I Already Have Cabin Fever

It just started snowing today around 1 in the afternoon and I am already done with it. The roads are AWFUL. The news shows that every single road in Durham and Raleigh has stand still traffic. I have been home all day and I am already ready for the snow to melt so I can venture out into the world. Unfortunately, the snow is still coming down. I took pictures of the progression:ImageImageImageImage

Power is expected to go out, so if I haven’t posted any updates in the near future, the power is out. 

Since I have been cooped up all day, I don’t have anything exciting to share. Maybe tomorrow I will be more creative with my time?

Last night for dinner I made a broccoli and cheese soup with cornbread. It was good, but I think I will make some tweaks before I share the recipe 🙂 Image As I was making it, I bit the end off of a carrot just to remove it and I ended up breaking the annoying wire that is my permanent retainer for my bottom teeth. It only broke on one side, but that’s still broken.

For my snack I had an apple and an almond butter + nutella sandwich.Image

Today’s E’s and A’s


For breakfast I made egg white oatmeal topped with berries and sunflower butter. I also had a chai latte and sweet baby peppers.Image

My morning snack was a clementine and a toasted sandwich thin with almond butter.Image

For lunch I made hot chocolate, a turkey bacon and spinach grilled cheese, banana with cinnamon, more sweet baby peppers (they are a veggie that is broken permanent retainer friendly) and crackers. Very yummy!Image

I just finished eating my second snack which was a Kind bar. Image


I tried to get a lot of dishes and laundry done today, just incase we do lose power. I thought about driving into Durham to do my running at the Y, but I wasn’t feeling motivated to drive that much. I did some reading before bundling up to do my run outside. I didn’t have a set distance or time in mind for my run today, but when I set out on my run I decided I would go for 5 miles around the neighborhood. Around mile 2.5 I started to see a few flurries and by the time I hit 3.5 the snow was really starting to come down. The wind was blowing as well the snow was blowing right in my eyes. I decided to end my run at 4 miles because I was blinking so much I might as well have been running with my eyes closed!Image

I watched a few shows on my laptop and did some more reading throughout the afternoon and evening. It does feel good to relax, but I just feel like I have a need to do something more with my time right now! Do you ever feel like that?

It sounds like the snow is starting to turn to freezing rain… that means ice and power outages… If you are experiencing this snow, I hope you stay warm and safe!

Novel Time

Good afternoon! I feel like I have so much to write about since my last post after yesterday’s breakfast. Brevity will be present so this post won’t feel like a novel!

Remember yesterday morning I mentioned how I was excited to go spend some time at the barn while the weather was still decent? That didn’t happen. I ended up taking my mom to Urgent Care because she really wasn’t feeling well. She had extreme dizziness so we decided it was better safe than sorry. She had been feeling dizzy for a few days but yesterday it was bad. I grabbed a spiced chai protein drink to have for my snack before I drove her to Roxboro. She was back there for a while, but her tests all came back relatively normal. We all, including her normal doctor, believe it to be a side effect of her dosage of prescribed medication. Booo, medication! I swear, medication can create more problems than you had to begin with! Not all the time, but that seems to be the case for my parents haha. My mom is doing much better today, so that is good.

When we got home from Urgent Care I fixed my lunch and ate it before I was off to my appointments! I fixed a pasta portion that I ate mixed with soup, a yogurt, trail mix and leftover buffalo turkey meatballs.ImageI will try and summarize my appointments as best as I can!

Appointment with Mary

My appointment with Mary was great, as usual 🙂 She is so optimistic and you just can’t help but be in a good mood when around her. We talked about my previous week and my hunger levels. After discussing the notes I wrote down reflecting on my emotions/hunger levels before and after eating as well as discussing a bunch of other random things, like my dad and how he has been doing, she helped me to come up with a list of goals for the week.

  • Letting go of control: Several times in my notes I wrote that I was comfortable with a meal because I cooked it. I need to work on being more comfortable if someone else makes dinner or if I don’t help. I feel like I have been practicing this – my mom has been cooking dinner for us some.
  • Let go of the uncertainty: I mentioned that I was more comfortable not knowing how to count food if it was in the evening. If I don’t know how to count my breakfast or lunch I tend to struggle the rest of the day. Mary told me that was a perfectionistic trait that I needed to let go of because it isn’t making my life easier.
  • Gradually relying less and less on my bubble sheet: this would be to practice fully listening to my body and it would further teach me that every day is not going to be the same.
  • Journaling and/or Morning Pages

Appointment with Lori

Another great appointment with Lori! We talked about my breathing exercises and about the places my mind wandered. She then told me about some other breathing exercises that I am to try. It was kind of an “information session” because a lot of it was spent on instructions for the breathing exercises. At the end we did spend a few minutes to discuss my thoughts on my future plans and she helped me to realistically prioritize them. Here are the breathing exercises if you care to give them a try as well:

  • Breathing exercise: focus on breathe. Notice thinking, label it as thinking and then refocus on breathe.
  • Thinking exercise: You can do the breathing exercise, but become curious about the type of thinking. “Advice giving” thoughts sway your thoughts or are past/future oriented. “Mushroom cloud” is when one thought leads to the next, which leads to the next and so on. It just keeps going and going. “Subtle thoughts” look neutral on the surface but a deeper exploration shows a different type of thought. “Neutral thoughts” are present moment thoughts often focused on the senses.
  • Feeling exercise: Focus is on just being. More feeling, less thinking. Pay attention to body sensations and the thoughts/emotions associated with those sensations.

