Visual recap of my beach weekend!

ImageFirst time for sushi! Image My dad got mahi mahi tacos and I sample a few bites.ImageQuick breakfast then a glorious run on the beach! ImageImageImageImageSubway lunch with the grandparents.Image Snack back at the RV before taking the camera outside for some nature pictures! ImageImageImageImageImageImageI tried to take pictures of the lightning Friday night on the beach but it wasn’t working.ImageImageImageImageDont my parents look so happy?ImageImageImageYes… I had a milkshake! Sugar coma/ ImageImageImageImage

Sunday night dinner at the Dead Dog Saloon. Very neat place down in Murrells Inlet! ImageImageThey had a whole wall of pictures of peoples’ dead dogs. A little sad but thoughtful  because they all said “in memory of…”ImageImageImageImage My mom and I split the trio. I had the shrimp and she had the scallops. We split the green beans and the crabcake. SO GOOD! ImageImageAnd then lunch today when I got home… Mexican sweet potato, carrots with guac and an apple. I’m sad the vacation is over but it does feel good to be home. Now I am off to a cook out with a bunch of friends! Happy Memorial Day! 

Last Day at the Beach

Today is our last day at the Outer Banks. I am sad and happy to be going back home tomorrow. Sad that I won’t be at the beach anymore, happy that I can go home to a routine and spend time with my cats and Vinnie.

Last Night’s Dinner

For dinner we went to Liza’s Pizzeria, which is a big hit on the island. I was a little nervous about it, but I did my best to enjoy the experience. I started with a small salad that I shared with my mom. I also had one bite of a mozzarella stick. ImageThen it was pizza time. We ordered a large pizza: half 4 cheese and Italian sausage, the other half Margherita. I had a slice of the Margherita and it tasted so fresh. The basil was really strong, maybe a little too strong, but it was still a great slice of pie! ImageAfter dinner we headed back to the campground. We watched a little tv before my dad called it a night and my mom and I walked up to the campground store to get “dessert.” I wanted to try something other than ice cream, and the snickers almond bar caught my eyes a few days ago so I gave it a whirl. I also had a handful of the brown sugar cinnamon popcorn. ImageIt had been so long since I ate a candy bar. And here I am, still alive! Eating a candy bar wasn’t the end of the world. I quite liked it. But then again, it’s a chocolate bar. Who doesn’t like some good old fashioned candy/chocolate bars? <– I need to start having this mentality more often.

I watched the new episode of Tripping Out with Alie and Georgia (they were in Miami and it looked like so much fun!) before calling it a night.

Last Day Beach Activities

This morning we went back to Atlantic Coast Cafe for breakfast. I decided to try something different and I ordered the breakfast wrap. It had scrambled egg, cheese, salsa, and avocado all wrapped up and lightly grilled. It was super yummy and I gobbled it right up. It helped that I was thinking about how badly I wanted to start running again. I also added some hot sauce because the salsa wasn’t spicy enough for me haha. That sure lit my taste buds up! ImageWe then picked up our pottery bowls that we painted a few days ago and then killed some time by going to the Avon Pier. ImageImageImageWe then sat in awful traffic on our way back to the campground. Yuck. When we finally made it back to the campground we got ready to hit the beach! The weather was awesome! A little windy, but the sun was out and it felt great! Around 2 o’clock my mom and I headed back to the RV to make our lunches (late lunches). I made a turkey, green and red pepper, spinach and laughing cow sandwich. My mom also packed up some grapes for me to take. ImageWe enjoyed the rest of the afternoon on the beach. Now we are about to head over to Good Winds Seafood and Wind Bar for dinner. I am hoping to have a good view of the sound and I am crossing my fingers for some good kiteboarders being out! After dinner we are going to do a little gift shopping and then who knows what else! I am feeling strong and powerful so I am hoping to really, truly enjoy my last night here!

Perfect Beach Day :)

It was a great day for the beach! It was finally hot and sunny for the majority of the day. It was the first day here that actually felt like a summer day at the beach.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, I have to tell you about the rest of last night. For dinner I reheated some pasta and veggies and my mom baked a frozen broccoli and cheese stuffed chicken. The pasta wasn’t as good reheated, but it was still pretty darn tasty. And the chicken, oh my gosh, the chicken… I would definitely get that again. ImageImageAfter dinner we ended up staying at the RV to watch the Pirates game, so no karaoke for us. Not that we would have actually participated haha. I was about to fall asleep and then my dad told me I needed to have my snack. I tried something new that I got at Food Lion our first day here. Smartfood Selects brown sugar and cinnamon popcorn. I poured myself a bowl full and munched on it while I watched some tv. ImageIt was reallyyy good. I would have never thought to make that flavor combination for popcorn. I know that they have a buffalo cheddar flavor (I think that’s the flavor, if not it’s something along the lines of buffalo and cheese) that must be phenomenal because they were all gone off the shelves at food lion. So if you see ’em, grab them and give them a try and let me know how they are!

