Well, well, well… Look who just walked in

Has it really been 2 years since my last post?!!!?? This is crazy. You know why? BECAUSE I HAVE BEEN SO BUSY FINISHING UP SCHOOL AND NOW I CAN OFFICIALLY SAY I AM A COLLEGE GRADUATE!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

I have been doing so well. Stressing about food is a thing of the past for me. That doesn’t mean stress doesn’t exist for me though, stress has just relocated itself to other aspects of life. Like what in the world am I going to do now that I have graduated?! How am I going to make money? How am I going to save that money? What is my future going to look like?

I am trying to remember to just focus on the present and have good goals set for myself, that way I can enjoy each moment for what it is without having to worry if I am missing out on something. I think I just need to trust myself and those around me and everything will be A-okay! I think that is what I am struggling with. I am so scared of failing and letting other people down that I just can’t think clearly. During this last year I was told by someone in the fitness industry that my degree (exercise and sport science) was a waste of my parents money if I wasn’t going to pursue Physical Therapy. Well, I don’t plan on becoming a physical therapist, so… sorry, mom and dad! I have a career aspiration and I am going to work very hard to achieve it, even though I might not be using my degree. But my parents are super supportive and they say they are happy and all they care about is that I got a degree.

I started up another website that I was going to post recipes and workouts on, but I couldn’t afford the $99 a year to keep it running, so it got shut down… welp… that was a fail! Maybe I will have to create a new one and just use the free domain. I hope that I will have the time to do so!

Well, this is it for now, I am going to try and take the time to make a new website or continue on with this one, but probably make a new one because I think I reached my storage maximum on this site and I can’t add any more pictures without upgrading! 🙂 Hope you all are doing well!


I love being productive :)

Don’t you just love the feeling you get at the end of a productive day? You just feel so accomplished and its a natural mood booster. At least that’s how it is for me!

This morning I was up early and did the crossword before getting ready to meet my new client over in Chapel Hill. For breakfast I just had banana bread with cream cheese and strawberries. Image

I met my new person at Starbucks and I ordered a chai latte and then got to discussing some food ideas!Image We talked for a good hour and I am now all set to start my work! This job will be a little different than the previous one. I am going to be doing more of a menu plan and then if she needs it I will teach her how to do some of the recipes. I can’t wait to get started!

I stopped at Barnes & Nobel and I got a few cook books to start my collection. I also looked briefly through some of the books on sale and found one that looks like a funny read. I could have easily spent all day in there. Obsessed. 

Then I went to my mom’s school to say hello to everyone. Emma and Elizabeth were there since today was their last day of school (it was a half day) and then Amber had baby Asher with her. So I spent some time with them while I waited for my mom. I briefly talked to my mom before I headed home to have my lunch. Image

After lunch I did dishes, laundry and then read for pleasure. I took a break for my snack and then talked with my parents before I was off to the barn! Image

The weather was weird today, it was cooler and it looked like it was going to rain at any minute. But it never did! I had a quick ride with Vinnie while Renee rode G and then we worked Ray. Renee warmed him up first and then I got on to finish his ride. I always have so much fun riding him! A woman is coming next weekend since she is interested in purchasing him, and I think she will absolutely love him. I talked to Renee and helped feed so I was there late (9:45!) but I don’t mind because I love the barn.Image When I got home I reheated some dinner. Chicken sausage + quinoa and veggies. Yummy!Image

I had a great day and I hope you all did too! Tomorrow is going to be a long day so I might not have an update until Saturday! 

Visual recap of my beach weekend!

ImageFirst time for sushi! Image My dad got mahi mahi tacos and I sample a few bites.ImageQuick breakfast then a glorious run on the beach! ImageImageImageImageSubway lunch with the grandparents.Image Snack back at the RV before taking the camera outside for some nature pictures! ImageImageImageImageImageImageI tried to take pictures of the lightning Friday night on the beach but it wasn’t working.ImageImageImageImageDont my parents look so happy?ImageImageImageYes… I had a milkshake! Sugar coma/ ImageImageImageImage

Sunday night dinner at the Dead Dog Saloon. Very neat place down in Murrells Inlet! ImageImageThey had a whole wall of pictures of peoples’ dead dogs. A little sad but thoughtful  because they all said “in memory of…”ImageImageImageImage My mom and I split the trio. I had the shrimp and she had the scallops. We split the green beans and the crabcake. SO GOOD! ImageImageAnd then lunch today when I got home… Mexican sweet potato, carrots with guac and an apple. I’m sad the vacation is over but it does feel good to be home. Now I am off to a cook out with a bunch of friends! Happy Memorial Day! 

