Pre-race Jitters

Have a good Friday? Mine was excellent. I woke up and then felt like doing some physical activity since I knew I would be too busy the rest of the day to get anything in. I looked up PiYo videos on Youtube and found a good 53 minute video.Image I worked up a nice sweat, so I grabbed a quick shower before fixing my breakfast. Well, first I packed my lunch and snack, then I made put together my breakfast. I blended up a green smoothie and spread some cinnamon cream cheese on two slices of banana bread. SO GOOD.Image I had my breakfast on the way in to work. It was a good day at work. We got lots of things tagged and put in to the system. I even got to take a tour of the stadium to see the progress on all of the renovations! It will amaze me if it all gets done in time!Image

For lunch I packed myself a ham and cheese sandwich, an apple, carrots, yogurt and baked Doritos. Image

After work I drove to Bull City Running Club to pick up my race packet for the morning. I had pretzels and a kind bar as my snack as I drove. I decided to pick up my packet today instead of in the morning, that way I can be a little more relaxed and I won’t have to freeze my butt off in the early hours of the day.Image When I got home I talked listened to my parents talk for a while before we drove to Creedmoor to go to the little Mexican place for dinner. My dad and I split fajitas. It was huge! We ended up getting a box.ImageImage I wasn’t feeling all that hungry at dinner really. I think I am just getting a little nervous about the race. I have never done a race by myself before. And I have never done a 10k race. I don’t know what I am scared of. The Florence Forth is for an amazing cause and it is just running, right? I think I am scared that I won’t be able to run the whole thing. I’m questioning my abilities. If I don’t push myself and I end up walking some I feel like I will beat myself up afterwards. I just need to remember that it isn’t life or death. it is supposed to be fun! I am sure once I am actually there I will get into the “have fun mode” seeing all the other racers. When I am nervous I try to trick myself by saying that uneasy feeling is just an abundance of excitement and I just never knew what it was like to be that excited about something. In a way it is lying to myself, but it’s a harmless lie because it is trying to calm my nerves. Does that make any sense? Do you have a similar technique? 

I am off to have a snack before bed. I am trying to go to bed early (er) so I can rest up for an early wake up call for the race! Wish me luck!