:40. I am so glad it was fun though!

When I made it home I reheated what was left from my parent’s dinner. I threw the chicken on sliced bread with a wedge of white cheddar laughing cow. There was also some really tasty baked zucchini and yellow squash. Then as my immediate bedtime snack I had some berries, trail mix and milk.ImageImage


This morning I was up early to get ready for work. I got ready and then packed my lunch before having a quick banana and greek yogurt. Mid morning I had my almond butter sandwich.Image

I worked all day at folding t shirts. I did a few other things, but this was a task that felt never ending. For lunch I had leftover pork stuffing,  cauliflower, an apple and pretzels.Image I was feeling very stressed out because the t shirt tables weren’t getting done as quickly as I was hoping. After 2 my boss basically ordered me to go eat my lunch and relax for a minute. I was also getting stressed out because there were so many new people who came in to work during the afternoon and I felt like I had to keep telling them what to do which took up time for what ever I was working on. Either that or they would come over and try to work with me on what I was working on while there were other things that needed to be done. I dealt with it though. I was new once too haha. Time flew by and I ended up having my snack later than normal. I had another new bar which was surprisingly good.Image My stress level thankfully decreased over the night. I am so happy to have Casey back at work. She really brings the fun haha. She is also really thoughtful. She runs a lot and so we were talking about a half marathon and she was saying how she didn’t want me to become obsessive about it. She also checks to make sure I have eaten my lunch or snack. She is also hilarious so she is just a really good friend to have at work. There are some other really good people who work there who make the time really enjoyable!

As I drove home I ate some veggies and a turkey sandwich from Whole Foods.Image My mom was nice enough to drop me off some food for dinner so I wasn’t waiting until I got home to eat. She is so nice!

Alright, I am calling it a night! Wish me luck for the busy day tomorrow!


The Gift of a Beautiful Day

I couldn’t believe how beautiful today was! I wish every single day could be exactly like that. Perfect temperature, not a cloud in the sky, slight breeze. Magnificent. I started off the beautiful day by relaxing before I got up to fix my breakfast. I had a big bowl of oatmeal with berries and a red pepper scramble.Image Once we all finished our breakfasts we got ready to go to the Y at Lakewood. Madelyne and I took a Flow Yoga class that was an hour and a half. Matt and my mom kind of did their own thing. The class was a lot of fun! Definitely a challenge, but a good one. After we freshened up we headed to Whole Foods for lunch. I made another grilled veggie, hard boiled egg, quinoa salad that I had with fresh fruit, yogurt and a WhatsoNutso bar. Image

The next few hours were spent at Duke Gardens! It was the perfect day to walk around the gardens. Truly a gift. It was a bummer that the majority of the flowers weren’t in bloom, but there were a few that were in season! Get ready for a plethora of pictures!ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

We made a stop at Harris Teeter for a few random things before we came home. Right when we got back I quickly changed for the barn. I grabbed a Kind bar to have as a snack while I was out there.Image I had the best time with Vinnie. I gave him a good grooming since he is shedding and then I had the best ride ever 🙂 I worked a lot on my transitions up to and down from the canter. It was unbelievable how well he was listening to me! He even worked up a tiny sweat, making his post ride groom very enjoyable. He also appreciated the large amount of treats I gave him. I didn’t want to leave! I was having such a good time just enjoying the solo time with him. Image

As soon as I got home I started helping with dinner. I made a creamy pesto sauce with grape tomatoes and spinach that we served with spaghetti, chicken and roasted veggies. I thought it was very delicious!!!Image

I wish today didn’t have to end! I don’t want to say goodbye to my visitors tomorrow!

Jones’n for some Crums

Happy Thursday! It was a splendid day for this group. Well, at least is was for me and I hope it was for everyone else too haha!