It feels so good to be at the beach!

Good morning, all! I am getting geared up to have an amazing day relaxing on the beach!

First off, the wireless/internet here is extremely slow and non of the pictures are uploading, so I will have to have a “picture post” whenever it decides to cooperate. So sorry for the lack of images!

Man oh man, do I have so things to share! So Thursday night whenever we got all set in at our campsite my dad and I decided to just go out for dinner since it was already pretty late. I asked a friend who recently moved to the area what his favorite locale spot was to eat and he suggested Wicked Tuna in Murrells Inlet, so that is exactly where we went! Then I did something crazy… I ordered something that waiter suggested. I had some time of sushi and it was actually pretty good! I had never had sushi before so I was being EXTREMELY adventurous. I was glad I tried it. I believe it had tempura shrimp, crab and lobster on the inside and on top it had spicy tuna with a wasabi mayo. I also tried a few bites of my dad’s mahi mahi tacos. Those were good as well! I had a lot of fun going to dinner with my dad and trying something new!

When we got back from dinner we both crashed! I woke up early the next morning and had strawberry greek yogurt with granola for breakfast. Then I went to the beach where I went on a 5 miles run! 

After that my dad and I got ready to go spend a good chunk of the day at my grandparent’s house in Little River. For lunch my grandpa and I got Subway while my dad and grandma made salads. I got a foot long turkey and cheese loaded up with veggies. I also had an apple to go with it. 

After lunch we talked for a bit and then watched an old Dean Martin roast of Sammy Davis Jr. My mom arrived a little after 3 and met us at the grandparent’s house. After talking for a bit we headed back down to our campsite in Surfside. We relaxed for a bit and I had pretzels, cheese and guacamole for my snack. Then my mom and I went for a little walk on the beach! I took my camera and got a few shots I liked. 

The rest of the evening was spent relaxing. For dinner we had chicken sausage, a roasted veggie medley, sauteed brussels, and quinoa. It was yummy! 

For my bedtime snack I had a clementine and some almonds. 

This morning we were up early to run to Walmart to grab a few things before it got crowded! When we got back I had my breakfast of a clementine and vanilla Greek yogurt with my homemade granola. Very yummy! I did the crossword puzzle for the day and now my mom and I are about to hit the beach! My dad went golfing with my grandpa so he will be joining us later today! I hope you all have a fantastic Memorial Day Weekend! 

En route to the beach!

Good afternoon, everyone! I am writing to you from the road so I apologize for any brevity! My dad and I are taking the RV to the beach for the weekend and we will be joined by my mom tomorrow once she is done with school. I had a few days off of work so my dad decided to make reservations for a mini vacation. I am so excited!

So the past few days have been busy with work and then relaxing at home with Madelyne visiting for a short amount of time.

I will just sum up yesterday and today!

Yesterday I woke up early and was off to the Y before work. On the way in I had oatmeal topped with peanuts.


At the gym I did a quick mile warm up on the treadmill before doing a few arm exercises and planks.


Then I showered and was off to work! We managed to stay busy the whole day so it made the time go by quickly. For my morning snack I had carrots, an apple and cheese.


Madelyne and my mom brought me lunch from Whole Foods and we went and ate it across the street at American Tobacco. It was so nice!


On the way home from work I had my snack and talked to Madelyne since she rode home with me after spending the day at my mom’s school.


Then we went out to the barn and I had a quick ride on Vinnie!


My dad actually cooked dinner for us and it was delicious! He grilled pork, then made pesto pasta with cherry tomatoes and green beans. Yum!


We watched 3 Days to Kill which was a pretty good movie. I like Kevin Costner. For my snack before bed I had pretzels and key lime Greek yogurt.


This morning I was up early to take Madelyne to the airport 😦 it’s always sad to say goodbye, but it’s so much better knowing that she will be moving down here in a few months!

My eats for the day:




My dad cut grass on the tractor while I manned the push mower. We cut all of the grass and then got packed up to hit the road!

I hope you all have fun things planned for the weekend!

