Race Recap + a few days at work

Happy Sunday, everyone! Hope you all have been having a stupendous weekend so far!

Let’s see… I don’t even know where to begin! Quick rehash of Friday: I worked all day and then was able to watch the Bulls game since I worked the day shift. My friends Evan and Alden met me there and we had amazing seats (thanks to my boss). I had a great time! The game was good and then there were fireworks afterwards. Friday was my parent’s 27th anniversary and they went out to dinner so I didn’t want to be sitting at home by myself. I ended up eating my dinner when I got home after the game though… I just wasn’t interested in anything at the game. It would have been a good challenge for myself, but I’m not all about the ballpark prices haha. 1

Saturday morning I was up early for The Running of the Bulls in Durham! It was an 8k race that is in Downtown. The course was beautiful and I had so much fun. My friend from work, Casey, ran it as well. Her husband joined us too. We all ran at our own pace which was nice because we didn’t have to worry about another person. A few pictures from the race and from my Nike running app:IMG_31932 3 4 5 67 8 9 10 1112 13 14 15 16

So pre-race I ate my banana bread for some good energy. When I got home after the race I whipped up a veggie scramble, a chai latte and a banana with cinnamon. Yum!IMG_3191

Then I was off to the barn! I gave Vinnie a good grooming before riding. I had a great ride! He worked up a nice sweat too, but that was probably because it was late morning and it was getting hot out. So I hosed him off and then gave him tons of treats 🙂17 18

When I got home I jumped in the shower and got ready for work. I packed up my snack and dinner and then fixed my lunch. The combination of pretzels with chicken salad, carrots with guac, and a yogurt or something has been my go-to meal when I need something in a pinch haha.IMG_3192

Work yesterday went really well! We sold more in the store than we thought we were going to which is always, always, always a good thing. My dinner was leftovers plus blueberries, which was just what I was in the mood for.19 20 My feet were so tired by the end of the night. When I got home I had peanut butter tortillas and a greek yogurt for my snack. Then I was off to sleep.

This morning I woke up and migrated to the couch to read a little and then work on the crossword puzzle. After that I made my breakfast. I had oatmeal topped with strawberries and walnuts, a chai latte and sauteed veggies topped with a delicious poached egg. SO GOOD!IMG_3194

I have been working on some things for my client for a while, but I decided I would take a quick break to pop in and say hello before I have to go back in to Durham for work! Well, I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!

This week is flying by!

Hello all! This week is absolutely flying by! I can’t believe tomorrow is Thursday already!

I feel like this always happens to me, but I typed up this whole post and then I completely lost it all! After I loose it all I just don’t have the patience to retype it all up. I know that’s not fair t0 my readers because I am sure some of you would love to read about my past two days! Luckily though, the past two days haven’t been super eventful so a quick summary will still do them justice.

Monday night’s cookout was so much fun! I had a great time hanging out with friends and grilling. Being social really does amazing things for your happiness.1

Yesterday and Today I worked 9-5 so my days were spent at the Bulls. Yesterday I had oatmeal before work and then my mom dropped me off a lunch from Whole Foods. On my way home I had yogurt and a kind bar and then it was raining so I just read some of my book, made banana bread and then helped with dinner. We had delicious grilled chicken, veggies and sweet potato. For my bedtime snack I had peanut butter tortilla shells and an apple.IMG_31792 3 IMG_3180

This morning I woke up early and headed outside for a 4 mile run around the neighborhood. It was the perfect temperature! I got showered and ready for work before I fixed my breakfast.4 IMG_3182

At work I focused on restocking all the hats in the store upstairs. We got the news that we will be losing the upstairs store but we will be getting another location for our second store. That will be craziness. My boss and I went to Panera Bread for lunch and it was tasty as always! 5

On my way home I snacked on pretzels and then when I got to the house I immediately registered for my summer biology course at UNC. It feels so good to be enrolled for that! Then I was off to the barn! I spent a lot of time grooming Vinnie before I lunged him. It was awfully hot today so I didn’t want to ride him. I talked to Renee for a while before I headed home. When I got home my parents had dinner ready. My dad grilled some amazing mahi mahi that we had with veggies and rice. Yum! I also threw some salsa and guacamole on my plate.6 IMG_3183

Well, I think I hit all the big things from the past few days. I am off to have my snack before bed! I am off of work tomorrow but I am meeting my new “client” in the morning. I am so excited!

Hope you all have been having a great week so far!

Self-growth From Finding Challenges

Do you ever hear people say that there is always something that needs to be worked on? I find that to be true. I think there is a healthy way to always challenge yourself though. We don’t need any of that obsessive perfectionistic vibes floating around! I am talking about the small daily challenges that one might face and working on overcoming those to better yourself in a way that bring you complete and total happiness. Who doesn’t want that? I will forever be finding new ways to push myself so that I am living the life I want to live.