I was up early this morning but didn’t want to wake the others so I decided to do the crossword puzzle and watch last week’s episode of the Vampire Diaries before I started quietly fixing my breakfast. Madelyne joined me in the kitchen shortly after I started making my oatmeal. I also made a chai latte and a spinach scramble.Image Yummy and filling! I made sure to record all of the details about my hunger and fullness levels so I could report back to Mary. After breakfast we all got our books and started reading. I began The Body Book by Cameron Diaz and let me just say, I love it already!Image Her perspective on health and eating is so inspiring. If you struggle with any type of eating disorder or disordered eating, I think this book could majorly influence your thoughts on life and food for the better. Next on our agenda was to go to the Y so we could do the PiYo class. Well, Madelyne and I did that. Matt did his own thing haha. I had fun at the class and I even worked up a nice sweat. The class was crowded! Once our workouts were done we were off to the showers and I got shampoo in my eye. It was awful and I was convinced I was going to go blind. I didn’t though.

For lunch we went to Whole Foods. I piled up fresh fruits and made a quinoa salad including steamed carrots and broccoli, grilled peppers, italian dressing and a hard boiled egg. I also had yogurt and a WhatsoNutso bar. Image

The rest of our afternoon was filled with grocery shopping and getting our nails done! Image

When we arrived back home I unloaded groceries and then got to work on dishes so my mom wouldn’t have to do them when she got home. For my snack I made a simple cheese quesadilla before I did more reading and conversing.Image It was really funny, we were all talking about Maddie and Matt moving to Wilmington or something and how Matt will have to find a job. He was saying how hard it is because there are very few jobs posted for his major. I then got a random idea that I blurted out. I told him he we could go into business together: He could handle the communications side (dealing with the website, advertising, etc.) and I could do the cooking and meal planning for all our clients. My mom then said that we would have to come up with a good name for the business. She said she thought of something with Crum in it but couldn’t remember is. Then I used both of our last names to come up with a funny name that I think is rather catchy! Jones’n for some Crums. I don’t know if it would really draw up a lot of business but I like it haha. I think it would be a fun business plan, but obviously it would be a last resort because we were talking about it in a joking manner. Plus Matt would probably want to try and find a job that had a description that matched closer to what he is studying haha. Well, we are about to have dinner. My mom has been reheating a variety of leftovers. Yay for fridge clean outs! Hope you had a fantastic day 🙂

Lomi Lomi

Today Madelyne and I went for our massages. We each had the Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage and it was incredible. We went to The Retreat for our appointments at noon. It was the most relaxing experience. The tropical smell of the massage oil and the soft music and methodical strokes had me in a trance. It had me so relaxed all I have wanted to do ever since is sleep! My masseuse told me I would sleep well tonight, and I sure hope that it true because I haven’t been sleeping well at all lately! If I sleep like a rock tonight I am going to have to get massages regularly. That was my first one ever and after that I just can’t wait till I get another one!

Last night for dinner I had salad and a french bread cheese and veggie pizza.Image For my snack I had a Chobani flip, crackers and trail mix for my bedtime snack.Image That flavor was better than I was expecting, so it was a yummy surprise.

This morning I woke up and decided to try out an app I have on my iPad. It is called Daily Yoga (I got it from another app, Apps Gone Free) and I chose a 15 minute video for beginner yoga sequences. It was super easy and didn’t really feel like anything at all, especially because it was 15 minutes and half of it was just sitting there breathing. After that I made my breakfast. I fixed an egg, veggie and cheese sandwich, a pumpkin tea latte and dried blueberries <– SO GOOD!Image Then I wrote Madelyne a little note saying I was at the barn and would be back soon (she was still asleep).

