Quick catch up!

Hello all! So I keep doing this… I promise to write more (remember when I used to post daily?) and then I totally break my promise! I have just had so many things on my mind and whenever I get the free time to write, I end up going to the barn or just being too exhausted to do anything that requires brain power haha.

A few physical activity updates:
-I completed my first week of training for the Raleigh City of Oaks Half Marathon! 11 Weeks to go! I am using Hal Higdon’s Novice 1 half marathon training plan and I love it so far. I enjoy having a cross training day and specific distances for the runs instead of a time run. My pace varies so much that if I was told to go run 45 minutes, I might get the workout that was intended, or I could be going slow and not go the proper distance to have an impact on my training. So I love this plan.



-I am doing a mini triathlon with Casey and Bryan this Sunday. It is a 200m swim, 5 mile bike and 1.5 mile run. It’s just a baby one but it will still be a really good challenge! I have been practicing my swimming and I have to say, I really do enjoy swimming even though I am AWFUL! Casey and I have been trash talking each other non stop lately. She wants to beat me so badly! I am really excited for it. This little challenge should be a blast. I am probably going to catch the triathlon bug.
-I think I am going to tryout for club volleyball at UNC. I have been missing volleyball like crazy and I think it would be a great way to meet new people and make new friends. Tryouts begin a week from Wednesday!

I have been working at the Bulls a decent amount the past few weeks. It is sad that some of the people have left to go back to school, but there are still a few that will be there till the end of the season since they go to school in the area.

I took care of the horses for a few days while Renee, Marty and William were at the beach. I also got to pug sit Frisco! She was so adorable! 14




Let’s see… What else is there to share… I went to Fall Fest last night and got information on club volleyball and FLO Foods. I saw a few people I knew so that was nice to talk to familiar faces and not be a loner! I wanted information on the club equestrian team, but their booth was already packed up. Today I drove over to Chapel Hill and found my parking area. I park off campus and use the Park and Ride system. The bus wasn’t awful. I got to where I needed to be. I bought my books and went to find where my first two classes are located. I have four classes tomorrow: organic chemistry, beginning jogging, intro to rock music and calculus. It is going to be a long day of class followed by a night of work at the Bulls!

A few of my eats from the last few days:1










Here are some SUPER TASTY quinoa recipes that I have tried. Sharing upon request 🙂

Well, I am off to get everything prepared for my long day tomorrow! Hope you all have been doing well!

Downtown Durham Eats

Today was a full day, mostly spent in Downtown! This morning we got ready and headed to Monut’s for our breakfast before I had to go to work. I loved looking out the window at the downtown sites as I ate my delicious bagel, egg and greens sandwich. Plus a banana I brought from home. ImageImage

At work I helped tag a bunch of merchandise and then we worked on online orders. I packed soup, a grilled cheese, an apple and yogurt for lunch.Image Today was a really easy day at work haha.

When I got home I chatted with everyone as I ate my snack.Image Then we looked at places to go for dinner before Matt showed me a website that he got started on for my business. It looked AMAZING! Seriously. I am so excited about it. I really want to explore this pathway.

For dinner we went to Bull McCabes Irish Pub. It was so crowded so we had to wait for a while to get a table, but the atmosphere is killer. We chatted and ate and watched the NC State game. It was a great time! I had corn and black bean quesadillas which were yummy!ImageImage Now we are back at home chatting some more!

Well, that was a very short summary of the day haha. I am excited for the day tomorrow! Hope you have fun plans for your weekend!

