I Smell T-R-O-U-B-L-E

Do you guys remember this throwback?


Travis Tritt has a few good hits out there. So that song kind of has nothing to do with anything important, but you will see later on why it popped into my head!

So last night I made dinner. It was something I just kind of created in my mind and it turned out!

Mexican Stuffed Shells



– 1 can condensed cheddar soup

– half a jar salsa or how ever much you want 😉

– 1 lb ground beef

– pasta shells

– 1 large can enchilada sauce

Directions: Boil water and cook shells as directed on the box. Brown the ground beef in a large skillet. Add the cheese soup and salsa and heat thoroughly. In a large casserole dish add half the enchilada sauce. Then stuff as many shells as you can and place them on the enchilada sauce. When the dish is full add the rest of the sauce and then pop it in the oven to heat it through. I suggest putting foil over it. I didn’t put any foil and the shells got a little over cooked. They were still great though! Top with any of your favorite mexican toppings or have a nice salad on the side. Or both!

I watched Thursday night television and relaxed on the couch. Then for my snack I had a glass of milk with pretzels and chocolate hazelnut butter. Great combo!Image

I think someone sleep walks in our house… When I woke up this morning the hallway closet door was open (this closet is right outside my bedroom) and when I went to bed last night I am pretty sure it was closed… Mysteries of the Crum house…

I did lay in bed for a while before I fixed my breakfast. I had a spinach omelet over a bagel with cheese and hot sauce. I also had a chai latte 🙂 Image

Then I unpackaged our new sander and got to work on my project!Image I had to line up all the pieces of wood for the shelving and then clamp them together so I could make sure they all were the exact same size. Some sides were wayyy off so it took my a long time to get them all the same size and then sanded down.Image When I finished with the edges I went inside for my snack. I had a broiled banana with Reese’s miniatures. Does the banana make the chocolate healthy or does the chocolate make the banana unhealthy? Neither! They both make each other freaking delicious. Now it is time for what made me think of that old song… this little trouble maker!Image She thinks she is a human. And then she thinks she is one of the place mats.Image After my snack I did dishes and laundry before heading out to the barn. I saw Renee and talked to her a little bit while I was brushing Vinnie. Then I lunged him and he was pretty good. The only bad thing he did was change directions when I was trying to get him to go faster. I could have prevented that by taking up the slack in the lunge line so he wouldn’t be able to spin, so I will just have to make sure I am more aware of that. Also, he always has to come to a complete stop to take care of his business. Not necessary, but I think it is impossible for him to poop while he is moving. It’s sweater weather time for the horses!Image

When I got home I fixed my lunch. I had left over mexican shells with chips and guacamole, carrots, apple, and a yogurt.Image Speaking of yogurt… Great news! I have been sad because all of the best flavors of Greek yogurt are fat free. Booo! But Mary got back to me about my question and said that it would be fine for me to do the fat free yogurt + another fat bubble as a dairy exchange. Yayyy! Now I won’t have that all the time because I have grown to love a few other yogurts that aren’t fat free, but now on those occasions when I really want a blood orange Chobani, I can have one as long as I make sure to get another fat in my plan! Once I finished eating I went back to work on my project. I started sanding the edges of the long pieces of wood, but then my dad had to come help me because we needed to make a few cuts to the wood to make it identical in size. So that took up the rest of the afternoon. I enjoyed working on it though! I got everything sanded except for one flat side on each of the shelves. We are making sure we get everything done as nicely as possible. I am hoping to have this all finished by the end of the weekend!

I came in and had an original vanilla Boost. Let me tell you, those things can be filling! Now that I am all cleaned up we are going to go out for our Friday Night Dinner! It is my turn to pick a new place and I have one in mind, I hope it is good! I made sure they had Bud Light to please my parents hahaha. I am trying to find fun ways to help me with my fears. I am starting to get back to my old (new old?) self and it feels amazing! I hope everyone else had a wonderful Friday and is ready for the weekend!