When I got to the barn Renee was just heading back to her house to get ready for work and she said Vinnie was still eating. I guess I was out there earlier than I usually am. Since I had to wait for Vinnie to finish his food, I figured I wouldn’t have enough time to wait for his feed to digest before I worked him so I just groomed him, clipped him, and then took him up to the arena to do just a few minutes of ground work. 5 minutes of work is better than 0. I took before and after pictures of Vinnie’s bridle path and whiskers. My clippers are dull, cheap ones for people that I got at Walmart, so I’m not sure how much better he actually looks haha. ImageImageImageImage This is a brave cat, isn’t it?Image

I came home and quickly scarfed down a bagel with vanilla almond butter before I jumped in the shower and got ready to head into Durham for my massage!Image After our massages were over, Maddie and I went to Whole Foods to grab lunch. While I was there I ran into a girl I went to high school with. She plays softball in college, but doesn’t really love it anymore. She is just playing because it is paying for her education. I talked to her for a few minutes and told her about what I have been doing this past year. She said that she completely understood what it was like. She went through a phase when thoughts about food and being thin completely consumed her. She never let it get bad though, but she said she could see how difficult it was. It was nice to talk to her for a few minutes. I went back to selecting my lunch items and went with a repeat of my last lunch from Whole Foods. I got a sandwich, fruits and veggies, yogurt and a WhatsoNutso bar.Image We went to my mom’s school and ate our lunch and then we went to New Hope Commons to go to Barnes and Noble. I saw a few books that looked good, but nothing that was screaming my name so I decided to save my gift card from Baba. We were going to go to Michaels as well, but we decided just to come home because we were both so sleepy!

Once we got home I folded laundry and unloaded the dishwasher before grabbing my laptop to do some puzzles. Maddie crashed right on the couch but said she never really fell asleep. I went to the couch with my snack of baked Cheetos and trail mix.Image When my mom got home our energy picked up enough to do some knitting until dinner time. We had pasta mixed with a little pesto and asparagus, roasted yellow squash and zucchini and rotisserie chicken. It was pretty flavorful.Image

Now we are all just relaxing and doing our own thing 🙂

Tomorrow is going to be a day kind of full of unknowns. The Reuse Warehouse is delivering our wood and table, but I have no idea at what time. My dad is in a CE class all day so I need to make sure I am home when they drop everything off. I am hoping it is early in the morning so I can make it out to the barn and then get Jennifer at the airport in the afternoon! I am so excited to have her and Madelyne here at the same time! I was also invited to Josh’s birthday dinner tomorrow night and to really really push myself socially I accepted. I feel a little bad going out with friends the first night my sister will be home, but my parents told me I could go (and probably should). It is going to be a larger group that I am used to, and I have no idea where Justin has made the reservations. So it is going to be a challenging dinner for me, but one I will be able to do! I also have to run my 1.5 miles tomorrow! So much to do! I just wish I knew what time the delivery will be coming so I could plan out what my day will look like… Oh well. This is something I can’t control so I just need to accept it so I can enjoy the day. Wish me luck!

Madness. Absolute Madness, But in a Good Way!

I hope everyone had a good start to the week! Today was just a go, go, go type of day for me. After I finished up my morning blog I got the day started with a big breakfast. I repeated the gouda scramble with broccoli and red onion, then I had a banana, double serving of oatmeal and a pumpkin tea latte.Image After breakfast I did today’s workout from my plan. I ran one mile and I feel like running after that breakfast was the BIGGEST mistake. Not really, but it was a bad one. I just felt like I was going to throw up, and Madelyne felt the same way and she thinks it is from drinking milk (in the tea latte) before going for the run. Does anyone know anything about that? I mean I’m sure eating a lot before running doesn’t help, but does milk specifically make you feel gross? I think after this morning’s run I am definitely going to try out either running before breakfast (having a snack before I run) or sometime in the afternoon after food has had the time to digest. Tomorrow is a rest day for me so I will try out one of these on Wednesday.