I was up early this morning to meet Mary at 7:40 for my appointment. I had work afterwards so we kind of jumped right in to discussing this past week and the upcoming week. The big things we talked about were breakfasts and then eating out. I mentioned to her how it has been a little difficult to come up with something to have for breakfast when I know I have a small window of time, such as when I wake up to go to the gym in the morning. I want to come up with a good breakfast and morning snack that is satisfying and gives me necessary nutrients. So we compared what my breakfast was like on a day when I can cook breakfast at home and have an easy going morning with what my breakfast and morning snack is like when I am up early to go to the gym. We talked about a few ideas for meals that could be prepared in a pinch if I didn’t prep my breakfast the night before. Another challenge I still face that I would like to work on to bring more joy and spontaneity in my life is eating out. I haven’t eaten out in quite a while but it is something that people do all the time, so we talked about that for a bit. I told her that my parents and I are going to go out Friday night, hopefully to a new place, and I am going to order something that the place is really known for. That way I can really get the full experience of the restaurant and who knows, maybe I will taste something that changes my life! Mary also gave me another book to look through that she thought I would enjoy 🙂

After my appointment with Mary I went to work. I had my breakfast while I worked.Image I had a great time at work. We got the store completely restocked and then I got some reorders figured out for my boss. The people I work with really just make the day amazing. They are the most entertaining people I know! I wish my boss could have been there though. I feel so bad that he is sick right now! I took a break to have my lunch. I packed some leftovers along with strawberries.Image

When I got home at 6 I had a Kashi bar for my snack and then got started on a few things online for UNC. I also got some work done for the online store for the Bulls! I felt very productive this evening. I was supposed to hang out with my neighbor tonight but he was tired after a crazy day so that didn’t happen, which is fine because I got to watch the Penguins win their game! That and my mom made a delicious dinner 🙂Image

I packed up my lunch and snacks for tomorrow and then made overnight oatmeal for my early morning breakfast before I go to the gym with my mom. Then I work 9-5! I like these weekday hours.

Non-stop Tuesday: Gym, Work, Doctor, Work, Barn!


This morning I was up bright and early to go to the gym with my mom this morning. I quickly got ready and then heated up some overnight 10 grain hot cereal that I prepped last night. It was ok, but definitely not as good as overnight oats. Image

At the gym my mom and I worked on arms before I did abs. We used the overhead press machine, the chest press, the pull up machine and the lat pull down machine. I AM SO BAD AT ARMS. It always feels good to work them though because I know those muscles need to be worked. Then I grabbed an exercise suggestion card and went into the studio to complete 2 rounds before getting ready to go into work.Image

This morning at work we did the online orders and then started on restocking. For my morning snack I had a banana and greek yogurt.Image

At 12:30 I left work to make it to my appointment with Dr. Chung. It has been about 2 months since I last saw him, but I feel like I didn’t have much to update him on! I told him I have been busy with work, going to the barn, running a few times a week, etc. He said things looked good, so it was a good check up!

My mom bought me lunch from Whole Foods that she gave me before I went back to work. Veggies, fruit, turkey sandwich and another greek yogurt. Thanks, mom!Image

When I got home from work at 6 I took my Kind bar and left for the barn!Image I was so happy to see Vinnie! He was enjoying the lush grass when I arrived 🙂 I gave him a good brushing before tacking him up to ride. He was such a good boy! I had a great time out there tonight. I saw Renee and talked to her as well, which is always nice! Just an overall wonderful evening at the barn. Image

When I got home my mom had dinner ready. She made a Louisiana style tilapia and bell pepper relish along with hoppin-john rice from one of our new cook books. It was very tasty! I also had a side of steamed broccoli. Image

Now I am going to relax for a bit before having a snack and turning in for the night. I have another early morning ahead of me!

Morning Workout and Dinner Creation

Happy Monday!

I had a full day at work sandwiched between an early morning workout at the Y and a relaxing evening at home.

This morning I woke up and got my things together for work before fixing a quick breakfast. I had waffles with cinnamon cream cheese and agave nectar in the middle. Yum! Image

At the gym I did a 30 minute run followed by a 5 minute cool down. I also did a few planks before jumping in the shower. Image

At work Megan and I spent the entire morning working on online orders. I took a break to have a morning snack of a banana and greek yogurt. Image

For lunch I had chicken tortilla soup, carrots and an apple. Then I finally started restocking from the busy game we had Sunday. Image

On my way home from work I snacked on a Kashi bar. Since these have become an easy snack for me, I should get creative with the pictures I take of them. I will be like an unofficial brand advocate haha! Image

I did the crossword puzzle when I got home and then the Penguins AND the Pirates games started! So I have been watching both of those with my parents. I also ended up cooking dinner tonight. We didn’t have anything planned and it was kind of a late start so I tried to make something quick and easy. I sauteed up a mixture of veggies (onion, green pepper, yellow squash and carrots) with fajita seasoning and I also cooked up ground chicken. Then I attempted to make a mexican queso-like cream sauce, which turned out well but it could have used a little more spice. I zapped a sweet potato in the microwave for myself and made that the base of my creation. I liked it and would definitely repeat this! Image

Alright, time to watch the third period of this Penguins game!

Think it, Feel it, Make it Happen

Happy Wednesday! Half way to the weekend. Is everyone excited?

