Challenge: LaPlace

Hello, hello! I figured I would drop in quickly before I kick start my all day study session.

Yesterday I had to work at the Bulls from 9-5 because it was Fan Fest for the All Star Game. Tons of people came to the park to take tours and do batting practice. We weren’t super busy in the store but we did a decent amount of business. After work I came home and was shocked by how much work my parents did around the house. My mom fixed up my bedroom and the guest bedroom and they look incredible now! My dad worked on the front porch and got a lot done as well. So to thank them I drove them out to dinner. It was my choice, but you know me, I can’t make a decision to save my life. We let the flip of a coin decided if we were going to go in to Durham or Hillsborough. The coin decided on Hillsborough. I was glad that the coin decided Hillsborough. There aren’t any chain restaurants in the downtown area, meaning I can’t look up the nutritional data of the food so I can make a safe choice. Before we left the house my dad mentioned going to Brier Creek so we could go to Dicks Sporting Goods and then we could just go to dinner somewhere over there. I knew there was an Applebee’s over there so I looked at the menu online and then looked at the nutritional content to make sure what I wanted was acceptable. In doing that I realized that I am only concerned about one thing when eating out. I was only looking at the amount of fat in each dish. I didn’t care about the amount of protein or carbs that were in a certain meal. So I found that very interesting. So I was glad that we went to Hillsborough. It was a true challenge and I tried hard not to let myself worry about the nutritional value of the food!

Once we got to Hillsborough (they have the cutest downtown, FYI) we walked around a little to explore the options. Again, it was totally up to me where we went. I narrowed it down to two places and then deiced on LaPlace because it would be something completely new and different for all of us. It was also going to be a reallyyy good challenge for me! I decided to order something on the menu that actually sounded really good to me. But let me back up a minute. This place was freaking adorable.1

2 To start we had boudin balls (I think that’s what they were called?) made with rice, pork and andouille and then fried. They were served with a spicy mustard and pickled onions and HOLY BOUDIN BALLS they were good.4 My mom ordered a new beer and she raved about it, so if you are a beer drinker, try this:3
For my entree I ordered crawfish etouffee. I remember Mary telling me about crawfish etouffee from her trip to New Orleans, so I decided to give it a try! Plus I was really in the mood for shrimp, and crawfish was close enough! I was in heaven… crawfish etouffee is pure deliciousness.5 It was so filling and satisfying. I succeeded in not ruling out certain things on the menu and I ordered something I really wanted to try! Yippee!
We had such a fun time at this restaurant. If that is what food is like in Louisiana I wouldn’t mind taking a trip there haha! It seemed to be very authentic: they made all of their sausages and they had a good variety! We decided we would go back there.

This morning I tried to sleep in a little but was rather unsuccessful. I migrated out to the living room and just relaxed and did the crossword puzzle until my mom was awake. Then we got ready and went outside for a run! We both worked up a good sweat. I went 4 miles and I think my mom went about 2.6. I am so proud of her! Close to the end I jogged beside her for a little bit to give her support, but I don’t think she needed it! 6

After our run we came inside and I made myself a quick breakfast. I made a pico egg and spinach bagel-wich with a side of berries and a chai latte. Yum! IMG_3518

Well, I guess I have put off studying long enough… I figured I would reward myself this evening with a break from studying so I can go see Vinnie! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend! Enjoy the rest of it 🙂

I Feel Like a Boss

Do you ever have days where you feel like you have taken on so many responsibilities, but those responsibilities give you a sense of belonging? Today was one of those days for me. At work I was assigned tasks that produced a feeling of empowerment, but in a good way. It was like I was greatly valued because of the things I helped with.

Morning workout + eats

I remembered I had frozen waffles so for breakfast I made a waffle-wich with cinnamon cream cheese and agave nectar. Ohhh man, it was tasty.Image I carpooled with my mom into Durham and we went to the Y before work. I decided to do another run, but instead of going for distance I really worked on speed increments. I started each mile at 6.4mph. At 1/2 a mile I bumped it up to 6.6. Starting at mile .75 I started bumping up the speed .4mph every .05 miles. I repeated the process for 30 minutes and then I did a 5 minute cool down walk with a slight incline. I worked up a nice sweat doing that!Image For my morning snack I had Greek yogurt and a banana. Image