Thursday Favorites

Hi friends! What a day it has been. I am feeling great right now! I have lots of things of random things to share that I am absolutely loving right now. They will kind of be brought up all over my post as I take you through last night and today.

So last night I think I did really well with dinner! I was able to put a good amount of mac n cheese on my plate. I was a little nervous, but I definitely pushed to an 8, especially because I didn’t do the math to figure out what bubbles it would fill. It was all pretty good, too. Not the best (I accidentally over did it on the mustard), but still good.Image I did my planning for this morning and afternoon so I wouldn’t have to think about it when I woke up.

Favorite # 5

Coming up with random crafts! Putting a pattern on a t-shirt using random things dipped in fingernail polish. Then I did a freehand pattern and when I finished I realized it looks like a foot print haha. Image

After I did my craft I had my snack, which was just a mint chocolate chip ice cream sandwich and a little popcorn.Image Then it was bedtime!

This morning I woke up feeling nice and refreshed and after getting ready for work, I headed to the kitchen and threw together my eats. For breakfast I had my veggie omelet + cheese on a bagel with a glass of orange juice.Image I also had…

Favorite # 4

Chai tea latte!Image

Then we were off to the office! At work I put together a few tax returns and keyed in checks for a few companies. I like how I am starting to just find things to work on. For example a client today dropped off her checks and bank statement for last month and I offered to reconcile them. It felt great to offer to do something and not have to be told to do it! I feel like I am starting to know what I am doing there haha.

Favorite # 3

Trail mix with sweet dried cranberries, almonds, and pistachios!Image

We worked until about 12:30 and then my dad and I left for the day. On our way home we stopped at Food Lion to get a few extra things for dinner, milk, and orange juice. Along with a few other random buys. I am starting to get so much more comfortable with spur of the moment grocery shopping! I don’t freak out about everything my dad puts in the shopping cart and I even throw a few things in the cart that I wouldn’t have even dreamed of eating at the beginning of the year. Go me! When we got home I had my lunch. I packed it thinking we were having lunch at the office, but no harm was done by eating my packed lunch at home. Turkey sandwich, carrots, apple dusted with cinnamon, greek yogurt, and sun chips.Image What a yummy lunch! The sun chips were a change of pace for me and I enjoyed them. My dad and I watched Mr. and Mrs. Smith and then I went out to the barn to get my much needed Vinnie time. I was so happy to be there I think I went crazy taking pictures of all the horses.

Favorite # 2

Seeing all the horses and Robert looking so happy 🙂ImageImage

Favorite # 1

VINNIE!Image He is my favorite thing whenever he is such a good boy, and today he was wonderful! They only hiccup he had was when a huge gust of wind, and a wave of leaves, hit and he had a minor freak out and changed directions. Other than that he was amazing. He listened and he moved at a pace faster than he has been! Image I am excited for Saturday. I think Emma and Elizabeth are going to be able to make it out to the barn to meet Vinnie! They are the two girls that I made the necklaces for. I heard they were just dying to meet him! I think Vinnie will be really excited and I will have a good time getting to know them both a little better 🙂 Can’t wait, girls!

When I got home from the barn I had a Boost Plus for snack and then did a few dishes. Now I am going to go get dinner situated! I am trying a recipe that I kind of came up with in my head so I hope it turns out. I will let you know! I hope everyone had a good Thursday!

Crap, let me add another favorite!

Favorite # 1.0

Thursday night television!

Bye Bye Daylight

Ok, so that nap yesterday totally screwed me over. I ate a peanut butter ball and washed it down with a glass of milk before I headed to bed. Only, I couldn’t fall asleep and I feel like when I did fall asleep, it was only half way. What an awful night to sleep like that! The extra hour just made the night drag by. I think I just must have been too excited for today.