This Morning

This morning I woke up and went with my mom to get her morning coffee. I snapped a picture of their coffee menu because I thought it was really cute how they wrote it all out. It was really tempting to give coffee a try, but I knew I wouldn’t like it, even though all the flavors sounded fun.ImageWhen we got back from the coffee run it was time to fix breakfast. I was feeling some anxiety again. My uncle Bill made a great comment about a likely reason for my anxiety recently and I think he hit the nail right on the head. I think introducing sweets (such as ice cream) has kind of thrown me off a little. I feel like I have to restrict because I am anticipating an upcoming snack that I wouldn’t file as “healthy.” I realize that I can’t make these thoughts disappear, but his encouraging words told me that I have the power to dismiss those thoughts and do what I know is right. With that being said, I tried my hardest at breakfast. I went with my vanilla Kashi instant oatmeal again, with cinnamon and berries, but instead of a side of toast I topped my oatmeal with a little granola for some added crunch. ImageI think my favorite part about breakfast is just playing around with presentations to try and make it look attractive (is that a good adjective for food?) for the pictures. We were then off to the beach! I spent my time on the beach sun bathing, reading, and attempting the crossword puzzle with my dad. I say attempting because it was really challenging and we gave up after only getting like 5 words. I moved on to the sudoku puzzle after that fail.


Around 1:30 my dad and I headed back to the RV to make lunch and bring it back to the beach. My dad ended up eating his sandwich at the RV, but I packed my mom and I’s sandwiches along with apples and carrots. ImageMy sandwich was turkey, pepper jack cheese, spinach and mustard. I made my mom’s with turkey and ham, pepper jack, spinach and dijon mustard. My view on the beach: ImageLook at that blue sky! We spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing. We spotted dolphins a few times throughout the day. I always love it when I get to see dolphins! We eventually packed it in and I hit the showers before having my snack. My snack consisted of caramel rice crisps, cottage cheese and a few blueberries.ImageAfter my snack I worked a little on my bubble sheet for my food plan. I haven’t done it for a while, so I figured I should do it to see where I am at. It didn’t exactly motivate me because it was confusing about what to classify certain things as and if it was enough to count as a portion. I just need to work on it some more, but mentally I just don’t think I can handle it right now. I will start it back up when I get back home and things can be a little more predictable. I am hoping that will help me with the food plan at least.

Tonight I think we are going to Liza’s Pizza. We were originally going to grill up the fish we got a few days ago, but I think my parents were more in the mood to go out for dinner. I am going to try my best to live in the moment and enjoy the experience. I will have to take a breather a think about all of my motivators and all of the things I have talked about with my nutritionist. It is time for me to be brave and tackle pizza, A.K.A. one of the scariest foods on my list. I am wishing myself luck!

Dad’s Birthday and Pasta Boobs

Hope everyone had a fantastic Wednesday! Today was the big 48 for my dad. We told him that we could do anything and everything he wanted to do today. He wanted us to get up and cook him breakfast, so that’s exactly what we did! First I went with my mom so she could get her coffee. She tried a different coffee place this morning, and it was just as cute as the other one. When we got back we started on breakfast. My mom decided to grill the bacon… she ended up torching it, but my dad was a trooper and still ate some of it. I cooked the potatoes and eggs. I added pepper and hot and spicy seasonings to the potatoes and they turned out great! I only ate a few of them. I also had an egg and a new flavor of overnight oats: blueberry maple! ImageAfter breakfast we cleaned up the kitchen and then spent some time being a little lazy. When the clouds went away we decided to pack up our lunches and hit the beach. On the beach my dad and I worked on the crossword puzzle from today’s paper and we actually finished it! Woohoo! Go us! For lunch I made a turkey, spinach, green and red pepper, NY white cheddar, and dijon mustard sandwich. I ate it with an apple. Sorry about snapping the picture when I was almost done eating. Apple cores are just so darn pretty, HA! ImageOnce I was done eating I went on a walk down the beach with my mom. We went all the way down to the pier and it felt amazing to walk through the sand! ImageImageWhen we were done on the beach we headed back to the RV. We decided to drive down to a little produce stand and then a little market to get some things for my dad’s birthday dinner. My snack was a Larabar (blueberry muffin, of course). While dinner was still in the process of cooking, I gave my dad his first gift, which he thought was hilarious! I found it at Morgan Imports and when I saw it I knew it would be a perfect gift. ImagePASTA BOOBS!! Pasta shaped like boobs. Who comes up with this stuff? Insanity. Anyways, my dad’s favorite thing in the world is steak, so it was basically mandatory that we have steak for dinner. We cooked up some veggies that we mixed in with spaghetti noodles and then some corn on the cob. The pasta and veggies were excellent, and so was everything else haha! ImageI did my usual thing with the steak and only ate a small piece out of the center.

I struggled more today with my breakfast, lunch and snack. I came close to tears when I had to make my lunch, but I managed to pull myself together. At breakfast I almost let my eating disorder take over. I thought we had been using skim milk as part of our overnight oats, but it was actually 2 %. It is funny how small things like that can make such an impact on my feelings towards the food I am eating. When it was time for my snack I had a hard time deciding what to have. So there were small struggles throughout the day where I just had to take a moment to breath and think of my goals. I didn’t want to be struggling on my dad’s birthday either! Well I am off to enjoy the rest of the night with my parents. I am not sure what the night time snack will be, but I am trying to be strong for it!