Work + lunch

At work I began by talking with my boss about the plan for the day. I needed to clean up a register for the retail program guy to come work out the bugs with the system. Next I began on making files to download onto a USB for team travel for the year. I love that job! I pretended I was secretly a very important person on the staff because I was organizing the travel info. I was getting it prepped for taking it to get booklets made for all the players so they know the travel details. I had to make pages for all of the visiting stadium info, flight info, bus info, hotel info and the itinerary for each trip. When the retail program technician guy showed up my boss basically told me to tell him what we needed tweaked. Then he seemed to come to me for all of his questions. I have to admit, I liked the feeling of “running the show” even though I really wasn’t haha. I just tried to have fun with it 🙂 For lunch I packed soup, carrots and an apple.Image I was happy with my decision to pack soup. I was cold in the office!


My mom picked me up from work a little after 5. I was invited to go to dinner and a movie with the guys so I took them up on it. I had my mom drop me off at Josh’s. On the way I had a quick snack. A Kind bar.Image They have become my go-to snack after work because they are so easy. When I got to Josh’s we basically left right away. I think Justin and Josh were craving their favorite barbecue place (Bullocks) so that is where we went. We all got chopped barbecue sandwiches and for my sides I ordered steamed cabbage and string beans.Image It was a real southern meal haha. Very tasty though! The movie we went to go see was Noah. It was good, but very different than the movies I am used to watching haha.

Well I am going to go grab a snack and get some shut eye. I have work again tomorrow! Hope you had a good day!

Great Ending for Another Tuesday!

Today passed with much rapidity! It was a non-stop kind of day for the vast majority of it. This morning I woke up and made a breakfast that left me feeling more than satisfied. I had a big bowl of oatmeal topped with berries, an egg and veggie scramble and a chai latte.Image Once I finished breakfast I got my clothes set out to take to the Y before I went to the barn to meet everyone for the final vaccinations. There was a thick layer of ice completely covering Old Blue so I had to wait a few minutes before the ice scraper could serve its purpose. It was freezing out at the barn! I tried to keep my hands in my pockets as much as possible to keep them warm, so no barn picture today 😦 When I got home I quickly got changed for the gym and then my mom and I were off to Durham! I decided to do my work out on the treadmill again and I did a total of 5 miles.ImageImage I worked up a huge sweat! We hit the showers and then headed to Whole Foods for lunch.Image We had to hurry through our lunch so that I could make it to Dr. Chung in time. I was having a follow up with him, but mostly I just talked to a med student doing her rotation. Dr. Chung was sick so he didn’t want to spend much time in the room talking haha. He said everything was good though! I think my parents were a little disappointed that they didn’t get to speak to him, but I don’t think there is anything that would cause them to worry. My next follow up appointment isn’t for another 7 weeks!

After my appointment with Dr. Chung I drove to my appointment with Lori. Since I still had time to kill I had my yogurt that I didn’t get to have at lunch since I ran out of time. I also worked on some of my assignments that I had for Lori. My appointment with Lori went really well! I started off by sharing my homework where I made a list of all the things I fear about dating. We then discussed that for a good amount of time. She pushed me to think about what advice those fears would give me and I learned that if I listened to the advice I would feel I needed to change my appearance to make up for any of my other flaws. Or the other advice would be that I just stay single forever. We covered a lot of ground and I feel like I have a whole new outlook on the process of dating. I made a few connections to how my eating disorder acted like a “boyfriend” without actually being one. Eduardo was a real smooth talker and made me feel like I was happy and that my relationship with him was the only one I needed. A lot of people picture their ED being a monster, but often time ED can be a real 007. ED would compliment on the lost weight, telling me I looked great and that I didn’t need anyone else because I had him and what more did I need? As long as I listened to his rules about restricting I was in the perfect relationship. So Lori and I then talked about Psychological Flexibility, which is part of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. One of the values or goals with that is to reduce the urge to listen to the rigid rules that are unhealthy. Another one is to recognize a thought as a thought and move on (“have a thought but done buy it”). I feel like my denying myself of that suave voice in my head, I have succeeded in gaining health and I have realized that relationships with actual people are part of living a happy and fulfilled life.

