Nap Time

I was up early this morning and was greeted my by little snuggle buddy.Image It was a nice, slow paced morning. I had breakfast with my mom while I worked on the crossword puzzle. I had a delicious scramble and a bowl of oatmeal topped with berries. And blueberry tea.Image

Then I was off to work! There was another Duke/NC State baseball game at the stadium but I got lucky and was “invisible.” I wasn’t out on the floor so I got to pretend like I wasn’t there while I worked on organizing the clothes in the kids section of storage. The plan worked for the majority of the time, but there were a few times when I did kind of tend to customers. I got one shelf done but it looks a million times better and locating items should be so much easier. Before and after shots:ImageImage

I took a break for lunch and had leftovers from a few nights ago: chicken sausage, rice and veggies, an orange and Greek yogurt. Image

On my way home from work I had a Kind bar for my snack.Image I was so worn out when I got home, I ended up taking a nap! I don’t even remember the last time I took a nap, but it must have been much needed because I couldn’t stop my eyes from closing. I woke up in time for dinner. My mom and dad made grilled pork tenderloin, roasted veggies and they cooked a sweet potato for me. It was delicious!Image I will admit that I like the grilled veggies better than the roasted ones.

My dad has basically finished all of his work for tax season! Big celebration! As a way to unwind and celebrate we watched a movie. The movie was called Joe and it was very different. I enjoyed watching it with my parents, but I don’t think it made my list of favorite movies haha.

Well, I am off to have a little snack before bed! Tomorrow is another busy day!

Tomorrow is Sneaking Up!

Tomorrow has snuck up on me. It is going to be a busy busy day and all I can say is bring it on! I am running my second 10k race in the morning and I can’t believe it is here already. Then I am going to work after and I will more than likely be there all day long because I think we are finally moving into the stadium! I felt like this day would never come, but sure enough it has arrived and for some reason it feels like it came out of nowhere. I am going to relax and watch this Penguins game before grabbing a snack before bed. I am trying to go to sleep at a decent time so I can be well rested for my day ahead.

This morning I relaxed for a little before getting up. I might have done too much relaxing because I ended up going into a mad rush to eat my breakfast before i had to go to work. I made oatmeal topped with berries and a veggie scramble. Oh, how amazing it felt to have a hot breakfast.Image

At work I feel like we just did really random things because we weren’t sure what the plan was as far as moving back to our store in the stadium. We did the few online orders that we could do. We decided to start folding and size stickering shirts so we wouldn’t have to worry about doing that once we move since we might not have enough time. For lunch I brought a black bean and cheese quesadilla, carrots, an apple and Greek yogurt. Super delicious!Image Later in the afternoon my friend, Allie, from high school and volleyball stopped by to interview for a job with us. It was so great to see her and I think she is really excited to work here this summer! A few of the new workers also came by for some hours and helped fold and sticker shirts. I left a little after 5 and headed home. On the way home I snacked on baked Cheetos and a Kind bar. Image

I was able to do some relaxing before my mom got home with the race packets for tomorrow 🙂 Image I chatted with my parents and just hung out until it was time to start making dinner. I made homemade mac and cheese while my mom made turkey burgers for her and my dad as well as the broccoli. I heated up some chicken since there were only two turkey burgers. Then I mixed it all together to create a fantastic meal! Image

Ok, I am outta here! Wish me luck for tomorrow, I am going to need it!


Great Tuesday!

I have had a great Tuesday this week! I am just going to do do a quick drop in and then I am off for a quick snack before bed. 

This morning I woke up and made an amazing bowl of oatmeal topped with strawberries, blueberries and pistachios. A chai latte went nicely with it.Image After breakfast and my puzzles I got information organized for my client and Mary. Then I went on a 30 minute run since that was all I had time for! I squeezed in 5k and broke 30 total miles on my nike running app! That felt good. ImageImage

I got a quick shower before getting ready for my afternoon of appointments. I put together the cooler with my client’s meals and then whipped up a green smoothie that I drank on the way to town because I was running late. 

I met with my client and got great feedback from last week’s meals and snacks! I was so happy 🙂 I had my meeting with Mary shortly after (recap coming tomorrow when I have more time) and then went to Whole Foods for lunch. I made a salad with lots of veggies, a hard boiled egg and black beans, an apple, yogurt and a WhatsoNutso bar. Yum!Image I wrote in my journal to organize the topics I would likely cover with my meeting with Lori. My session went Lori went really well and I will do a recap tomorrow as well!

