This week is flying by!

Hello all! This week is absolutely flying by! I can’t believe tomorrow is Thursday already!

I feel like this always happens to me, but I typed up this whole post and then I completely lost it all! After I loose it all I just don’t have the patience to retype it all up. I know that’s not fair t0 my readers because I am sure some of you would love to read about my past two days! Luckily though, the past two days haven’t been super eventful so a quick summary will still do them justice.

Monday night’s cookout was so much fun! I had a great time hanging out with friends and grilling. Being social really does amazing things for your happiness.1

Yesterday and Today I worked 9-5 so my days were spent at the Bulls. Yesterday I had oatmeal before work and then my mom dropped me off a lunch from Whole Foods. On my way home I had yogurt and a kind bar and then it was raining so I just read some of my book, made banana bread and then helped with dinner. We had delicious grilled chicken, veggies and sweet potato. For my bedtime snack I had peanut butter tortilla shells and an apple.IMG_31792 3 IMG_3180

This morning I woke up early and headed outside for a 4 mile run around the neighborhood. It was the perfect temperature! I got showered and ready for work before I fixed my breakfast.4 IMG_3182

At work I focused on restocking all the hats in the store upstairs. We got the news that we will be losing the upstairs store but we will be getting another location for our second store. That will be craziness. My boss and I went to Panera Bread for lunch and it was tasty as always! 5

On my way home I snacked on pretzels and then when I got to the house I immediately registered for my summer biology course at UNC. It feels so good to be enrolled for that! Then I was off to the barn! I spent a lot of time grooming Vinnie before I lunged him. It was awfully hot today so I didn’t want to ride him. I talked to Renee for a while before I headed home. When I got home my parents had dinner ready. My dad grilled some amazing mahi mahi that we had with veggies and rice. Yum! I also threw some salsa and guacamole on my plate.6 IMG_3183

Well, I think I hit all the big things from the past few days. I am off to have my snack before bed! I am off of work tomorrow but I am meeting my new “client” in the morning. I am so excited!

Hope you all have been having a great week so far!

Labor Day!

I hope everyone had a fantastic Labor Day! My day was pretty good. I woke up and had breakfast with my mom before heading out to the barn where I spent the morning chatting with Renee and my mom while grooming Vinnie. ImageI had granola with milk and toast topped with almond butter and a banana. The barn was relaxing and Vinnie was being a super goober today haha. He was making some of the weirdest faces and he was just being so adorable. The sheep were let out while I was duct taping his hoof and that made him spazz out a little, which made my mom spazz out. Chain reaction. It made the process a little more difficult than it should have been, but we got through it. And good news, Rey looked healthy! Colic did not win that battle! When I got home from the barn I had my snack while talking with my mom. I was looking at ideas on Pinterest for redoing my bathroom and my mom was looking up a ranch in Wyoming that Lena at the barn worked at for a few summers. It looks like an interesting place. I’m sure doing that would be quite a different experience. Then my mom looked up an equine therapy program for wounded warriors that’s not too far from where we live. Those were all things we talked about while we were out at the barn. I munched on my snack of key lime greek yogurt and cinnamon brown sugar popcorn before getting cleaned up. ImageIt has been a while since I had the popcorn so I was happy to have it again. I had the last of the bag though, so I might have to go get some more, even though I have other snacks in the pantry I should finish first haha.

This afternoon I went to Southpoint Mall to meet Liz and Ciera. You might remember these lovely ladies from my day trip to Boone back in July. They were on their way back to Boone from DC/Maryland which is where they went to spend Labor Day weekend (Liz’s mom lives in Maryland). I did some window shopping while I waited for them to get there. Liz said they were running late because they literally stopped like five times for the bathroom haha! We met at Panera Bread for a late lunch. I got the choose two with a turkey, bacon, and cheese panini with an awesome ale mustard sauce and the broccoli cheddar soup. So warm and tasty. ImageIt was so nice to catch up with them! We ended up having some really random conversations, ranging from SIDS to reality tv shows that would be on TLC such as Breaking Amish, Dance Moms, Honey Boo Boo, and Toddlers in Tiaras. Then we talked about our family names haha. We talked about some other things as well. It was so good to see them and they are really sweet. After we said our goodbyes I bought half a dozen bagels before leaving. I got them for breakfasts/snacks/sandwiches for the week. I ordered 3 plain, 2 everything and then one cinnamon crunch because my mom was told by a friend that it was amazing. While I was waiting in line to order an elderly gentleman behind me in line struck up a conversation with me. I love talking to sweet old guys and hearing their stories. We talked about the mall and how it almost went bankrupt a while back and he said that the company who owns the mall is based in Florida and has like 23 malls or something and that all of them almost went bankrupt. He went on to tell me that other things are being hurt as well. He said he worked at the post office for over 30 years (he said he was 83 now) and that people just don’t use the post office as much because of email and technology and the use of UPS and FedEx. I said the same is kind of true for newspapers. Am I right? He then asked me if I had graduated high school and if I was in school. I found that it was best to be straight up honest with him, because what better way to become honest with yourself than to practice on strangers? I told him I was in between my sophomore and junior year in college but that I was taking a year off because I have a lot of personal things happen and that I was going to spend a year to focus on recovering from an eating disorder. He said he understood and that sometimes a break is the best thing and that life can be rough sometimes. It certainly can be- he told me that his granddaughter was handicapped so he knows how life can be tough. I instantly had so much respect for this man. After I got my bagels he wished me the best of luck and I couldn’t thank him enough. Sometimes the best support and inspiration can come from complete strangers 🙂

When I got back home I told my mom about my late lunch and about some cute things that I saw but didn’t buy. I then broke out one of the plain bagels, some cream cheese and an applesauce for my snack. ImageI then relaxed for the rest of the evening and watched Just Go With It with my parents. For dinner I had a small salad and a big bowl of pasta that I mixed with a diced chicken breast and a laughing cow cheese wedge and a few of my favorite seasonings. I made me so full! ImageThen my parents and I watched another movie. Pain & Gain. It was not at all what I thought it was going to be about. I can’t decide if I really liked it all that much. I liked that it had Mark Wahlberg though… 😉

I am still feeling a little sick today. I had a small headache and my muscles feel a little achey, along with my nose feeling a little stuffy. I am sure it is nothing serious! Tomorrow is going to be a busy busy day for me. I will have to go see Vinnie after breakfast with my mom and then I will have just a little time to relax before I have to go into Durham. I have appointments with my doctor, nutritionist, and then my new therapist. I am hoping for good feedback from all three of them! I have really been working hard these past two weeks so I hope Dr. Chung will be seeing a difference. On an unrelated note, my mom should be receiving her first package from Stitch Fix tomorrow! We are both really excited to see what comes for her 🙂

I am off to have my bedtime snack. Hopefully I will get some good sleep tonight to help prepare me for my long day tomorrow. I will be super grouchy if I get a bad night’s sleep on top of having cold symptoms haha!