Talking to Strangers

What a great Saturday it has been! I got to sleep in till almost 9 and it was incredible. Oh, before I forget to mention it, last night I had ice cream. Ice cream, not frozen yogurt. Big step for me. It was just a little prepackaged deal though. ImageI was proud of myself for eating it, but when I was done I felt really gross and I kind of was upset that I ate it. I’m hoping I will stop getting that feeling after I eat.

Breakfast and Morning

This morning we stopped at Atlantic Coast Cafe, a cute little place that is literally right down the road. I thought about ordering one of the specials of the day, cinnamon swirl french toast, but I chickened out. I went with their classic breakfast plate which is two eggs, grits or hash browns, and toast or english muffin. I went with two eggs over-medium, hash browns, and an english muffin. I ate my eggs and all but one or two bites of my english muffin along with a few of the hash browns. ImageIf we go back there again I think I would like to be daring and get something wild and super “unhealthy” or just let my dad pick something for me. After breakfast we drove to Food Lion and got some things for the week. We got a lot of things that would be beach friendly, which ended up being packaged snack foods, which is something I have been staying away from. It wasn’t too overwhelming though so it was good! We also got a nice variety of fresh fruit. Yippie! Love fruit.

Lunch + Afternoon

When we got home from Food Lion we got changed to go to the beach. I love my Oakley bikini that I got at the outlets back home. We then packed up our lunches and snacks. For lunch I packed an apple, some carrots and a turkey and queso laughing cow sandwich. ImageI shared some of the carrots with my parents. They gotta get their veggies too! It felt great to just sit on the beach and soak up the view. ImageImageGahh, so breath taking! At 2:30 I went to the pavilion to tie dye a shirt. I used one of the shirts I already had. It turned out much better than I was expecting! ImageI ended up staying at the pavilion until after 4. While I was there one of the workers said to me “I love your tattoo. Now when are you going to gain some weight?” I was shocked at her straightforwardness but I simply replied that I was struggling with it but I am working on gaining. We ended up talking for a while. She actually turned out to be such an inspiration. She started off by talking about one of her daughter’s friends who struggled as well. Then she moved on to tell me about her own battle with depression. She also unfortunately has a brain tumor and cancer that is damaging to her cerebral spinal fluid. She told be all about her struggles with different treatments and how she was told in 2002 that she would only have one year to live, at most. And here she is! I couldn’t believe how open she was with everything. But we just talked and talked and talked. She asked me about school and about my horse. I asked her all about her travels. She has always surfed, but now she can’t because of hardware that is attached all throughout her spine. She told me about the time she surfed the North Shore in Hawaii. She told me about the time she went bungee jumping. She has been all over the world: Australia, Japan, Russia, England, Germany, Sweden, Egypt and the list goes on. She just seems so strong and powerful! It was such an amazing story to hear. Even though she is battling with severe health problems, she still seems to be enjoying life to the fullest. It doesn’t seem like anything scares her. In fact, she said she was going skydiving in August and she is scared of flying, so that is exactly why she is doing it. It is so surprising how complete strangers can really put things into a new perspective. She told me I was beautiful and will be even more beautiful when I am better and she could see it in my eyes that I was going to fight and get better. She told me that there was a root beer float social at the clubhouse at 6:30 and she made me promise that I would go. I went back to the beach to sit with my parents for a while. My mom told me I needed a snack so I had a few of these new things I got to try. Quaker caramel mini rice crisps. They were actually really good! Image

Dessert First!

At 6:30 I made my over to the club house to get a root beer float. When I got there Carol, the woman I met at tie dye, gave me a small gift. It is a little glass bear and she said I am the 27th person to have it. When I get strong and healthy again and no longer need it, I am to pass it on to someone else so that they can be reminded that there is always someone there for them. It was so thoughtful of her. She really is an amazing woman. ImageI ate the scoop of ice cream from the float and had a few sips of the root beer. I think that I handled it really well! Again, i felt a little upset that I ate it, but not as much as last night.

Around 7:30 we left to go to Top Dog for dinner. I was a little bit off mentally because I just ate ice cream, but I tried not to really let that effect my decisions! I ate one of the jalapeno poppers that my mom ordered for an appetizer and I ordered a grilled cajun mahi sandwich. Oh my goodness was that delicious. I have never been a seafood person, but I am really in to trying new things, and boy am I glad I did. That was by far the best seafood I have ever had. ImageImageI ate my whole sandwich! But, I didn’t have any of the chips that came as the side. ImageIf you are ever around this part of the Outer Banks, you have to try this place! I feel like I ate so much. I know that is a good thing though! One more day closer to accomplishing what I need to do 🙂

Now I am back at the RV. I think my parents have already crashed for the night so I probably won’t be far behind!