This morning when I decided it was finally a decent time to leave my bed I headed to the kitchen. My mom joined me but said she couldn’t eat breakfast for another 20 minutes or so (she has to wait a certain time for her medicine). I took that time to plan out my morning so that I filled up my first portion of my meal plan. Once I had it all planned out I got to work on making a creation! I boiled lots of water for my wild berry tea, which I steeped and then popped in the fridge for iced tea. I also steeped some chai tea for my homemade chai tea latte!Image I made the milk foam simply by shaking the milk in the jar for about 45 seconds and then I stuck it in the microwave for 30 seconds to stabilize the foam. Then I added the tea to it and topped it with cinnamon. Yummm 🙂 I think you might be seeing that every weekend! For breakfast I had two serving of cinnamon and spice instant oatmeal, a spinach mini omelet with colby jack cheese and pico and some berries.Image That’s a good way to start to morning! Oatmeal + Egg = mega fuel. I think it is a pretty meal too haha. After breakfast I helped my mom in the kitchen for a few minutes before I got ready to go do our Sunday morning groceries. We made our list yesterday but added a few things this morning. We first went to Whole Foods to restock on trail mix and then I also got bagels and bread that are denser than the previous bagels and bread I have had. We could have gotten a lot more at Whole Foods, but I am trying to find the best deals to try and save money. I don’t think I was too successful though. We went to Target to do the rest of our grocery shopping. We got everything we needed for dinners and a few things for lunches and snacks, also some things on clearance that we just couldn’t live without! When we got back to the car I had my snack that I brought with me: an apple and blueberry crisp Clif crunch bar.Image Once we made it home and got all of the groceries unloaded I got ready to go to the barn. My mom actually joined me today! I hope she enjoyed her time there, brushing old Kasino. I really asked a lot out of Vinnie today. Well, it wasn’t that much but he was acting like I was asking him to jump off a bridge haha. I really pushed him to go faster and then I had him change directions more than once. He seemed so confused but he eventually understood that I wasn’t playing any games. This is him post-confusion, searching for treats…Image

After the barn I started planning for my afternoon eats. I knew I wanted a pasta portion with tomato basil soup (to make a quick version of lasagna soup) so I went ahead and bubbled that in. Then I tried to figure out things to add to it. I realized that I was falling short on my fat bubbles, but not on any other bubbles. So you know what I did? I added butter. Whaattttt. Yes, butter is pure fat so I added some to my pasta before adding in the soup and spinach. After deciding my snack would be greek yogurt and a pupcake, it was easier to use that butter in my lunch. I added berries as my side to give myself another serving of fruit for the day. Plus my chilled tea.Image Once I finished my lunch I decided to do some planning for tomorrow so I wouldn’t have to figure it out in the morning. That took me a while haha. Then I started prepping the tools for my closet project! I am making a closet organizer thingy-ma-bobber out of one sheet of plywood. So my dad helped me make all of the necessary cuts for the project. Then it was snack/football time so we called it quits for the day. I had my greek yogurt and pupcake and curled up on the couch.Image The Steelers aren’t looking so hot, but I am not completely shocked haha. I would say that I have had another good day today! I even told my dad this morning that it was almost time for new jeans because the pair I was wearing are almost getting too tight! That is scary, but the good kind of scary because I am getting better! I have really been pushing myself! Need I remind you, I ADDED BUTTER to my lunch. Even before Eduardo came into my life I wasn’t big on butter. Even spreading it on bread I only liked a tiny, tiny bit that would melt almost instantly so I couldn’t see it. So that was a big deal. I wasn’t skimpy with it either. While it was challenging for me, I didn’t let my fears stand in my way. I can’t believe how much my life has improved since I started standing up to my fears! I feel like I am starting to get back to living my life. I have so much more energy and I am in a better mood. I just wish I could help everyone out there who is struggling with fears and with anxiety. I don’t want anyone to miss out on living their life and I want them to go experience things that they fear so they can feel the exhilaration I felt when I faced my fears. I don’t want to say that I am completely fearless now or anything, because believe me I still have them, but I don’t want them to define who I am.