What are you trying to be mindful of?

Another long day is in the books. I guess it wasn’t really that long, it just felt like it was never ending. 

I was up bright and early to head to the Y this morning before going in to work. On the way I ate a bagel with cinnamon cream cheese.Image At the Y I ran on the treadmill for a total of 30 minutes followed by a 5 minute cool down. I was so happy that I managed to hit 3.52 miles in 30 minutes! It was a really good cardio workout. After my time on the treadmill was up I did some stretching before doing a few planks. I was dripping sweat!Image

I quickly got showered and headed across the street to the ballpark. There was a 1 o’clock game today so I spent the morning helping with online orders before prepping the store for the game. I had a late morning snack of berries, green pepper and cheese.Image 

I was on the register for pretty much the entire game, which was fine with me. On my break I had an apple, carrots with guac and pretzels with chicken salad.Image I felt like I was eating so fast so that I could finish it all during my break. I really hate eating that quickly, but I guess I didn’t pack food that was good for a quick, but dense, meal. I still thought it was delicious, despite stuffing my face. We ended up doing a little more business in the store than we were predicting so I was pretty happy about that. After the game my boss left me by myself to close up the store and do the deposit so he could make it to his sons’ games. So once I got everything taken care of I headed home! On the way I had my snack of blueberry greek yogurt and a Kashi bar.Image

When I got home I was absolutely drained. I kind of sat around for a bit before Madelyne and I went out to the driveway and played with the volleyball. When we came back in we waited until dinner was ready. We had smothered chicken, baked potatoes and grilled zucchini. It was pretty tasty.Image

One of my tasks/goals Mary gave me yesterday was to keep track of my protein intake. Since she said it seemed like I was falling short on my proteins for the average day, she wanted me to record the amount of protein I have been eating. Today I tried to be mindful of how much protein I was getting in my diet. It was kind of difficult to come up with ways to make sure I was filling up my bubbles, what with waking up early to go to the gym and then work. Maybe each day I can think of more ways to add/maintain protein? Just something for me to be mindful about 🙂 

I felt like I wasn’t in a “happy-go-lucky” mood today. I think my social life just isn’t exactly where I want it to be, but I know all I have to do is change my way of thinking and it will morph into the social life I want it to be! I’ve just got to keep up with the life-long challenge/goal/task of not being hard on myself. 

Well, now that I’ve filled you in, I am off to relax!

It’s time to hunker down!

Wowzers, today has been crazy. I was up early to make it to my advising appointment at 9:15 in Chapel Hill. On the way I had my green smoothie and bagel with cinnamon cream cheese.Image My appointment  went really well but in order for me to take a class that I absolutely have to take this fall, I need to take Biology during the second summer session, which starts mid June. So I was a little overwhelmed with that because I was worried about working. I pretty much called my boss immediately afterwards so I could let him know that I was freaking out but that it was what needed to be done. But I calmed down since then and now I am excited and feeling confident and ready to get started with classes! 

After my advising appointment I walked over to the admissions office to start the process of changing my admission date to the summer from the fall. Then I had to hurry back to the truck so I could make it to my appointment with Mary on time. We had a good session. I began by summarizing the past week and then we kind of discussed how my protein amount might have been a little low. So she gave me lots of tips on how to make sure that I wasn’t falling way short on protein. Lots of good advice and I am ready to work on it!

I went over to Whole Foods for my lunch and I got a ham and cheese sandwich, yogurt, fruit and veggies. I had a nice relaxing time just enjoying my lunch!Image

Then I was off to the airport to pick up Madelyne! She flew down today for an interview tomorrow and then she will be staying until Thursday morning. I am so happy to have her here! We spent the afternoon/evening talking about possible future plans haha. For my snack I had pretzels, carrots and guacamole. Image

My parents made it home from Chattanooga a little after 7 and then we all chatted until Madelyne and I ran in to get Mexican takeout for dinner. I got chicken fajitas. I don’t know why but getting takeout isn’t as good as I remember it. I mean, it was still good, but just nothing spectacular. Image

Now we are watching We’re the Millers. Hilarious!

Hope you had a good start to the week! 

