Rain Out


Today has been a good day with no major complaints. I woke up and relaxed before making my breakfast. I had a big bowl of oatmeal topped with berries and almonds, a veggie scramble and a chai latte.Image I took the rest of the morning pretty easy, doing dishes and prepping my lunch, snack and dinner for the rest of the day.Image At 11:30 I headed in to work! 

Work went pretty well. I helped Megan finish up a few online orders, got the upstairs store straightened up and restocked and then added new product to the stock room. It started raining around 1 and it hasn’t stopped since. They ended up canceling the game tonight around 5 o’clock so Megan and I stayed and finished up a few things before we clocked out. 

I had my yogurt and peanuts for my snack as I drove home. When I got home all I wanted to do was relax. The rain had me feeling super lazy! I watched TV and then spent some time battling the wireless router trying to get it to connect. I eventually called my dad and had him help me figure it out. I then decided to go ahead and have all of my final transcripts sent over to Carolina. Since I didn’t end up working late tonight I decided to save the meal I made for my lunch tomorrow and so I whipped a plate of cheesy sweet potato cubes and veggies for dinner. It was yummy!Image

I am going to be up early in the morning to help with tarp pull at the stadium since my boss is going to be out recovering from his surgery today. I am kind of excited about it haha. I am scheduled to work 9-5 but I will probably end up working later than that since there is now a double header tomorrow and I just want to make sure we aren’t understaffed at the beginning. Well I think I am going to go have my snack and hit the hay! Hope you had a great day! Enjoy your friday!