Well, I might go read or work on my room or something since this game isn’t pretty… I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend as much as possible!


Happy Saturday! I feel like I am finally taking control of this thing! I am so grateful for all of the support that I have gotten so far and it is continuing to propel me in the right direction. Last night for snack I had a pupcake with trail mix and a mini 3 Musketeers bar.Image Then I had a great night of sleep. I was able to sleep in and it felt incredible. I was greeted my this friendly face. Nothing like getting tickled in the face by whiskers first thing in the morning 🙂Image My dad then told me to get ready to head out to run our errands. He told me we were just gonna grab breakfast out and that I should have my glass of orange juice before we left. So I had my juice and got ready to head out the door. We went to Golden Corral for breakfast because breakfast places are limited in Northern Durham and GC is right by Lowe’s. I was a little nervous, but not as nervous as usual! Yippee! As I was getting out of the truck I told myself to let my bubbles do the talking, not Eduardo. So that is exactly what I did. Since breakfast was late I tried my best to make guesses about the things I would need to fill up all my morning bubbles so I wouldn’t have to have a morning snack and disrupt the timing of food for the rest of the day. So since I already had my fruit from my juice, I concentrated on the other food groups. I loaded my plate with eggs and veggies, pancakes, yogurt, and a bacon biscuit that I assembled.Image I did my best at guessing the nutritional content of my meal. At Lowe’s my dad and I got a few supplies for my bed frame project and then all of the supplies for my closet project. Then we went to the Reuse Warehouse and I talked to a guy about getting some nice cedar wood for my bed. He has to look around to get enough 4x4s that are straight, so it might be a while before my dad and I can get to work on that. But in the meantime I have my closet to do! My dad said we could start it tomorrow! I am rather excited. I came home and started cleaning out my closet and room to prepare. Then I fixed my lunch. I decided I would have my delicious spiced chai protein drink for snack, so I fixed my lunch accordingly. I made myself a turkey, spinach, spicy bean spread sandwich and my sides were berries, pretzels, a peanut butter ball and then a glass of milk.Image Super filling! I did a few more chores in my room and then I snuggled on the couch with my cat and took a long nap while football was on. It felt good to have lazy afternoon. I just hope I will be able to sleep tonight! When I got up from my nap I went out to the barn to brush my little mud ball. I caught up with Renee and Lena which was really nice. Renee and I talked all about the craziness of the US National classes we watched online. Then Rena and Lena took Ray and G up to arena and rode before they went down the road. Renee said soon I would be able to join them! I can’t wait because I was super jealous of all the fun it looked like they were having! Vinnie enjoyed the carrots I brought him. I think he liked having something a little different than an apple. He would probably like getting an apple and carrots even more haha.Image When I got home I had my spiced chai protein drink and then worked on meal planning with my mom. We searched through different recipes and came up with a good plan for this week’s dinners. I tried to utilize things that we already had so that we wouldn’t have to buy a whole bunch. I think we will still be buying a lot though haha. I also tried to come up with some good morning plans for the week. I tried to come up with different combinations of breakfasts and snacks to fill up my entire third. I got a good base, but I will need to do some tweaking tomorrow once we get all of our groceries. Then my mom and I got to work on dinner! Tonight was mahi-mahi tacos, rice and black beans and oh my goodness was it good. I made sure I got a full serving of everything and It ended up filling the majority of my evening third! For the mahi-mahi I diced each filet into 10 cubes and then I seasoned them up with a secret combination of spices. Then we broiled them on low for abut 4 minutes a side and they turned out perfectly. My mom diced everything up for fresh homemade pico as well as the cabbage.Image We used these cool standing soft tacos that I found. I gobbled up this dinner!Image I ate my whole entire plate and I didn’t let myself feel guilty about it! Plus it felt really good to know exactly what I was getting and I got the satisfaction of knowing that I put together such a delicious dinner. My dad said he liked my mahi-mahi tacos better than the ones he made before 🙂 High five for me. I think Mary and Dr. Chung are going to be wowed with my improvements! My parents and I just watched Promise Land. It was about fracking and it had Matt Damon in it. I give it two thumbs up. It was really interesting. I love movies like that. I definitely think everyone should watch it. Now we are continuing with Matt Damon movies. We watched the end of Good Will Hunting (one of my favorites) and now the Borne Supremacy is about to start. Love me some Matt Damon. Tomorrow is going to be a busy day and I am excited to be at this stage where I am really pushing myself out of my comfort zone to get closer to my goals!