After my run I showered and then had my snack. I combined my post exercise snack with my morning snack. I had my chocolate milk along with a sunflower butter sandwich. I love that stuff!Image I ate my sandwich as Madelyne drove us in to Durham to stop at my mom’s school. It was so great to see everyone there! Amber looks completely different from the last time I have seen her! Her baby will be coming very soon 🙂 I got nothing but positive feedback about how healthy I look now, so that felt great. After spending some time chatting Maddie and I headed over to Whole Foods to get some things for lunch. Maddie went with the hot bar and I got sandwiches for my mom and I. I also got a container and filled it up with a variety of fruits and some cucumber and peppers. I also had a yogurt and a WhatsoNutso bar.ImageAfter lunch Maddie and I went to make appointments at The Retreat for massages on Thursday! I have never had a professional massage before and I CAN NOT WAIT! Morgan Imports was our next stop. We spent some time walking around before we finally found the perfect gift for my sister. Then we were off to Chapel Hill! Maddie and I got our nails done. We just got them painted and it only cost us 6 dollars each. We couldn’t believe how cheap it was! While we had our nails under the light to dry, we talked with another customer. She was an older woman, who was back here visiting her children for the holidays. She is from Honolulu (not originally) and talked about how she ended up there and about her children and then we talked about the education system here in NC. She moved to Hawaii it sounded like for college and then her husband got a job at a private school there (the one Obama went to) and she lived on the campus. It made me want to move to Honolulu! She said the property taxes are a lot lower there than here… 😉

Then we went to Trader Joe’s to do part of our grocery shopping. I love that place, but I was more than ready to get out of there today because it was so crowded! We finished up our shopping at Harris Teeter and then we both ate a snack on the way home. I had a LUNA protein bar.Image Once we got home we put away the groceries and then we relaxed and my mom went over some key points with Maddie for an “interview” she has tomorrow at one of the middle schools in Durham! How exciting is that? Maddie is a little nervous, but I know she will wow him with her awesomeness. Seriously, I wish I had her for a teacher after listening to her talk with my mom! Then I started typing up this post, taking a break to cook dinner and eat it! I made baked zucchini – dipped in egg whites and parmesan, then baked at 425 for 30 minutes, turning over halfway through. These were a big hit! I think it was the first time my dad described something I made as “very good.” I was thrilled 🙂 We also had chicken and French rolls. For my meal I made the addition of barley. I fixed 1.5 servings of quick cooking barley and then added spinach, my chicken and a white cheddar laughing cow wedge. Yum!Image We watched How I Met Your Mother while we ate. I can’t believe they have dragged out this entire season to happen all during the wedding weekend. I am glad we had a relaxing evening since most of the day was spent going place to place.

Anyways, I thought I would share this weeks training plan!

Monday: Run 1 mile

Tuesday: Rest

Wednesday: Run 1 mile

Thursday: 40-45 minutes of cross training

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Run 1.5 miles

Sunday: Rest or walk 30 minutes (I will probably walk)

I am looking forward to another good day tomorrow!

Time To Make A Routine

So yesterday went really well with my appointments! At Mary’s we talked mostly about my bubbles. We decided to go back down to the bubble amount I was at before my last increase because it was really difficult to reach my goal this past week. Since I was successful with those bubbles we all felt fine with going back to the those amounts. We also worked on making a plan for goal times to eat. Lately I have been pushing everything back because my morning snack has been so late. Then I end up eating a really late lunch, then a late snack, a late dinner, and then I don’t eat my snack before bed until 11. Ultimately I want to start going to bed by 10:30 so I can get more sleep. I think sleep is just as important for me right now, and I have really been struggling to get enough. But we came up with a list of things to aim for for this upcoming week! Before going to my appointment with Lori we stopped at Whole Foods so I could grab something for snack and dinner. For snack I quickly had a pretzel and almond butter in the lobby. ImageWe had a very good session with Lori. It is amazing how easily we all open up. Our main focus in discussion seemed to be on where we all stood on the spectrum of needing parental guidance to being capable of independence. My dad talked more than I think I have ever heard him talk at one of these sessions. It is so informative and I always find out new things about myself or about my parents.

After Lori, I rushed over to work. It was the first game of the Governor’s Cup Championship. It was a small crowd and the store wasn’t busy at all. On break I ate my dinner that I grabbed from Whole Foods: turkey sandwich and yogurt. ImageThe Bulls ended up losing. They were so close to winning, too! Oh well. Well I got home I had a bowl of ice cream with a cookie. Sorry, no picture. Then I hit the sack!