When The Going Gets Tough…

When the going gets tough, the tough get going I kick some major ass. I just had my worst day with Vinnie in a long, long time. I was so excited to see him today because I was going to lunge him with my new saddle! I was expecting him to be perfect. I feel like I have just waited so long and I have put so much time into him over the years that I felt like I deserved to have him be all I wanted him to be. There I go again, wanting to control the uncontrollable. I just wanted a switch to flip and I wanted everything to be easy and effortless. Sound familiar? Those were my exact thoughts on my recovery from my eating disorder. When I first started my recovery I was waiting for a switch to just be flipped off that would magically make me go back to normal. There is no such switch. Apparently there isn’t one for Vinnie either. Maybe I was just getting ahead of myself and taking things too fast for him? I don’t know. I will just have to do this every day I can until he breaks his habits of trying to get out of work. So, like I said, I wanted to lunge him with his new saddle on today so that he could get used to having all the tack on. I put his bridle on and loosely buckled his reins back. I hooked the lunge line up to his halter just so that I wouldn’t be putting much pressure on his mouth. The first minute lunging went great! That was just walking though. He wasn’t scared of the far end of the arena so I thought today was going to be the best day ever. I asked him to trot and he went maybe half a circle around before he suddenly switched directions (turning away from me, showing me his butt). I turned him back around and then asked him to go forward. He continued to do this turning thing over and over. I was really starting to get fed up. One time he turned and I was trying to get him to turn back around and then all of a sudden he just took off. I barely had any time to comprehend what was happening. I was trying to keep hold of the lunge line to get him back under control, but he was just moving too fast. Let’s just say I ate some major sand and I got horrible rope burn from the edge of the lunge line. Yeah, that felt great. (My mom just read me this quote “even if you fall on your face you are still moving forward) I had to let go of the lunge line and Vinnie was running around the arena acting like his old crazy self. Despite having all his tack on and a long lunge line dragging behind him, I though he looked very pretty and Arabian-esque galloping around the arena. I easy got a hold of him but then broke out in tears. I was so disappointed. The expectations I had for him clearly weren’t realistic and I was upset with him and with myself for being so hopeful. My hand kind of hurt as well. So after blubbering like a baby for a few minutes I was on a mission to make Vinnie do what I wanted. It wasn’t an easy battled and it probably could have ended very differently, but I was assertive and showed him that I meant business. I was sure to end on a good note. I looked at my phone and saw my cousin, Madelyne, called me so I called her back and sat on the stool in the arena and made Vinnie stand there while I talked with her. I miss her so much and I can’t wait to see her in December! I was pushing Vinnie’s patience but I didn’t care. I wanted him to learn I was still in control even though he was done lunging.

Vinnie in his new saddle:Image

My gruesome battle wound:ImageE’s and A’s


Butternut squash parpadelle and pork on a bed of wilted spinach.Image Perfect dinner from last night. I feel like I am becoming quite the little chef 🙂 That makes me happy even if it is in my imagination.

My snack was a chocolate chip pumpkin muffin and a glass of milk. The plastic wrap I had over my muffins is weak sauce and wan’t really covering them so they sadly went stale.

Breakfast this morning:Image Spinach egg scramble with cheese on top, grapes and pomegranate arils, chocolate cranberry roll and cinnamon cream cheese all with a cup of raspberry tea. I was in a huge rush this morning because we were running very late. I was freaking out. I just hate having to rush and I found myself grabbing things to mimic yesterday’s morning so I could easily fill my bubbles. I of course had a few alterations.

My snack at the office was Cheerios (that my dad nicely pointed out had expired) with spiced pumpkin seeds and vanilla yogurt.Image

We were back home for lunch and I made a tasty turkey cheddar sandwich and had it with an apple, carrots, pretzels and milk.Image

Second snack was lemongrass chicken stix from Trader Joe’s.Image These have been chillin’ in the freezer for a while now so I thought it was time to bust them out. Even though was feeling kind of down about Vinnie, I knew I couldn’t let that cause me to slide backwards in my progress. When I get upset like that, eating isn’t the first thing on my mind, but I made sure I still did, so yay for me!


This morning was a mad rush. Ugh, hated it. I ate my breakfast in the truck on the way to work and then once we got to the office I did hard core cleaning. I started by collecting all the garbage and then vacuumed every nook and cranny. That place was filled with dust and tiny hidden cobwebs! I rearranged on of the offices so that it didn’t feel quite as cluttered where clients were supposed to sit while they are meeting with my dad. It was a small change but a huge improvement. Then I got to work on the kitchen… So nasty. I cleaned the sink, counters and cabinets. Honestly, everything in there just needs to be thrown away and replaced. I wonder if my dad would let me do all of the DIY renovations (that I want to do to our house) on the office…

When we made it home we had lunch while we watched Inside The NFL. Then I was off to the barn. Then when I got back home I did dishes (even though my rope burn hurt like crazy whenever the hot water touched it) and laundry. Now I am going to go relax or do something before we get started on dinner.

I hope your Thursday was better than mine!

When you are presented with a tough situation do you tend to run away and ignore it or do stand up/fight it?