Can’t Hold Me Back

Wow, today was definitely a full one! I can’t believe what all I got accomplished. I am feeling so great about everything right now 🙂 Isn’t that always the best feeling? OR MAYBE IT’S BECAUSE THE PITTSBURGH PIRATES ARE NOW LEADING THE SERIES 2-1. Maybe. My whole family is so excited right now! My dad and I are leaving work early tomorrow so we can watch the game. This is a pretty big deal you guys. I mean, this is the first time in my life (literally) that the Pirates have made it to the playoffs. But let me get on with it, haha.

Dinner last night was so simple and tasty. Homemade mexican is a family favorite and a go-to of ours 🙂 My dad grilled up chicken and my mom sauteed the peppers and onions with some fajita seasonings and then we had create you own dinner. I made a burrito with chicken, cheese, peppers and onions and I had a side of black beans. ImageImageThen my snack was a vanilla pudding and pretzels. Image

This morning I woke up and then made breakfast with my mom. Since we had leftovers from dinner, we decided to heat up the onions and peppers. I scrambled an egg with my veggies then wrapped it up into a tortilla, enjoyed with lots of hot sauce and a glass of milk. ImageImageI then filled my mom in on all of the research I did for my education. I told her all about the classes that would transfer and what I still needed to figure out. She was so happy that I shared that with her. Then my dad joined us for meal planning for the week. We came up with the game plan then my mom and I left for our errands. We first went to Lowe’s to pick up some things I needed for completely my hanging shelf in the bathroom. I think it will be only a matter of time before they know our names at Lowe’s haha! Then we went to Harris Teeter to get the majority of things we need for the week for our dinners. I think this week’s menu is more simplistic than last weeks, but I am sure it is still going to be good! By the time we got back from our errands it was almost lunch time. So I failed at having a snack, but not every meal or snack is going to be perfect. I just can’t allow for two mishaps in a row, that’s when I won’t be making any improvement. I did a quick spray of a finishing coat on my piece of firewood that I am using for another project then I came in and fixed my lunch. I made myself a ham, salami, provolone sandwich with apple slices and a tasty drink that I got at Target last week. ImageSalami still intimidates me but I knew since I missed my morning snack I needed to use lunch meat that had an extra something to it. Then I started on my hanging shelf! It was such a hassle and I hit many road blocks. The studs in the wall were nowhere close to where I wanted them to be. A lot of measuring and planning went in before I could finally screw in the hooks and handles I planned to use. My mom actually helped me pick out the hooks and handles! Thank goodness she did because I LOVE the look of it. Much better than using eye hooks for it all. The chain and wood was all me though. The flowers were from a project I did not too long ago. Some of you might remember my post about making it. Here’s the finished product! ImageWell, it might not be finished yet. The are two tiny supports underneath it that are screwed into studs, and they are nowhere near being evenly spaced underneath the wood. So I might try and come up with ideas for different ways of hiding them. Then my mom and I completed another organization project! You just can’t stop me! Well, us. You just can’t stop us! We now have a place to hang our measuring cups instead of just throwing them in with a pile of random bowls. We decided to go with in the pantry. We originally wanted to put it on the inside of the cupboard but my mom didn’t want to put holes in it and the wood glue made it sound like we couldn’t glue anything to a finished wood product. ImageA visit with Vinnie was next on my agenda. I tend to lose motivation to go to the barn the longer I wait. In the morning I am always motivated, but in the afternoon or evening I usually question if I want to go or if I want to be a couch potato. I always go because I know brushing Vinnie will relax me just as much as sitting on the couch. Today I thought he was going to be a wiggle worm while I was brushing him because he was pacing like crazy in his pasture. He worked up a sweat doing that. I’m not sure why he was pacing. But he ended up being perfectly behaved in the cross ties. He barely moved at all. I even caught him yawning a few times! I came home and fixed a snack. It was a little later than I had hoped, but I still had it! I tried some Trader Joe’s lemongrass chicken stix and one of the mozzarella sticks my dad heated up. I only had a bite of the cheese stick because it was cold, and I was only tasting it because my dad said it had a different seasoning taste to it than the normal ones he gets. I also tried a new drink I picked out at Harris Teeter. I’m not a huge sparkling water fan so it wasn’t my favorite. I think the only reason I got it was because it was in a glass bottle haha. My lemongrass chicken stix were very tasty though! ImageI ate that while I watched the game and then when I finished eating it I went to the kitchen to make a creation! Any guesses as to what it is, or rather what it is going to be?Image

