Variety is the spice of life

Oh goodness, another day come and gone, just like that! Today absolutely FLEW by.

Early Morning Work + Breakfast

I was up early to knock out the rest of the work for my client before fixing my breakfast and getting ready for my little meeting at Starbucks. I finished up the 4th sample day. I feel like this is a good start for my client! For breakfast I had sauteed red pepper and spinach mixed with an egg and oatmeal topped with berries and shredded unsweetened coconut. A little somethin’ different. I guess I forgot to take a picture of it though, which is a bummer.IMG_3197

I had a great meeting with my client! I already have a few more other things to work on for her. I really hope this works for her because I can tell she is in so much stress. I had a delicious chai latte while I talked with her.

After my meeting was over I headed over to the Public Safety building at UNC to try and figure out a parking permit for my summer class and then for the fall. I basically didn’t have anything I needed with me to get the permit since I drove my dad’s truck… Poor old blue is in the shop. Then permits for the fall are based on a lottery, so I am scared I am not going to be able to get one. It’ll work itself out though. I made a quick stop at Bed Bath and Beyond to get a few gadgets with a coupon and then I headed home.4 I read for a while before I fixed my lunch. I made a sweet potato, brussels, broccoli and taco turkey hash with a laughing cow queso wedge. Plus berries and a greek yogurt! So delicious!IMG_3199 I had to switch it up from my normal chicken salad with pretzels, carrots and guac.

I did a few chores around the house before heading back in to Durham to get my hair cut by Danica at Amber and Dave’s house. I just got a trim, but I am already missing the length, even if it was dry! Haha, it’ll grow back though. I even held baby Asher for the first time today! It went a lot better than I expected. He is a good little guy.

When I got home I made a quick cheese quesadilla before heading out to the barn to ride Vinnie.IMG_3200 I had a very relaxing ride! Then I had a little fun with the barn cats 🙂 Vinnie was showing off his neck to try and get some treats. What a goober.1 3 2

Now I am going to go fix my dinner, but first I will quickly share my goals for the week that I made with Mary!

  • Stop being repetitive
  • Add back more breads or bagels instead of always having pretzels
  • No new “food rules” to help me cope with any stress
  • Make a list of my priorities but be aware that there will always be a list
  • Get more sleep!
  • Make a food record for the week

So we talked a lot about each of those things because they seem to be factoring in to my eating habits and Mary wants to make sure that I am remaining stable with school starting up. She always thinks of everything!

I was going to have the day off tomorrow, but my boss asked if I could come in. I am definitely not going to turn down the hours! So I am going to go eat my dinner and prepare myself for tomorrow 🙂 Have a great night!


What are you trying to be mindful of?

Another long day is in the books. I guess it wasn’t really that long, it just felt like it was never ending. 

I was up bright and early to head to the Y this morning before going in to work. On the way I ate a bagel with cinnamon cream cheese.Image At the Y I ran on the treadmill for a total of 30 minutes followed by a 5 minute cool down. I was so happy that I managed to hit 3.52 miles in 30 minutes! It was a really good cardio workout. After my time on the treadmill was up I did some stretching before doing a few planks. I was dripping sweat!Image

I quickly got showered and headed across the street to the ballpark. There was a 1 o’clock game today so I spent the morning helping with online orders before prepping the store for the game. I had a late morning snack of berries, green pepper and cheese.Image 

I was on the register for pretty much the entire game, which was fine with me. On my break I had an apple, carrots with guac and pretzels with chicken salad.Image I felt like I was eating so fast so that I could finish it all during my break. I really hate eating that quickly, but I guess I didn’t pack food that was good for a quick, but dense, meal. I still thought it was delicious, despite stuffing my face. We ended up doing a little more business in the store than we were predicting so I was pretty happy about that. After the game my boss left me by myself to close up the store and do the deposit so he could make it to his sons’ games. So once I got everything taken care of I headed home! On the way I had my snack of blueberry greek yogurt and a Kashi bar.Image