This morning I woke up and got dressed before I fixed a quick breakfast. I had to hurry to eat it so I could make it to Mary’s by 8, but it was still tasty and satisfying! I had an orange, some carrots, a chai latte and a bowl of granola with almond milk. Image

My time with Mary flew by! I began by telling her about my weekend in PA. I told her about my amazing and spontaneous experience with the guy I met on the plane. Talking the entire flight and then having breakfast with him at the Detroit airport was something that I never would have been able to do two years ago. Two years ago I would have been socially paralyzed by the fears I had with engaging in conversation and just pushing myself to be spontaneous and have breakfast with a stranger. I told Mary how in high school I avoided everything. Literally, I avoided talking in class, I avoided guys I liked, I avoided doing things outside of school with friends, all because I was so scared that body would betray me by showing my nerves and anxiety. I was known for turning beet red all over. I hated it so I did everything to avoid it. I connected it to the book I am reading that Mary lent me: Ask and it is Given. When you want or ask for something in life, you have to be mentally aligned with those wishes as well or else there is no way you will achieve what you want. If you think negatively, then events in life are going to reflect that. So I told Mary how I used to simply have to think about turning red and my body would do so. We talked about that for a while and she told me how people with eating disorders can also do something similar. They can think themselves full. I used to do that by vicariously eating through others or by watching the food network. My thoughts were strong enough to convince my body it wasn’t hungry, even though it was starving. She shared this really interesting article she heard on NPR. Mind Over Milkshakes. After talking about that we talked more about the book I am reading and we looked at one of the exercises in it to help get as close to joy as possible. It was just a really great, uplifting session!

I went to work after my time with Mary and spent the morning working on the online orders. Then I added more product to the online store. My mom dropped me off lunch from Whole Foods and I took her up through the dugout to show her the new stadium since she hadn’t seen it yet. It was a nice little midday visit from her! Lunch was yummy too. Two hardboiled eggs with veggies and quinoa, grapes and pineapple, yogurt and a WhatsoNutso bar.Image I spent the rest of the afternoon taking pictures of apparel and photoshopping it to get it ready to put up online. I took work home with me… I am going to try and get the pictures finished so on Saturday when I work again they will be ready to be put up.

I had a Kashi bar when I got home before I headed out to the barn. I had a great ride! I rode Vinnie in a simple straight rein today and I thought he did very well. There were a few moments when he stuck his head up and I could have used the leverage of the German martingale, but it was nothing major 🙂 Renee rode Ray at the same time so we also got practice with having traffic in the arena. I helped Renee with feeding the horses before I left for home.ImageDark picture, but Vinnie was hungry!

When I got home I watched the Penguins game and relaxed. My mom made a delicious dinner: Grilled chicken, grilled zucchini, sauteed peppers and onions, pepperjack cheese. Then I heated up a tiny sweet potato and topped it with a laughing cow wedge. Yum! Image

Now I am going to go try and figure out if I have the program I need on my laptop in order to get these pictures ready for work. Have a good night!

Art Field Trip and Reunion with Vinnie

This morning I woke up feeling well rested and ready to take on the day! I got ready for work before I made my breakfast. I fix a red pepper scramble, a chai latte and a bowl of oatmeal topped with berries.Image Then I was off to work! When I got to the Bulls I got started on pulling items for the online orders. A bit before 10 all of the staff hit the road to go to the art museum in Raleigh. There was the opening of the Bull City Summer exhibit which featured photography taken by several artists last summer. There is a book that was published and so this exhibit displayed a few pieces. It was really interesting to see everything through a different perspective. I enjoyed it very much and it was nice to think about the park and baseball in a different way. After the tour of the exhibit we all went to the restaurant at the museum for lunch. I was disappointed that we were not given the menu to order for ourselves. The lunch that was given us was still good, but it was slightly difficult to be completely comfortable with it. There was a little side salad, a pasta and the chicken was breaded and fried, topped with a mushroom sauce.Image The voice in my head was telling me that I should refrain from eating it because the fat content was sure to be higher than what I was used to eating. But I was able to get over that, mostly because I didn’t was to isolate myself from the social event of enjoying lunch and the company of my co-workers. I ate until I felt satisfied, doing my best to listen to the signals from my body.

Once lunch was over we headed back to the Bulls stadium. I worked on getting the remainder of the caps and the 47 Brand apparel up on the website. That was pretty much the remainder of my work day!

When I got home I had a quick snack before I headed out to the barn to spend time with Vinnie.Image I gave him a good brushing before I tacked him up to ride. He was such a good boy! I just did a quick ride but he was excellent and I had a great time 🙂 Image I talked to Renee for a few minutes and then helped feed by giving Vinnie his sweet feed and hay before I left. When I got home I started making my dinner. I fixed penne with leftover chicken sausage and squash. I also steamed up some broccoli and topped it with a wedge of Laughing Cow white cheddar. It was very yummy!Image Then I watched Cocktail with my parents. Now I am going to go have a snack before I catch some sleep. I have my appointment with Mary bright and early in the morning before I got to work!