Hope everyone had an incredible weekend!

Saturday Activities

Good evening, friends! Another great day is coming to an end. My parents and I got a good amount done today but there is still much to do.

Last night I ate my snack of greek yogurt and blueberry blaze trail mix. Yes, more trail mix. I also watched the season premiere of Scandal that I recorded Thursday. Scandal is a great show and if you haven’t seen it I highly recommend watching the first two seasons on Netflix 🙂 Image

This morning I woke up and put together a quick breakfast for my mom and I. I went with bagels, cinnamon cream cheese, banana, blueberries, and a glass of orange juice for me. Amazing as always.Image

We all got ready and left to do our errands! Our first stop was the post office so I could mail my grandma the goat milk soap I bought for her. I have been meaning to do that for a week now so I’m glad I finally sent it. My mom then needed her coffee since she ran out so my dad stopped at Starbucks. Costco was next on the agenda. We mostly just looked around at everything (why is it so entertaining to look at everything they have?) but we did get a few things like new knives, socks for my dad, and coffee for my mom. The next stop was The Reuse Warehouse. My dad and I went there last Friday and we just had to go back so my mom could check it out. We found lots of good stuff! My mom and I got some old window shutters to use for different decorations/projects, my dad got some reclaimed wood ordered for our front porch and he also is going to have them make a custom table out of some of their materials for the back deck, and I got a nice piece of wood to use for a hanging shelf I plan on putting in my bathroom. There is so much neat stuff that can be found here! And since most of it is old and used it is relatively cheap!ImageImageImage

I ate some pepper jack cheese that I packed with my for my snack before we stopped at Walmart for a few more things. Then we were back home for lunch. I heated up Trader Joe’s mini pizzas for my mom and while those were cooking up in the oven I chopped up carrots and lettuce for a little side salad. I washed it all down with a glass of milk.Image

After lunch I went outside to start planning my bathroom projects. I found a pretty piece of leftover firewood in our garage and I sanded that down for a while. I am going to use for a creation I am making involving mason jars. After spending some time brainstorming on that and the hanging shelf I came to the conclusion that I could do everything I could at the moment. A trip to Lowe’s is necessary to get any more completed. With that road block I decided to go ahead and go to the barn. Vinnie was great again today! I took a picture of Robert, the mini donkey, for my barn picture of the day 🙂ImageHe could smell the treats on me!

Back at home I did a little relaxing before making my snack. I was a little chilly in our air conditioning so I went with a warm bowl of pumpkin oatmeal topped with a little granola for crunch.Image Then I went right back to lounging because I am feeling like relaxing is the perfect way to spend this Saturday evening.