The Past Few Days in a Nutshell

Hi everyone! How has your weekend been going? Mine has been going really well. Sorry I haven’t stopped by to do my usual daily post the past two days. Sometimes it can be nice to detach from social media, right? It almost feels as if I am on vacation with my family and I am focused on spending quality time with them, disconnected from most electronic devices. Of course I have been home alone without my parents while they have been in Chattanooga visiting my sister, so I’m not on a vacation, but it still feels like a break away from things that might get my mind working on overdrive. 

Well anyways, Here is a bunch of pictures from the past two days! ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

1. Friday morning I woke up and quickly grabbed the things I packed for the day at work and then got changed to go pull the tarp at the ballpark at 8. I never pulled the tarp before so I was nervous I was going to be in the way, but it was super easy and I didn’t fall so I was happy! It felt good to work on a team. It was funny because they all were making bets on who would be the last person to show up or who would show up late. Apparently if that person shows up late they are automatically nominated to go get breakfast for everyone haha. No one was late, but it came close and I got in a few laughs from some of the remarks made. After tarp was pulled I went in to the store to begin working on online orders. I then ate my blackberry overnight oatmeal for breakfast. It was creamy and delicious! 

2. For lunch on Friday I had my quinoa mixture (green beans, pepper, onion, hard boiled egg, italian dressing) with an apple. Pretty good for a quick concoction.

3. Kind bar on my way home for my snack. You can kind of see the ballpark in the background!

4. When I got home around 6:20 I decided to go on a little run. I was going to go to the barn but I was certain that the arena would be too wet to ride in. Renee said it wasn’t but when I heard back from her it was too late. Oh well.

5. I combined my dinner and snack. I had a chicken salad bagel-wich, veggies (green beans, peppers, onions), strawberries, and key lime greek yogurt. 

6. Yesterday morning I decided to relax in bed before I got the day started, but I guess I relaxed too much because I ended up having to rush to leave on time to be to work at 9. I had my green smoothie and bagel with cinnamon cream cheese as I drove in. 

7. My lunch yesterday at work was a warm delicious sweet potato, green bean, onion, pepperjack cheese and queso flavored laughing cow mixture. Plus greek yogurt and an apple on the side. 

8. My kind bar as a snack on my way to the barn after work. 

9. I rode Vinnie while Renee rode G. We started off in the arena and then went down the road. We discovered that Vinnie really doesn’t care for barking dogs. There was a great dane that came awfully close to us and Vinnie started to dance around and then he did some spinning and threw in a buck. Then he did the same thing when some dogs on the way back got into a little dispute. I don’t think he trusts having his back to strange dogs. Another thing he did that was kind of a shock was he took off galloping up this one big hill. To be fair, when G started trotting up the hill Vinnie decided he needed to pee. So I think he just didn’t want to be left behind. The surprising part was that I was actually able to stop him and make him trot. We walked down the hill and then trotted calmly back up it, with him leading the way, which was excellent! I had to correct him and let him know that we don’t gallop up the hills unless I ask him to. So there were a few glitches on the trail ride, but that’s alright. I ended the trail ride with him walking at an easy going pace so I considered it a win. After we let Vinnie and G out in the pasture we got Ray and Renee gave me another lesson on him. I am loving him more and more haha!

So last night after the barn I showered and then Evan came over to hang out. I fixed my dinner, but take a picture. I had another chicken salad bagel-wich and then had carrots and baby peppers with guacamole. What a delicious combination! 

For my late night snack I had strawberries, greek yogurt and a Kashi bar. 

This morning I woke up and did a few chores before I fixed my breakfast. I made a veggie scramble, a chai latte and oatmeal with blueberries and walnuts. Super yummy and filling! Image

Being home alone has gone a little differently than I expected. I was picturing having all this time to make delicious new creations for my dinners since I mostly worked day hours, but then my evening always became busy and then I ended up not having enough time to do much other than put together a sweet potato mixture or make a bagel sandwich. I think the only meat I have been eating has been the chicken salad haha. Plus my mom took the new recipe books we got with her to Chattanooga so I lost a lot of my inspiration to make new things. I can’t blame her though. I can only blame my laziness haha. 

Well, it is time for me to go get ready for work! I am scheduled noon till close so it could be a late night or it could be decent. It all depends on the game! I hope you have a fantastic day! 


