Florence Forth Recap and a Gorgeous Day at the Barn!

This morning I was up and moving by 6:30! I threw on some warm layers for the race and then prepared my breakfast. I went with a carb-heavy power breakfast: Two slices of banana bread topped with cinnamon cream cheese.Image We left the house around 7:15 and I ate my delicious breakfast on the way. We found parking easily since they had signs everywhere that made it a breeze. I made my way over to the starting line and my mom helped me find a few runners from her school for me to hang with.Image Right at 8 we were on our way! Around mile 1.5 I lost the others behind me so I just ran the remainder on my own. Well, technically I guess I wasn’t alone since there were so many others who were running! I’d like to think that the spirit of Florence was keeping us all company as we pushed ourselves through the course as well. So my first solo race wasn’t a solo race at all. I finished in 1:06:11 and I was thrilled because my goal was to finish in under an hour and ten minutes for my first 10k! The course seemed like it was ALL uphill haha! I had a lot of fun thought and got to meet a bunch of incredible people and I got to see a lot of others from my mom’s school.ImageImageImage Amber and baby Asher even made an appearance! Florence Forth raised over $40,000 to advance the mission of the Autoimmune Encephalitis Alliance. Isn’t that incredible?!

When we made it home I fixed a snack of apple slices, almonds and a chai latte. Yumm 🙂Image I played my daily puzzles and then helped my mom pick up the house a little before I jumped in the shower. I was thinking about running a few errands and maybe going to the outlets with my mom, but instead I decided I would go to the barn since it turned into a beautiful sunny day! I first fixed my lunch. I had mexican chicken soup, carrots and a greek yogurt with blueberries. Then I was off to the barn! Image

It was a wonderful day at the barn. I managed to convince my mom to go out there with me and I am so glad she did! We saw everyone out there and we got to chit chat with them all. Then I got to work on grooming Vinnie. I then tacked him up and did a light lunge before I jumped in the saddle! I had a great ride! He was such a good boy. A little speedy at the canter, but I can’t ask him to be perfect since my riding schedule is inconsistent. I just had so much fun 🙂 Image When I finished up with Vinnie, Renee asked me if I wanted to ride G and I said absolutely! I love G, he is giant compared to Vinnie and covers so much more ground. I am sure the workout I gave him was a little more relaxed than his normal ones, but I still had a blast! We spent 4+ hours out there and I can’t wait to go back tomorrow.

When I got home I had a crackers, cheese and the bottom of the trail mix bag for my snack.Image Then I relaxed for the rest of the evening up until it was dinner time. My mom made pork chops, brussels, cauliflower and baked potatoes.Image I have to tell you, I really prefer sweet potatoes. Russet potatoes are so much drier, even with sour cream. I guess it was a nice change up though. I think after my non-stop day of running and riding I am going to sleep really well tonight! I am going to go watch this Penguins game now! Goodnight!

Pre-race Jitters

Have a good Friday? Mine was excellent. I woke up and then felt like doing some physical activity since I knew I would be too busy the rest of the day to get anything in. I looked up PiYo videos on Youtube and found a good 53 minute video.Image I worked up a nice sweat, so I grabbed a quick shower before fixing my breakfast. Well, first I packed my lunch and snack, then I made put together my breakfast. I blended up a green smoothie and spread some cinnamon cream cheese on two slices of banana bread. SO GOOD.Image I had my breakfast on the way in to work. It was a good day at work. We got lots of things tagged and put in to the system. I even got to take a tour of the stadium to see the progress on all of the renovations! It will amaze me if it all gets done in time!Image

For lunch I packed myself a ham and cheese sandwich, an apple, carrots, yogurt and baked Doritos. Image

After work I drove to Bull City Running Club to pick up my race packet for the morning. I had pretzels and a kind bar as my snack as I drove. I decided to pick up my packet today instead of in the morning, that way I can be a little more relaxed and I won’t have to freeze my butt off in the early hours of the day.Image When I got home I talked listened to my parents talk for a while before we drove to Creedmoor to go to the little Mexican place for dinner. My dad and I split fajitas. It was huge! We ended up getting a box.ImageImage I wasn’t feeling all that hungry at dinner really. I think I am just getting a little nervous about the race. I have never done a race by myself before. And I have never done a 10k race. I don’t know what I am scared of. The Florence Forth is for an amazing cause and it is just running, right? I think I am scared that I won’t be able to run the whole thing. I’m questioning my abilities. If I don’t push myself and I end up walking some I feel like I will beat myself up afterwards. I just need to remember that it isn’t life or death. it is supposed to be fun! I am sure once I am actually there I will get into the “have fun mode” seeing all the other racers. When I am nervous I try to trick myself by saying that uneasy feeling is just an abundance of excitement and I just never knew what it was like to be that excited about something. In a way it is lying to myself, but it’s a harmless lie because it is trying to calm my nerves. Does that make any sense? Do you have a similar technique? 

I am off to have a snack before bed. I am trying to go to bed early (er) so I can rest up for an early wake up call for the race! Wish me luck!