This morning I woke up and had breakfast with my dad. Kind Of. He finished his Cheerios just as I was starting to eat. So I took my overnight oats with toppings (same as the day before) to the couch and watched some Netflix while my dad got ready to go to work. ImageI watched two episodes of Scandal on Netflix before I headed out to the barn. The horses all looked so happy being out on the luscious grass of the upper pasture. ImageVinnie was just as happy as all get out when he saw his apple! ImageHe almost pooped on my phone today… how gross would that have been! Haha. When I got home from the barn my dad was home from work. He just went for a little bit so he could get stuff to work from home. He helped me look at my snack options. Morning snacks are always difficult to decide on. I ended up just going with a glass of orange juice and a Larabar. Imagei did a little tidying up around the house today but I was lazy for the majority of it. Lunch was pasta, chicken, and spinach. I improvised and used a little bit of pizza sauce. It was good. Not the best, but it still had some nice flavor. The red pepper flakes and garlic powder helped it out some.Image I was able to talk to Madelyne for a few minutes today. I told her all about her job opportunities she would have down here since she is planning on moving when she graduates. It is always so nice to catch up with her! Then it was time for me to get ready for the last home game of the year. I looked at my bubbles and chose foods that I thought would cover a good bit of my bubbles. For snack I went with yogurt and trail mix. ImageFor dinner I packed a turkey sandwich with swiss, spinach and mustard on a super delicious torta from Costco. ImageSide of carrots for a veggie bubble. Work went really well. We remained busy almost the entire night which was surprising because the crowd wasn’t all that big. We sold A LOT. The Bulls also pulled out a win, so now they are tied with Pawtucket 1-1. Tonight was the last game in Durham until the start of the season in the spring. I will finally be able to work out a routine to help me reach my goals of eating at appropriate times. My parents and I also have the goal to be better at planning dinners. That is one thing we discussed with Lori – if I know what the plan is for dinner I have an easier time making decisions on my own when it comes to lunch or snacks. Routines are always comforting as well. I like breaking routine every know and then, but sometimes is less stressful when you just have that thing that you just do without over thinking. When I got home from work tonight I made an ice cream oatmeal raisin cookie sandwich. It was the last two cookies from the Costco variety pack my mom got. I am glad those cookies are gone because now I can make my own dessert and I can have something other than ice cream or a cookie. Not that they aren’t good, I just have been having them every single night for a while now haha. ImageI am about to turn in for the night! I have work tomorrow from 10-4. We are going to be packing up the store to transport everything to its temporary location while the stadium gets renovated during the off season. I am hoping I can sleep in a little so I can be well rested and prepared to tackle the task of moving everything!

I Want To Go To Ireland!

Last night I was struggling a little with my snack, but my mom was able to talk me through it. I MUST THINK OF THE POSITIVE THINGS!!!! ImageI did it, I powered through it and then bunkered down for the night. I slept alright I suppose, but I rose with the sun this morning. I was up at 6:30 and I tried to take a picture of the sky because it had beautiful hues of orange and pink. It was just too bright because my camera couldn’t capture the coloration. I was able to get a picture of the thin layer of fog floating right above the ground though. ImageI can’t wait till I can play around with my camera some more so I can take artsy, breathtaking pictures. I laid back in bed until I heard my parents wake up. My mom and I ate breakfast before I ran out to the barn to see Vinnie. I had Kashi vanilla oatmeal, yogurt with blueberries, and toast with sunflower seed butter. ImageI went out to the barn to take care of Vinnie and he was just as precious as always 🙂 ImageAs soon as I got home I got ready to go with my parents to Raleigh. My dad wanted to go to a lumber place to look at some options for redoing our front porch. I think we found what we would like to do! We had a hard time finding the place though and I think we were all getting a little frustrated, but luckily once we found it and asked all the questions we were all in a much better mood. We went to lunch at an Irish Pub that had a killer menu! I feel like I failed at trying Irish food because I didn’t have anything that would really be classified as Irish food haha. I went with a jerk chicken wrap. Jerk chicken has been on my mind since yesterday at Mellow Mushroom. They had just about anything you could want though. They had salads, burgers, sandwiches, fish and chips, shepard’s pie, chicken pot pie, seafood, pizza, mac n cheese that you could add stuff to, mashed potato creations, and so much more. INSANE. We all agreed that we would go back again. They had nice appetizers as well. We went with the jalapeno bottle caps. ImageMy dad was being daring and he tried something other than Bud Light! ImageImageIt only makes me want to go to Ireland like a million times more than I already do. I have been wanting to go there for years now! I don’t know when I would ever go though, or with who haha. I just think it would be a beautiful country and I am ready to experience a different culture. I wouldn’t mind going to a few other countries either. I mean hey, If you’re already on the other side of the pond, why not go explore several countries?