I feel like I have lots to work on!

After my session with Lori I drove home. I ate my snack as I drove. I snapped a pic before my appointment with Lori because after the session it was dark out (and snowy). Image

When I got home I did some snuggling in bed with my mom until I got started on dinner. I made homemade ravioli using won ton wrappers! I followed the recipe that was on the inside of the label and it was delicious! It was easy to make but kind of time consuming because I was preparing it on my own. I ate mine with a few Triscuits. They were incredible and we all agreed that we would have them again. I had no idea egg roll and won ton wrappers were so versatile! Image

I relaxed the rest of the night before I fixed my snack and crashed. I had vanilla pudding with chocolate cereal and blueberries.Image


This morning I woke up early (couldn’t sleep) and watched a little tv before I did my puzzles and got up to make my breakfast and check out the snow! I made a tri color pepper scramble, a chai latte and a bowl of my homemade granola with blueberries and banana slices. Mmmm!ImageImage After breakfast I decided it was time to take action! I wasn’t about to delay things any longer with UNC. I had no real plans for the day so I suggested going to the Y so I could get my run in and then going to Carolina to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions to ask a few questions. At the gym I got my 3 miles in, and guess what, I did it in under 30 minutes!Image If you are a super runner you can go ahead and laugh, but that is great for me haha. I was happy. Sweaty and tired, but happy 🙂 I got a quick shower and then we were off to Chapel Hill! I ate my snack on the way which was caramel crisps and trail mix.Image I was in and out of the office in no time. My questions were answered/clarified and I have things that I need to go ahead and get on! On the way home we stopped to get a few groceries at Trader Joe’s and then we stopped at Barnes and Nobel. My mom wanted to look for a certain book that they didn’t have but she ended up buying two books for her and I because we have an addiction. When we got home we made our lunches. I had tomato soup, grilled cheese, mini cheese cracker sandwiches, carrots, an apple and greek yogurt.Image

I was going to ride with Renee this afternoon, but it was way too cold! Muy frio. I feel bad for all my people up north. I know it’s much colder there! I think now I am going to go search for our heating pad…

In other news, I literally JUST got invited to go on a ski trip sometime in the next few weeks. That would be fun, right? The guys are planning it during the week so hopefully my schedule (and wallet) will let me go!

Ok, I’m outta here! Enjoy your evening!

Let it Flow

Happy Thursday! I had a wonderful day and I am feeling refreshed and relaxed.

Shall I take you through a quick recap of my eats before I share my activities from the day?


Last night’s snack was dried cranberries, a glass of milk and an almond butter sandwich.

This morning was a repeat of yesterday morning, for both breakfast and snack.ImageImage

For lunch my mom and I hit up Whole Foods and I made a big salad with peppers, cucumber, jalapenos, mushrooms, chicken, hard boiled egg, quinoa, honeydew raspberries and blueberries. I also had chocolate milk. Image

Snack was a quick grilled cheese like sandwich, crackers, Sun Chips, and milk. Image

For dinner I made another creation! I used won ton wrappers to make pizza bites. It was a good way for my dad to get in a taste of pizza because I know he has been craving it, but it isn’t carb heavy. Now my plate had more carbs because I used more of the wrappers. That is what I love about the won ton and egg roll wrappers! I can have more and my dad can have less. They are easy to fix and you fix as many as you want to reach your needs. I filled them with mozzarella and pepperoni and then served them with pizza sauce and salad. Yum! They tasted like a super crispy thin crust pizza!Image


I began today off by being a little lazy. As I ate breakfast I worked on my puzzles and then snuggled up on the couch to watch some Netflix. I decided to be more productive and worked on my transfer application some more. Then I got ready to head into Durham to go to the Y!

Today’s workout was a 45 minute cross train. There was a class at 12:30 called PiYo that I planned on trying out. I think there was a substitute instructor because it was just a yoga class. Flow yoga, to be exact. I really enjoyed that class! It was relaxing and challenging all at the same time. It began slow, but then it really picked up. I already have a few poses I want to work on! I wish I could take that class every single day. I believe that yoga can teach us many life lessons. Patience and acceptance being two of the big ones. I was able to accept that I couldn’t perfect every position and I had to be patient with my breathing and with holding the positions. I loved it and I can’t wait to go back!

After lunch with my mom I stopped at the grocery store to pick up a few things and then I came home and did some chores around the house. I also got the majority of the sanding finished! I relaxed the rest of the evening until it was time for me to make dinner.

I still need to do my breathing exercise today, but I am actually looking forward to it. After yoga I feel like I have constantly been aware of my breathing and I tried to focus on it whenever my mind started churning and producing unhelpful thoughts.

I also heard from Mary and she said that she gave my information to her client who needs a “personal chef” so it looks like that might be happening for me!!! I am excited about that!

Tomorrow I am going to work with my dad since I haven’t been since Monday… woops… hehe. I already have my lunch packed and my breakfast and snacks figured out so it should be an easy morning!

Oh, I almost forgot, we got our first (and probably only) snow of the year! We woke up to a dusting and it was a complete surprise to us all. It was melted by 10:30.Image

I hope you all had a great Thursday! It’s almost the weekend!