My session with Lori actually ran late, so I had to rush off to Josh’s house to meet him and Justin for dinner out. On the way I had a larabar for my snack.Image I got there probably 25 minutes late, but thankfully they were very understanding! I got to choose the place and so I decided on Pompieri Pizza. It is the sister restaurant to Bull City Burgers and it was awesome! I love the downtown location! So there is only one size of pizza but they have specialty pizzas and build your own. I built my own!Image The coolest part: they don’t slice it for you, but they gift you scissors (or kitchen shears?) to cut a piece off.Image(Justin in action) I have never had pizza like that before! I thought it was a neat place. It is located in an old firehouse. Oh, another interesting thing. They have fishtanks inside and then above the tanks they grown their own basil for the fresh basil featured on the pizzas!Image Dinner was great. We ended up sitting there for ages just talking before we decided to stop by Tyler’s work. He works at a funeral home and he actually gave us all a tour of the place. It was different, but educational. I learned a lot about the funeral business haha. After our pit stop at Tyler’s work we went back to Josh’s and watched The Naked Gun. That movie is so funny, mostly because it is incredibly stupid! It provided us with lots of laughs though so it did its job haha. While we were watching the movie I had a clementine that Josh offered me. I was proud of myself for quickly accepting food that I had not planned for!

When I got home I talked to my dad for a few minutes before having a little trail mix for my snack. Now I think I am going to go try and get some sleep! I have my appointment with Mary in the morning and then I have work for the rest of the day! Hope your day was good!

Wahhh :( Why did today have to come? (& Pork Stuffed Acorn Squash)

I was kind of dreading today… The weather was returning to yucky cold rain and we had to say our goodbyes to Madelyne and Matt. We won’t see them again till sometime in the summer so it was kind of depressing. I always have so much fun with them, even if we are doing everything I do on a daily basis, they make it more exciting. Wahhh! At least I will have people at work to keep me entertained.

We had a late start to breakfast this morning. I still made a good portion though: double oatmeal + banana and blueberries, egg with spinach and red peppers, and a chai latte. Image

Before I knew it we were getting ready to go into Durham for lunch before we said our goodbyes. We went to Bull City Burgers and Brewery which is right across the street from Monut’s. I love the atmosphere of ALL of these local downtown restaurants. So cool.ImageImage Since I was still pretty full from breakfast I just ordered the vegetarian white chili. It was so spicy, which is just the way I like it! I loved it and would absolutely get it again.Image

After lunch we went our separate ways, Maddie and Matt back to PA and my mom and I off to run errands. That morning we made a list of groceries based on sales and planned our dinners for the week. So we went to Harris Teeter and Costco, then went to Staples to get some things for my dad’s office. We also stopped at Food Lion to get my dad cottage cheese since he claims H.T.’s tastes different and not as good haha. Oh, by the way, my dad is doing AWESOME! He is just a few pounds away from reaching his goal. He just had a check up and his blood levels are wayyyy down which is a good thing! The doctor said he could even stop taking his blood pressure medicine completely! He is going to wait till after tax season to do that though. The doctor said in the 14 years he has been practicing, my dad was the fifth person he has ever seen who has had made such a huge change for the better. That makes me so happy!

When I got home I crashed. The rain had me feeling lazy so I hit the couch and snuggled with my cat as I watched TV. It felt nice to relax and do nothing. When 5 o’clock rolled around I fixed my snack. I made a berry (strawberry, blackberry, blueberry) smoothie that I had with greek yogurt, pretzels and trail mix.Image I like my green smoothie much better. I felt kind of gross after eating that big of a snack, but I thought of my values and pulled myself back over from the dark side haha.

My mom and I worked on dinner together. She was in charge of the side dish of veggies and I worked on the main dish.ImageImage I made pork stuffed acorn squash and it was heavenly!

Pork Stuffed Acorn Squash

  • 2 acorn squash, halved and deseeded
  • 1 lb ground pork
  • 1/2 cup chopped celery
  • 1/2 cup chopped onion
  • 1/2 teaspoon curry powder
  • 2 dashed cinnamon
  • dash of salt
  • 1 cup unsweetened applesauce
  • 2 slices bread, cut into cubes

Roast the squash at 350 for 50 minutes. In a skillet, cook the pork, celery and onions.ImageWhen browned/tender drain the fat and add the seasonings. Cook another minute and then add the applesauce and bread cubes. Mix together and then spoon into squash and bake an additional 20 minutes.Image Eat up! Image

This upcoming week is going to be very very busy, but I hope it is a good one!