After my session I had a quick snack before I headed to Josh’s house for dinner plans with the guys.Image We went to Satisfaction and it was delicious as always. I tried out their pita pizza and was very pleased with it!Image We all enjoyed our dinner and had a good time hanging out and chatting. Well, I mostly listened haha. But still, I had a great time. Once we decided to depart from the restaurant we went back to Josh’s and watched youtube videos on his TV. It was a relaxing night with friends and I feel like I can include it as part of my spontaneous day since I did make the plans when I was supposed to be spontaneous on Sunday? 

Anyways, in my last post I said I would mention my homemade larabars I made for my client. I used one cup dried pitted dates, half a cup dried goji berries and one cup mixed nuts. I didn’t take a picture because I was a little rushed getting them packaged. Plus I still haven’t been successful at making them keep their bar form. I will have to do some more playing around with that recipe. 

Ok, well I am off so I can try and get more sleep tonight before another long day of work tomorrow at my dad’s office! 

Another Snow Day

Do you like how I call it a snow day even though I am not really getting out of anything? Do we ever grow out of our “education days” where we get excited that things get canceled because of snow, even if it wouldn’t have an effect on us anyways?

Yesterday’s snow day was somewhat productive. I started marking recipes for my side job and then took a break to catch up on some tv shows. I feel like there isn’t much to recap haha.

For my morning snack I had pudding, a clementine and a Bak ball. Image

For lunch I made a turkey, apple, brie, raspberry preserve sandwich that was amazing. I ate it with a few banana slices, green pepper and pretzels. Image

Shortly after lunch I joined my dad on a trip to his gym. A few roads were still pretty bad. The drivers were worse though. No one down here knows how to drive in snowy conditions. They break when they shouldn’t and drive too slow. Oh well. I ran my 3 miles on the treadmill and then did a few random exercises like the overhead press and planks.Image

My dad stopped for a few lottery tickets. I am guessing we didn’t win or else I think he would have stayed home this morning instead of going into work. Anyways, when we got home I had my chocolate milk and then I relaxed before having a Kind bar for my snack. Image

My dad cooked/grilled dinner last night and it was delicious. He baked some squash and carrots and grilled a pork tenderloin. I zapped a sweet potato in the microwave and topped it with a garlic and herb laughing cow cheese wedge. Yum!Image

I spent the rest of the night relaxing and then before going to bed I had a snack of greek yogurt topped with berries, sunflower butter and cereal.Image

I slept amazingly. I woke up and fought Bearfoot as she tried to eat my pencil as I wrote my morning pages. Then I migrated to the kitchen and put my breakfast on the stove. I made plain old oatmeal and then topped it with strawberries and two Bak balls. Can you tell I am trying to finish off my Bak balls? I also had a clementine.Image

I did my daily puzzles as I ate and now I think I am off to do a little more work on this glorious snow day before heading into Durham for PiYo!

The Headless Snowman

Well friends, the weekend is already half over. Where does the time go?

I started off the day with my Morning Pages and breathing/thinking exercises before I got up to make my breakfast. I have seen eggs added to oatmeal around the web so I decided to give it a try. With my loaded oatmeal I use egg whites, but this morning I added a whole egg. After I added the oats I added the egg. I think I need to add the egg sooner or whisk it before I add it. I dropped it in and went to wash my hands before I thoroughly blended it, and so there were a few small chunks of egg whites that cooked quickly. It made the oatmeal incredibly creamy. I added cinnamon and topped it with granola and berries. It was a great way to add healthy fat and protein to oatmeal with one simple ingredient where the flavor is disguised. Add a hot chai latte and it was a great breakfast! Image

My mom helped me with the crossword as I ate and then when both the puzzle and my breakfast were finished I got started on doing a quick clean up. I did dishes and a load of laundry. Then I did a small organization with all the extra papers, books, cords, mail, etc. that we keep in the kitchen. Before I knew it, it was time for my morning snack. I had celery and a wrap with sunflower butter. Image