After lunch we went to TJ Maxx. Well my mom and I went. My dad sat in the truck haha. There was a lot of good stuff in there today! On our way home we stopped at Costco to get a few things that were on sale. We probably got some things we didn’t really need, but at least we are well stocked with a big variety! I also got a new book to read! When I got home I checked the mail and I got my first birthday card for this year! It was from my sister. It was such a cute card. I miss her so much! ImageImageImageI had my daily battle with the rubik’s cube. It still remains unsolved. Grrrrr. For my snack I had my new granola, new trail mix, and new flavor of yogurt 🙂ImageImageWe discovered the story of the yogurt on the inside of the label. How cute is this?! I will buy it just because I like the cow. They know how market their stuff. ImageLove it! I had a relaxing evening and then I made dinner for my parents and myself. Yesterday at Whole Foods I got their jalapeno queso blanco and I got the idea to make homemade arroz con pollo (A.C.P.). AHHHHHHH. Heavenly. ImageArroz Con Pollo:


– Brown Rice

– One Onion, sliced

– Two Bell Peppers (We went with red because Costco didn’t have green)

– Fajita Seasoning

– Grilled Chicken Breasts

– Jalapeno Queso Blanco from Whole Foods

Directions: Cook desired amount of brown rice based on packaging instructions. In a large skillet add the sliced onion and bell pepper. Add a tiny bit of olive oil and a tiny bit of water. The water will help steam everything up. Add desired amount of fajita seasoning. Next add chopped chicken and more seasoning to taste. Get that sizzlin’ up! Next, plate the rice and put the chicken and veggie combo on top of the rice. Pour queso on top and set under the broiler on low for a minute or two to get the cheese nice and melty so that it lightly covers the entire portions when you mix it all together. Enjoy!

I always love cooking dinner for the family. I have so much fun making new creations in the kitchen. Today was a wonderful day. I enjoyed spending time with my parents and I look forward to another good day tomorrow. I am giving myself constructive criticism by saying that I probably could have done better with filling up my bubbles today. Another day of not having a morning snack really makes it difficult for me to reach all my numbers. This week of my new number of bubbles has definitely been more challenging. All I can do is work my hardest and have complete trust in what Mary, Dr. Chung, my parents, and all my other supporters say!

I hope everyone had a superb Saturday! Did anyone do an activity that would be a fun way to spend time with family?

Hello, Weekend!

Is everyone ready for this weekend? I sure am. The past two days have been rather busy so I am looking forward to having some free time this weekend.


