I’m baaaaacccckkkk

Hi everyone! So I’m guilty… i don’t even remember the last time I posted an update! I’m so sorry that I fell off the face of the planet. But I am back now! 

So I have been having a pretty low key life lately. I had my weekend trip to Boone and I had a great time! It was so nice to see people I haven’t seen in ages. The last time I saw some of them I was really sick and unhealthy, so it was nice to see them when I was back in my true body. I just felt so much better! It was a little strange being in Boone, but it still felt familiar. A few pictures from my trip:8 7 4 3 2 1 5 6

After I got back from Boone I spent the week alone at home since my parents went back to Baltimore. I got to relax a lot and I took care of the horses for a few days while Renee took G to a show. A few pictures from the week:9 10 11 12 13

It’s official! Madelyne now lives down here! I am so excited to have her down here. She came down on friday with my aunt and uncle and then we all helped her move into her apartment on Saturday. Before we met at her apartment my mom ran her first ever 5k! We did the I Am Too Sexy 5k in Durham and we had a blast! My dad even went to support us. I beat my goal of finishing under 28 minutes at about 27:32 and I also just happened to be the second woman to finish! My mom also beat her goal and came in at around 42 minutes. I was so happy for her!14 15 16 17 18

We spent the rest of the day with the family. On Sunday I made a delicious breakfast featuring the jalapeno bread my parents brought back from the amish market. Yumm! I fed the horses and then came home and then my dad helped me to work on my bed frame. We worked on it for a longgg time and I was so glad to have it done! We had to take a trip to Lowe’s but then we finished it up. The frame ended up being a little bit big for the mattress and we noticed a few small mistakes that we made, but I still think it looks great and I am so happy with it!19 20 21 22

Today I went back to work for the first day since before Boone! I had been in briefly in the mornings last week, but not to actually work. So today was my first scheduled day and it felt good to be back. My mom and I went to the gym after I was done with work and we had a great workout. My dad cooked up a great dinner and now we are all just hanging out enjoying our night. Hope you all have been doing well! I will definitely do a better job of doing my blog posts in the days to come! 

Getting prepared!

Happy Tuesday everyone!

These past two days have shot right past me. They both seem to kind of blur together.

Yesterday I was up early to go to the gym with my mom before I headed over to work. We carpooled in and I was able to eat my overnight oats without having to drive haha. I had a sweaty, but good, run on the treadmill!1 2

At work I did a few tasks involving invoices and travel before focusing on getting more product up online. Every time I feel like I am catching up we get more product in and I have to start all over again! I enjoy doing it though. I had a banana and yogurt for my snack.3

For lunch I had pretzels, chicken salad, peppers, grapes and a cheese stick.4

After work we headed home and I had trail mix for my snack.5 Then I did some relaxing before cleaning off the wood for my bed frame project that I am finally getting around to doing! For dinner my mom made pasta, sauteed peppers and tilapia. I mixed my pasta and peppers with a little spinach and a dab of balsamic. Plus a sun dried tomato laughing cow wedge. It was all absolutely delicious! 6

We watched the movie Runner Runner and it was pretty good. I felt like everything was a little predictable, but it was still alright.

For my snack I had an almond butter sandwich and blueberries before calling it a night.

The original plan this morning was to meet my boss at the gym at 8 to workout, but he texted me at 5:40 this morning and asked if we could workout during his lunch instead. I had no problem with that! I was happy to sleep a little bit more. Then I got to see this goofball!7 For breakfast I had the overnight oats I made, topped with blueberries and walnuts, a pepper and spinach scramble and a chai latte.8

After breakfast I got ready to head over to Chapel Hill to get acquainted with the campus a little! I parked in my parking spot and walked over to the student book store to get my books for my biology class. Once I got my books I took a short walk to find the buildings my lecture and lab are in. Everything was close to my parking spot and easy to find, so I hope the rooms themselves are easy to find! I always feel much more prepared when I know exactly where I am going. That is always the stressful part for me! I am so happy to have everything I need and I am excited for the start of my first class as a Tarheel on Thursday!