Then I got ready to go to the Y to get my run in! The plan called for a 3.5 mile run today. I began by hitting the 5k option on the treadmill. I started off at a faster pace than I usually do. The 5k treadmill workout also includes an incline for a portion of the run. I started not to feel so well so a little after I finished 2 miles I did some walking. I could have kept going, but I didn’t want to risk showing the whole gym what I had for breakfast haha. I alternated running and walking for the remainder of the 3.5 miles before I took some time to do some stretching so I could let my stomach settle and so I could loosen up the tight muscles. I knew I would be upset if I didn’t get in a full 3.5 miles of running so I decided to jump back on the treadmill where I put in another .75 miles at an easier pace. I was happy that I chose to get back on the treadmill. I was also happy that I listened to my body and took a walking break instead of pushing through discomfort that could have ended badly. ImageImage

When I got home I had my chocolate milk and then wrapped on a few ice bags for my calves before I fixed my lunch. I decided to make a little creation to test out a product that I got for my dad to try. I got beef-less beef strips from Trader Joe’s that are made out of soy. His gout has returned slightly so I wanted to get “meat” for him that wouldn’t cause a flare. I made an asian rice bowl using the beef-less beef, broccoli, sweet baby peppers, rice vinegar, soy sauce and of course, rice. It was actually good! The “beef” took a little getting used to, especially the texture (really soft?) but it was good. I am not sure if my dad will like it though. I know he wouldn’t eat this creation because he isn’t a fan of soy sauce or broccoli haha. Image

As I ate my lunch I got a phone call from my “personal chef” client! I am so excited to meet her and get started on this great opportunity to help her with her nutritional needs! Mary is going to supply me with recipes that will be suitable for her. I can’t wait!!!

Once I was done with lunch I went out to the barn for the first time in what feels likes AGES! It was so windy today. Vinnie was full of crazy energy. He was doing laps around his little pasture. He calmed down a little in the aisle while I was grooming him, but he still had a few moments where he had crazy eyes.Image I talked with Renee before I took Vinnie up to the arena to lunge him a little. Half of the arena was still frozen and dusted with snow, but the other half was thawed out. It was so funny, Renee warned me about the snowman in the front yard and how G and Ray looked at it like it was coming after them. Renee said she wish she could take pictures because G looked so hooky and flashy. I honestly was surprised that they even saw the snowman. It was just two big balls of snow that weren’t really out in the open or anything. The headless snowman was about half grass anyways haha. Sure enough, Vinnie noticed it right off the bat. He just looked at it funny and tried to speed away from it every time he passed by it, even though it was a good distance away… He got over it after a while though and was able to focus more on working. Horses are so weird in the way that they notice certain things and are scared of things that aren’t scary at all haha. And the way that they play with lead ropes… Vinnie could have entertained himself all day by chewing on and flinging the lunge line around. I am going to apply the headless snowman to human life. Sometimes we are just scared of things that don’t make a lot of sense or seem silly to others.

When I got home I took a nice hot, relaxing shower before I joined my parents on the couch. I relaxed for a bit before I fixed my snack. I made a plate of crackers, pretzels, cheese, pepperoni and apple slices.Image Yum! My all-time favorite cracker combination is a cracker with cheese, pepperoni, a piece of apple and a grape all piled on top!

My mom and I have been couch potatoes since then. Nothing wrong with doing a little relaxing! Now I am to come up with something for dinner. Our dinners have been off this week with my mom not feeling well, but we have still been managing to come up with some good things at the last minute!

Questions for you

Have you made oatmeal with an egg before? How do you make it?

Do you have a “headless snowman?” (Something you are scared of that might seem silly to an outsider)

What is your favorite cracker topping/combo?

Having Ideas and Not Buying Them

Welp… Last night’s creation was not Crum-friendly. My parent’s didn’t care for part of what I made. I prepared tofu for the first time. Tofu is supposed to be really good for relieving symptoms of gout so I tried to make it with a mexican flare so that my dad would be more willing to try it. I didn’t think it was all that bad, although it was rather bland even with the seasoning. I loosely followed a Whole Foods Market recipe. I made a rice bowl that I topped with cheese, the fajita mix, plain yogurt and salsa. Image

My mom also informed me that she isn’t supposed to ingest soy products because of her thyroid problem (it’s either her medication or the actual problem that makes her need to avoid it). Oh well. No more tofu for those two.