I headed out to the barn around 10 and spent some quality time with Vinnie. His abscess is going to take some time to fill in… See that big chunk missing on the right? It doesn’t seem to be bothering him though, he still looks as happy as can be! That might be because he knows I can’t deny him treats.ImageImageVinnie hung out by the gate after I put him back out in the pasture, and I just had to give him a few more treats. He just looked so adorable standing there making his little horse noises. When I got home I made a quick snack. I fixed a plate of apple slices and trail mix and ate it while I watched HGTV. HGTV and the DIY network might be one of my new favorite channels. It makes it easy to multi task (watch tv while attempting to solve the rubik’s cube). Plus I love getting ideas for what I could possibly do to my bathroom and bedroom. ImageAfter my snack, and maybe an hour two hours of wracking my brain over the rubik’s cube, I jumped in the shower and then ate lunch, which was leftover chicken lo mein. ImageI did a few chores around the house before preparing my things to take to work with me. For snack I packed sliced strawberries and a blueberry Larabar. ImageI might have eaten over half the strawberries before taking a picture of them haha. Work went well, I briefly saw my parents when they came by the store. The game was higher scoring than the previous night’s game, and there was a lot of excitement towards the end. We sold so much for such a small crowd! On my break I ate the cheese and turkey, lettuce, guacamole wrap I packed and then I munched on the pretzels at my register for the rest of the night. ImageI love guacamole, especially the spicy kind I had last night! When I got home I made myself my ice cream cookie sandwich, this time with one white chocolate macadamia nut cookie and one oatmeal raisin cookie. ImageThen I went to bed and turned on the app on my phone that makes a constant noise that helps you to fall asleep – I believe it works. It makes a peaceful noise and you just drift off into dreamland 🙂


This morning I woke up for breakfast with my mom. We had granola with trail mix and milk. Such a delicious combo! ImageThen I got ready to go to work. It was a busy day at the Ball Park Corner Store! I helped with restocking and straightening up the merchandise that was out on the floor and that took the whole entire morning. The four of us who were working then went back to Mellow Mushroom for lunch. I wasn’t feeling pizza, so I went with one of their hoagies. It was a little hard for me to pick a sandwich and my mind was analyzing which sandwiches had acceptable ingredients on it. I was able to push those thoughts out of my head and I ordered one that sounded nice and appetizing. I was stuck between the jerk chicken hoagie and the chicken and cheese. I went with the chicken and cheese and it was really good! I will have to try the jerk chicken next time, because I am sure I will be going there again soon based off of what my work schedule is looking like for next week. ImageLunch was nice, I was able to participate in conversation and I felt like I was able to relax. I don’t know if it was because I am getting better at eating out or if it was because I missed my morning snack because I was busy in the store… I know, I know, I can’t mess up now! I have to keep pushing. After lunch I worked on packing up everything in the back room into boxes. SO MANY BOXES. And t-shirts. After work I met my mom at her school and then we headed to Whole Foods to get a few groceries. We should really go back to making our shopping list for the week. I feel like that was a successful way to grocery shop. We were pretty successful today though, so maybe that isn’t necessary. We got some good stuff that we were in desperate need of. I also got an extra yogurt to eat with my Larabar for snack. Maple Ginger? Don’t mind if I do 🙂ImageI just think the container is precious. It makes trying new yogurts exciting! At home I unloaded all the groceries before relaxing a little on the couch with my dad. ImageDinner was super yummy as well. We had a simple salad with the italian sausage lasagna that we got from Whole Foods. ImageI expressed to my mom that I have been having a tough time lately, just mentally. I told her I was scared about my recent weight gain because I feel like I gained it quickly and I am just a little scared about gaining too much too quickly. We talked it over and put those fears to rest, but I sent my doctor an email just asking if I should be concerned about gaining too quickly. He promptly responded and told me that I shouldn’t be worried about it but that we will reassess things at my next visit and see if things are balanced. He kindly mentioned that his job is to help create a healthy balance, not just to help me gain weight for the sake of it. He is the best doctor ever and I feel much more comfortable after that reassurance. It was just what I needed to keep me on track. Also, yesterday I was texting my sister and she told me she was training for a 4 by 10 by 4 run, bike, run thing. It sounded like so much fun and it got me even more motivated to get healthy again because I was so jealous (yes, I know jealously isn’t pretty) that she could go out and train for that! She also told me all about a house she is hoping to rent. So exciting! I can’t wait to visit her again.

I didn’t make it out to the barn today so I will have to make up for it by giving Vinnie extra treats when I go out in the morning 😉

Now it’s time for snack!