Once I was done in Chapel Hill I went over to the Bulls to steal my boss. We walked across the street to the Y and got to work! We targeted our backs today and then did a few planks. I didn’t think this was a bad workout at all!9

After returning Bryan to the Bulls I headed home and then fixed myself lunch. I had a big plate of quinoa with taco turkey and cheese with carrots & salsa and grapes on the side. Plus a greek yogurt! Very tasty!10

After my late lunch I got to work on staining my wood! I ran out of stain though so I will have to get more so I can finish. I am trying to decide if I want to put another type of finish on it… Any thoughts???11

Now I am about to go have a little snack before I get ready to take my parents to Chapel Hill for dinner and exploring! Have a great evening!

Stuck Day


Last night’s snack

For my snack last night I had one of my creations. I made mini key lime pies using silken tofu! I wanted to do a little experimenting of my own with tofu desserts so I could have an idea of the flavor of something I can easily make for my client. Of course, my client can’t have this because of the acidity of the lime juice and the gluten in the crusts, but now I know that the other ingredients can make it so you don’t even know you are eating tofu! I wish the pictures were better, but with it being night and all the flash on my camera doesn’t do it justice. ImageImage

Mini key lime pies

  • 1 package lite silken tofu, drained
  • 1/4 cup sugar
  • 1/8 cup fresh key lime juice
  • 1/2 Tbsp cornstarch
  • 1/8 tsp salt
  • Keebler mini graham crusts (6)
  • Blend all ingredients in a blender until smooth and thick then pour into crusts and place in the freezer. Wait at least 2 hours and serve.

Stuck Day

This morning my mom came and woke me up to tell me that I wasn’t going to work today. The area was expected to get ice/freezing rain/snow starting around noon and she didn’t want me to drive old blue into Durham and then me stuck there. I was actually looking forward to going to work today, but my boss reassured me that it was ok. After laying in bed for a while I got up and began my day stuck at home. For breakfast I made a big bowl of oatmeal topped with pistachios and a variety of berries, a grape tomato, green pepper and feta scramble and a chai latte. Image

I went crazy in the kitchen. For some reason there were ants infiltrating the perimeter (reference to a movie, virtual high five if you can guess it!) so I went on an ant murdering rampage with 409. Then I did dishes, cleaned and then organized the pantry.ImageImageImageImage Once I finished with the kitchen I took to the couch to do some reading from Eating Mindfully. I read the entire section on mindfulness of the mind and learned some very good tips.

For lunch I made black bean and cheese chimis, carrots, a pear and greek yogurt. It was very yummy!Image After lunch I put a skim coat on a section of my wall. My dad was kind enough to stop on his way home from work to get me the supplies I needed. Once I applied it the waiting began. It turns white when it is dry. A few hours later and it is almost ready to be sanded! I worked on sanding my other three walls to get rid of the unevenness from spackle and from old paint drips. It felt good to finally get started on my walls!ImageSee the two lines?Image

I relaxed a little on the couch with my mom, searching on Pinterest for color ideas for my room. Then I got started on my vision board! I think it will be a continuous process of making additions to it. Image

For my snack I had an almond butter sandwich and then spent the rest of the evening relaxing.Image For dinner my mom made turkey burgers, sweet potato fries and peppers and onions. It was yummy, and it all came from the freezer! Image

I would say that is has been a very productive day! Much better than my other days when I have been stuck at home due to weather! Tomorrow I plan to finish sanding my walls and I wouldn’t mind getting it primed! That might be far fetched considering I have my appointments with Mary and Lori, but I can try can’t I?

Hope you had a great Monday 🙂

So… Does That Count?