I relaxed and watched some TV before I had my snack of Greek yogurt mixed with frozen berries and a pumpkin gob.Image

This morning I tried to sleep in a little bit before I rolled out of bed and put my breakfast together. I had quiche and raspberries with grapes along with a chai latte and peach tea. Image

I did my puzzles and then got to work on a few chores. After a while I made my morning snack and got to work on my transfer application for Carolina. My snack was delicious and it tasted like hot cocoa. I microwaved a serving of oatmeal using dark chocolate almond milk and then I added vanilla almond butter to it. Yummo!Image

I spent literally the rest of the morning working on my application. I still haven’t sent it in yet because I want to make sure I am happy with my short essay. I will probably send it in tomorrow at some point. I then did a little more sanding before I fixed my lunch. I made a turkey and pepper jack sandwich with peppers, carrots, apple, baked Cheetos and Greek yogurt.Image

I took my time eating and playing sudoku before I got ready to meet my mom at the Y! I ran two miles and walked half a mile before I did just a few sets of light work on some of the machines (arm press, leg press, back extension and abdominal machines). It felt great! We showered up and headed to Whole Foods. We got just a few random items and I got a little chocolate milk for my recovery that I had along with my snack of pretzels and trail mix before my first solo session with Lori.Image

Session with Lori

Lori began by asking me what things I wanted to cover during our meetings. I hadn’t really thought about it much because my dad told me we would probably just talk about my future plans. I mentioned that and then also added that I am still having a lot of body image thoughts that I am trying not to have. She talked to me about how everyone has thoughts and as we grow from children to young adults we start to pay more attention to our thoughts. “We all have thoughts, but we don’t have to buy them.” Lori really emphasized that statement and explained that our mind works to try and keep us “safe.” We have thoughts about ourselves to keep us happy and protected, but sometimes those thoughts that are perceived to be helpful are really harmful. She said it is ok to have thoughts about my body image, but to just acknowledge them and not listen to them (or “not to buy them”). I can think to myself ok, thank you for that thought, but that is not what I need to do.

Lori then had me do an exercise that required me to write down several thoughts that I have had throughout the week (many revolving around body image and a few about my future). We then talked about those for a few minutes before she asked me what advice those thoughts would give me if they were all coming from another person. That advice would have been that if I lost just a few pounds I would be happier with everything. She then had me write down all of the things that I value (health, energy, family, friends, Vinnie) and what advice those values would give me. That advice would have been that I needed to enjoy the foods I ate and not limit myself in any way so that I would really be living my life. She suggested the coping strategy of thinking about my values whenever I have a thought that isn’t beneficial to me.

Next she taught me a breathing exercise that she wants me to do every day. I am so sit in a certain posture and close my eyes while I really concentrate on my breathing. Every time I notice my mind wandering I am to refocus on my breathing. It was funny, I completed the exercise with Lori and I found myself thinking about trying not to think, then about what I am going to do tomorrow, and then I started to think about if I was sitting in the right position and that I couldn’t really be sitting in a wrong position because my butt is so big. I was able to refocus on my breathing after having all of those thoughts so Lori said I was doing it right.

After the breathing exercise we talked a little bit more. I mentioned how I felt like I always had to do everything to meet other peoples expectations because I was scared of what would happen if I didn’t. She then really pushed me to dig deeper by asking a series of questions following each of my answers. Some things were hard for me to explain, but I did my best. I think what I started to say was that I don’t want to live fear but then again I find fear a necessary emotion to have because it pushes you to work harder and it keeps you prepared. I also talked about how some days I just feel like everything is pointless. Why work hard to achieve something when you are only alive for 80 years, give or take? Motivation seems to go out the window and every little thing makes no sense to me. I don’t understand why things have to be so hard to do the things that we want to do and make things what we want to make them. The things I want in life just seem so far fetched and then I get to feeling like there is no reason for me to try. I want to do so many things, but they seem rather unrealistic. I feel like that whenever I think too much about things. I let my thoughts take over and I start to question the purpose of the world and maybe even life itself. I realize those thoughts are destructive and highly negative, so when I realize I am thinking like that I do stop myself. I have always thought like that though, even when I was very little. We just live in a world where we are so small and when thinking about our existence within the entire universe it seems unreal and like a mistake. Gahh, ok, I am acknowledging these thoughts and I am not buying them. Do you have any similar thoughts?

Sudoku has been a great way to keep my mind busy and away from thoughts about food, body image, my future, etc. Sudoku, you rock.

I wasn’t sure if I was making any sense when I was talking with Lori (or when I was typing all this up) but I gave it a try. Lori thanked me for being so open and willing to share my thoughts. I actually really liked our one on one session and I am glad that I have some things to really work on throughout the next week.