Goal update: My goal for today was to eat all of my snacks and meals at better times. I would say that I was half way successful so far. I did a lot better than yesterday with my timing, but my morning snack was not as substantial as yesterdays. But then again my breakfast was a little bigger this morning. My new way of bubbling my food intake has been working well so far! If I fall short on something I can easily tell what meal/snack I was having difficulty with. I might add to it by making things color coded for even easier analyzing! I also hydrated more today than I have in a while. Yay!

Hopefully all you readers have some exciting plans for this beautiful Saturday night! Enjoy the rest of the weekend, everyone 🙂

Today Couldn’t Have Been Better :)

I hope everyone had as great of a day as I did! I just want to start off by saying that all of the comments I received on my last post were absolutely amazing. I was so touched that everyone was willing to share their own perspective on the topic and offer helpful advice. Thank so much, you all do more for me than you know!!!!

It felt sooo good to get so much done around the house today. I even slept in a bit. Last night I had the last of my Ben and Jerry’s Americone Dream before I headed off to bed. I think I am watching too much of the Vampire Diaries because Stefan and Damon were in my dream last night hahaha. Anyways, this morning before my breakfast I got started on a few chores. I did garbage and dishes before I fixed myself a nice bowl of granola, greek yogurt, strawberries, blueberries, and a few dashes of cinnamon. Mmm, mmm, mmmmmmm. ImageWhen I finished eating I decided to go spend some time with the Vinnie Monster 🙂 He was wonderful today. He didn’t seem sore today and he was behaving perfectly (by that I mean he was super lazy and relaxed). I thought to myself he was pretending to be a quarter horse, haha.ImageNow I just need that section of his mane to grow faster!

Since I got a late start to breakfast my morning snack happened late. But, I still ate it! No more skipping snacks for this girl. I’m ready to get my life back. I had some more trail mix. Trail mix is just an easy snack to grab. The best thing about trail mix is that there is a variety of flavors. I often struggle with deciding on what to have for a snack, but trail mix is easy because I can get all of my favorite flavors in one snack!ImageI worked a lot on my bathroom today. I got all the caulking done and I cleaned up all the dusty mess I created. I put up the shower curtain and the new vent cover. Now all that I have to do is make all my DIY projects for the shelving/storage and toilet paper holder. I worked on that while watching bits and pieces of the Pirates game. So happy they won! Here is a cute link that our family friend, Mrs. Faggart, shared with my mom to share with me 🙂


For my late lunch I made a turkey and provolone sandwich that I ate with a carrot. Image I did some more cleaning around the house and organized the spinning cabinet shelf thingy in the kitchen.

My snack was a frozen burrito. It seemed to be a good way to fill up some of the remaining afternoon bubbles on my meal plan without making me feel like I ate a lot. It was a very late snack, but again, I didn’t skip it just because it was later than expected! That is progress!ImageI spent some time talking with my mom before I went to get cleaned up for our dinner adventure. We decided to try a new place and earlier this week my dad said he wanted to try out a place on Hyco Lake that reopened. So that is where we went. I don’t even know what it was called haha, but this is basically the whole place in this one picture. ImageEveryone left shortly after we got there, so it was just us and one guy at the bar. And the staff. The menu was very small, but they had a grilled chicken sandwich, and that is something I am comfortable with, so that’s what I got.ImageI ate the whole sandwich and a few of the fries. It was edible… I wouldn’t go back unless it was the only option though. My chicken was a little tough, but somehow it still made the bun really soggy. And the fries were fries. Some were mushy and some were overly crisp. So the food wasn’t the best but we still enjoyed trying a new place and spending time together. That is the important part 🙂

Like I said, it felt so great to get so much accomplished today! It was just the right combo of relaxing and being productive. Hopefully tomorrow will be just as great! My one goal for tomorrow is to eat my meals and snacks at better times. Sounds doable.