Yesterday I mentioned that today was going to be my official day of being entirely spontaneous. I don’t know if I did any of it right. I didn’t really plan to do anything today so does it count for being spontaneous if everything I did I just randomly decided to do, even though they were all activities I have done before or have been needing to do? I didn’t do anything crazy that pushed my comfort level, so I am not sure if my day served its purpose. I did initiate a plan to get together with the guys. That was pretty unusual for me. I was originally going to make dinner plans, but they had to work tonight so we made plans for Tuesday night. I also texted a friend I made during recovery to wish her luck on a big test that she has been studying like crazy for and we are going to try and do get together this weekend. So I made some spontaneous decisions to reach out to people! My suggestion jar kind of influenced my day. My dad and I had some of the same ideas. I picked 3 slips of paper and they helped me to come up with ideas on what to do. But first, I made myself breakfast. I had a veggie egg and cheese bagelwich, granola with berries, a chai latte and a clementine. IMG_2430

After breakfast I got started on my bedroom. I moved everything out of it except for the bed. I then got spackle and went to work on filling the hundreds of push pin holes that were in the wall. There is a section of one wall that I am going to have to skim coat before I sand and paint. After I finished spackling I marked my cedar for mortise and tenon joints. My dad told me to mark 1/4 inch in on each edge on each end of each piece. (New record for amount of times “each” was used in a sentence?) That took me a while to make sure I had it perfectly marked. Once I finished with that I got to work on fixing my lunch. I made another turkey bagelwich, but sadly the top of my bagel split into pieces when I was slicing it in half. I also had carrots, a peanut butter banana smoothie and spicy vegetable chili. IMG_2431

Then my mom and I were off to the barn! I haven’t been out there in AGES because of the yucky weather. I really missed my Vinnie! I was shocked that the arena was half snow and half water. The round pen was also completely covered with snow! The snow had melted everywhere else, but because the round pen and half the arena is in constant shade they were still snowy. I didn’t mind just grooming Vinnie though. I didn’t take off his blanket because I though it was unnecessary to expose him to the cold wind for no reason. I took the time focusing on getting him clipped. His whiskers and bridle path were in dire need of a good trim. Before and after shots:ImageImageImage He was really hoping my phone was a treat. Then I just wanted to snuggle up with him haha.Image

Back at home I was about to start making the cuts on the lines I drew on the cedar. My dad came and then him and I decided we should make the cuts 1/2 inch in instead of 1/4 inch. So I had to go back and redo each and every line. My dad and I then struggled with the saws to make a good cut. We only got one end of one piece of wood close to done. The cedar was just so hard the hand saw we have was struggling. Even the circular saw we have was complicated. It is just hard to get an accurate line when sawing by hand, especially the cuts that we have to make off the end of the boards. I think next we will try using a plunge cut with the jigsaw. Nothing is ever easy!

We called it quits and I went in for my snack. I had a yogurt and trail mix. Yum!IMG_2432

I spent some time playing sudoku and then made a breakfast sandwich for tomorrow morning. I have to go to work with my dad tomorrow and I didn’t think I would be in the mood to make anything in the morning since I will be up earlier than usual.

Then I got in the shower and before I knew it dinner was being served! My mom made salsa chicken just by combining the two things in the crock pot and letting it cook. We also had roasted squash and zucchini and I had a sweet potato. It was a great dinner! IMG_2433

Now I am probably going to go fix a little snack so I can get to sleep before midnight!

How Did I Manage to do ALL of That?

After today, I am going to sleep like a rock tonight! I got so much done today, but I feel like there was still a ton of stuff that I didn’t get to. Tomorrow will be another good day for me to get things taken care of though.

So last night for dinner I made myself smothered chicken (chicken, provolone, peppers and onions) and some bow tie pasta with spaghetti sauce.Image Then I got started on one of the dishes for my client! I made the rice and pesto (shown below with my other creations) before I relaxed and then fixed my snack. I had a yogurt, berries and trail mix. Image

This morning I woke up and wrote my morning pages before I fixed my breakfast. I made a scramble with left over peppers and onions and spinach. I also had overnight oatmeal mixed with granola and a chai latte. Image

After I ate and did the crossword puzzle with my dad I got started on making some more dishes! I worked in the kitchen all morning and I feel like I got some great recipes cooked up!

Layered Rice and Pesto BakeImage

Cheesy Chicken Potato CasseroleImage

Ground Turkey and Rice Stuffed Acorn SquashImage

Creamy Sweet Potato SoupImage

Turkey, Rice, Sweet Potato, Carrot, Spinach mixture with Stewed Yellow Squash (I didn’t take a picture of that one).