When I got home my mom had already started making dinner. it was a delicious meal filled with flavor. She made tilapia with the yummy yogurt-mustard-lime-green onion sauce as well as roasted brussels with sweet potato and roasted zucchini and yellow squash. Image

I feel like I can record today as being a great day! I let a lot out with Lori, got my application started, had a great workout with my mom, and did some work around the house. I also had some great eats!

Creations For the Taste Buds

Happy Sunday, everyone!

So last night I mentioned we were having egg roll chicken chimis for dinner and they were so good!Image Since we still had a good amount of egg roll wrappers left I felt like I needed to use them up before they went bad. I decided to make myself a strawberry cream cheese danish type thing. I used strawberry slices and a wedge of laughing cow cinnamon cream cheese. Seriously, it was one of the best danish type thing I have ever put in my face hole. I plated it with a little yogurt (a drizzle of chocolate yogurt) and a few sliced strawberries. It was incredible. Image

This morning I woke up and was feeling daring, so I made an oatmeal creation. I wanted to see how it would work to combine my breakfast needs all in one bowl. I would say it was smashing! So many flavors all in one bowl of happiness.Image

My “one bowl breakfast”

  • 1 cup oatmeal
  • 1 3/4 cup water
  • 1/4 cup milk
  • 1 tablespoon chia seeds
  • 3 tablespoons egg whites
  • cinnamon
  • 1 banana
  • raspberries
  • 2 tablespoons peanut butter

Boil water like normal, then add the oatmeal and reduce heat and add milk. Then add chia seeds and cinnamon. Add 1/2 the banana in very very thin slices. When the oatmeal is beginning to thicken, add the egg whites. Top with remaining ingredients!

I helped my parents with a little picking up after breakfast and then I did some relaxing. For my snack I had celery and pretzels with cheese and pepperoni.Image A little after snack I did my 30 minute walk. It was a beautiful day for leisurely walk around the neighborhood.

For lunch I whipped up some more chicken chimis that I had with carrots, grapes and a cup of chocolate almond milk.Image

Then was off to the barn! The arena was a little too damp for my liking and while I am sure I could have gotten away with working Vinnie in it, I decided to stick to lunging in the round pen. Vinnie had a few spazzy moments with the wind and other distractions, so I am glad I was in the round pen. I would have been fine to handle him in the arena, but with it being wet I didn’t want to risk Vinnie slipping and hurting himself. He is known to not be all that coordinated or graceful so better safe than sorry. He sure was happy to have his apple today. He was foaming and licking his lips like a mad man after he ate it haha.ImageImage One apple is never enough for that guy. I talked to Renee for a little bit before I left. She was telling me all about Mare at the trainer’s and then we chit chatted about a few other random things. We got a good laugh because we saw that her neighbors were putting several garbage bags outside on their trampoline.* I have never seen a trampoline used as a dumpster before but you gotta do what you gotta do I guess.

When I got home I got about 2 minutes of relaxation time before my dad needed our help with moving our new table from the Reuse Warehouse. It is a glass top table and it is SO heavy. It was a big challenge but we got it up on our porch without shattering the glass. I only got one tiny battle wound. I will post a picture of it when we get it sanded and finished!

My afternoon snack was greek yogurt, crackers and banana chips. Image

I was able to relax the rest of the evening and it felt great. For dinner my mom made a turkey “chili” and I had two slices of toast with mine. It was delicious. We had it last week and we all loved it so we made it again, but this time my mom added Rotel for a kick of spice.Image

Today was an overall good day. I feel like thoughts about my body image are occurring more often, but I try not to acknowledge them. I just feel like I am bigger than I have been in over a year and I am just worried that I am going to keep gaining weight. I am working out more now though so I am hoping my bubble plan evens itself out with the activity to just keep me stable. Ok, no more talk about that because that is just making me think about it more haha. I have a big week ahead of me. This week marks the beginning of Tax Season AKA my goodbye to the world until April 15th haha. No, that’s not true. I will still be able to do the things I want to do, I just will likely be helping out more often at my dad’s office. My runs are also getting longer this week. Check out this week’s training plan:Image

Alrighty I am off to go create another dessert using the last of the egg roll wrappers. We will see how this one turn’s out!

*I apologize if you use a trampoline as your means of garbage storage, I did not mean to offend you.