When I got home I was absolutely drained. I kind of sat around for a bit before Madelyne and I went out to the driveway and played with the volleyball. When we came back in we waited until dinner was ready. We had smothered chicken, baked potatoes and grilled zucchini. It was pretty tasty.Image

One of my tasks/goals Mary gave me yesterday was to keep track of my protein intake. Since she said it seemed like I was falling short on my proteins for the average day, she wanted me to record the amount of protein I have been eating. Today I tried to be mindful of how much protein I was getting in my diet. It was kind of difficult to come up with ways to make sure I was filling up my bubbles, what with waking up early to go to the gym and then work. Maybe each day I can think of more ways to add/maintain protein? Just something for me to be mindful about 🙂 

I felt like I wasn’t in a “happy-go-lucky” mood today. I think my social life just isn’t exactly where I want it to be, but I know all I have to do is change my way of thinking and it will morph into the social life I want it to be! I’ve just got to keep up with the life-long challenge/goal/task of not being hard on myself. 

Well, now that I’ve filled you in, I am off to relax!

Let’s Just Eat Cake.

Um, let me just start off by saying that my butterscotch banana cake is ahh-mazing. Seriously, stop everything you are doing and go make one. I had a slice last night…ImageAnd then another slice tonight when I got home from work, but this time with a little froyo!ImageRewind to this morning. I woke up for breakfast with my mom before she left for work. We tried another overnight oatmeal recipe. It was still good, but nowhere near as good as the vanilla raspberry! This morning was banana cocoa and a side of cinnamon toast. ImageFor this oatmeal, the amounts for the oatmeal, milk, yogurt, and chia seeds were all the same as the vanilla raspberry. Then we added 1 tablespoon cocoa powder, 1 teaspoon honey, and then half of a banana, sliced up.

We then swapped out the license plates on the jeep and ol’ blue. When my mom left for work I relaxed a little on the couch. Then around 11 I decided to go spend some time with Vinnie at the barn. I gave him a nice brushing and a ton of treats. He is walking better, he still had a step or two that seemed a little off and his back was a little sensitive. Tomorrow I might work on doing some stretches with him. Renee also left a few books for me, they will be perfect for reading on the beach!

When I got home for lunch I had no idea what I wanted to make for lunch. I knew I wanted something with either eggs, avocado, or sweet potato. I decided to save the eggs and avocado for breakfast. I went with making a loaded sweet potato. While I was zapping the SP in the microwave I chopped up some leftover green pepper and onion i found in the fridge. When the potato was done I sliced it open and spread the last queso laughing cow wedge on it, then topped it with the peppers and onions. I popped it back in the wave machine for another minute. Then I put some lettuce, salsa, and greek yogurt on my plate. It was kind of a take on nachos in a way I guess? Whatever you want to call it, it was fantastic. A safe comfort food for me. ImageImageI did some dishes when I finished lunch, then got ready to go for my meeting with Mary at 3:30. With Mary we talked briefly about some of the good things I did over the past week. Then we spent the rest of the time talking about a plan that we might try out. This plan include keeping track of the amounts of carbs, proteins and fats that I eat at each meal or snack. It is just a way to make sure that I am getting enough portions. I felt a little skeptical about it at first because numbers, counting, and keeping track is kind of what I obsessed over. It could be worth giving this technique a try though. We will wait and see!

Once we finished at Mary’s we quickly ran to Whole Foods so I could grab something to take with me to work for a snack and for dinner. I got my favorite flavor of Kind bar, dark chocolate and sea salt. Yummmm 🙂 Then for dinner I got a ham and cheese sandwich. It was a very tasty, filling sammich. I ate the whole thing on break! I was so proud of myself! Image^I just realized it totally looks like I’m not wearing shorts. I promise I am. The game went by at a quick pace compared to the previous games. It was a USA Baseball game as well. I was surprised that they beat Cuba 5-3! There were also fireworks tonight after the game, so I didn’t get home till after 11. We sold a lot more than expected though, so it was a good night! That froyo and cake definitely hit the spot. I was still scared about portion size, but I ate it!

I am ready to see what tomorrow holds for me!