Rain Out


Today has been a good day with no major complaints. I woke up and relaxed before making my breakfast. I had a big bowl of oatmeal topped with berries and almonds, a veggie scramble and a chai latte.Image I took the rest of the morning pretty easy, doing dishes and prepping my lunch, snack and dinner for the rest of the day.Image At 11:30 I headed in to work! 

Work went pretty well. I helped Megan finish up a few online orders, got the upstairs store straightened up and restocked and then added new product to the stock room. It started raining around 1 and it hasn’t stopped since. They ended up canceling the game tonight around 5 o’clock so Megan and I stayed and finished up a few things before we clocked out. 

I had my yogurt and peanuts for my snack as I drove home. When I got home all I wanted to do was relax. The rain had me feeling super lazy! I watched TV and then spent some time battling the wireless router trying to get it to connect. I eventually called my dad and had him help me figure it out. I then decided to go ahead and have all of my final transcripts sent over to Carolina. Since I didn’t end up working late tonight I decided to save the meal I made for my lunch tomorrow and so I whipped a plate of cheesy sweet potato cubes and veggies for dinner. It was yummy!Image

I am going to be up early in the morning to help with tarp pull at the stadium since my boss is going to be out recovering from his surgery today. I am kind of excited about it haha. I am scheduled to work 9-5 but I will probably end up working later than that since there is now a double header tomorrow and I just want to make sure we aren’t understaffed at the beginning. Well I think I am going to go have my snack and hit the hay! Hope you had a great day! Enjoy your friday!

On my own for a few days



Hi everyone! I hope the past two days have been wonderful for you. Mine have been pretty low-key, but great. 


After breakfast yesterday I went out to the barn. I rode Vinnie while Renee rode G. We began our ride in the arena and actually spent a decent amount of time in there. Then we headed down the road! We went all the way to the end of the road and we even through in a little trotting. There is a massive open field at the end of the road and we actually spent a few minutes riding through it. Vinnie was such a good boy! I was so proud of him for being so well behaved. On the way back we both jumped off when ever a big, scary tractor drove past us, but then we hopped right back up to go the rest of the way back to the barn. Vinnie was SO sweaty so I hosed him off real quick. ImageImageImageRay is such a goof ball! Vinnie of course had to roll after I hosed him. Horses… 

I was going to ride Ray as well but I was completely out of time! I had to rush home and I only had 15 minutes to get a shower and get all my things ready to go to work. 

After working for a bit I took a break to have my lunch. I had an apple, carrots, and a chicken salad bagel-wich. Image Work went well. It wasn’t a busy night at all but we still managed to do a good amount of business in the store! On my break I had a chicken sausage, spinach and sweet potato mixture but I didn’t take a picture haha. When I got home from work after 11 I made a quick snack of strawberries and an almond butter tortilla shell.Image



This morning I woke up and relaxed for a bit before I fixed a big breakfast! It was a yummy one. My mouth is watering just thinking about those fresh berries!


I was lazy pretty much the rest of the morning and a good bit of the afternoon. I watched Rehab Addict and read some of my book.Image My parents left a little before two to take the RV to get worked on before they continue on with their trip to Chattanooga to see my sister. I am sad that I couldn’t tag along with them but in this case I felt work was a priority. I will get another opportunity to visit with her soon! For lunch I made myself another chicken salad bagel-wich that I ate with an apple, carrots with guac and a greek yogurt. Yum! ImageI did a couple things at home before I ran a few errands in Durham. One of those things was getting registered for the Running of the Bulls 8k in Durham at the end of the month! Yippee! After my errands I got changed for the barn and grabbed my snack! Image

I was at the barn for about 3 hours this evening. I began by riding Vinnie and he was kind of a butt head today. I blame the full moon haha. There was just one spot in the arena that he acted up in almost every time we passed through it. It was annoying and I ended up working him about twice as hard and as long as I intended, but I still had a good time with him. After I finished with Vinnie I worked with Renee and Ray. Renee warmed him up first and Ray was a little off as well, so she actually worked him the majority of the time and then she gave me another mini lesson. I enjoyed both of my rides so much!

When I got home I took a shower and then made myself dinner. I cooked a sweet potato and then loaded it up with peppers, onions and cheese. I also threw a little salsa on the plate for some spice. It was super yummy! ImageNow I am just relaxing for a few minutes on the couch before I go find something for my snack. I am glad that I will be working tomorrow, I felt like I didn’t have much to do today! Hope everyone has a great Thursday!