Tomorrow I am going to make one more soup and then desserts and energy bars! I am excited, I had so much fun in the kitchen today, I can’t wait to spend more time being creative tomorrow.

A little after 11 I took a few minutes to have my snack. I had a piece of toast topped with peanut butter and banana slices.ImageThen I was back to cooking. At about 1:15 I got ready to go for my run. I got my 4.5 miles in and it felt great. I was debating running 2.5 miles and then running the remaining 2 miles later, but I managed to just push through the feeling of not having enough time to get everything done. I felt like I was running out of time, but I calmed myself down and reminded myself that I still have tomorrow to get things done. I tried to pick up my pace a little, but I think after running a few of the hills I slowed down to my usual casual jogging pace. Blarg. I was still very happy because I ran the entire thing and I was happy with my time. I was a little random when it came to which road I ran down, but I feel like it kept me from getting bored. Image

After my run I fixed my chocolate milk before making my lunch. I made a rice bowl featuring the remaining left over peppers and onions, pepper jack cheese and Trader Joe’s beef-less beef. And an apple! Image

Once I finished eating I headed out to the barn to get my horse time in 🙂 It was a great day for the barn, well, it wasn’t sunny, but it was warmer than it has been. When I got there I talked to Renee for a few minutes before I got Vinnie. Frisco joined Vinnie and I in the aisle for a minute or two. She just stood there and barked at us haha. Vinnie was very interested in her.ImageImage Renee got G ready to ride while I got Vinnie ready. I lunged him a little before riding and I was glad I did because Vinnie was kind of crazy when I lunged him. He bucked and tossed his head WAY more than normal. But then he was perfectly fine when I rode him. He was such a good boy, too. Vinnie did good riding with G in the arena. It was different than riding with Ray because G is a hunter horse as well, where as Ray is western. Vinnie would kind of want to speed up whenever G would pass him though. Good practice. I even cantered him with another horse in the ring. Another thing I did was I used the whole arena, instead of just one end (just at the walk and trot, I still went in a smaller circle for the canter), and he was great! He didn’t spook or anything. I was super proud of him. Once we were done riding, Renee and I talked some more. She is so entertaining, I feel like I could talk to her for hours about horses and crafts haha. I spent around three hours out there and it was so relaxing.

When I got home I had pretzels and trail mix for snack.Image I can’t get enough trail mix! Then I did dishes and cleaned up from my busy kitchen day. Then I took a much needed hot shower. After my shower I relaxed for a while before I fixed dinner. My mom was feeling awful again today so my dad and I did our own thing for dinner. He made a quesadilla while I fixed a salad and a grilled cheese. My grilled cheese was a mega one. I used white cheddar, pepper jack and a laughing cow queso fresco wedge. Yummm.Image I watched some Netflix and played sudoku to unwind from the day.

It has been hard for me to remember that these things I do don’t need to be stressful. I just get worked up because I feel like there is so much to do and I forget that I have multiple days to do them all. Whenever I got the slightest hint of feeling stressed I took a breather and told myself to enjoy what I was doing at the current moment instead of worrying about the next thing on my to-do list.

Well, I think I am off to have my snack before I call it a night! Hope you had a wonderful Saturday and enjoy your Sunday!

Y Time!

Last night I had a snack of yogurt and dried cranberries as I watched the Penguins game. I was so tired from my garage day that I fell asleep while they were up. Apparently they fell asleep too since they lost 😦

This morning I was up and ready to get my day started. I made a big bowl of oatmeal, a veggie scramble, chicken sausage and a chai latte. To my oatmeal I added a dollop of yogurt and a scoop of PB2 (as well as vanilla and cinnamon) for a little extra creaminess and flavor/protein. Yumm.Image I worked on my puzzles and talked to my mom before we decided to go to Durham to rejoin the YMCA. We have been wanted to do it for a while and we finally did it since the weather was gross today. Pouring rain, thunder, tornado warnings… not good outdoor running weather. I did see some brave people out running though. I guess the warmer temperature made up for the rain. Now I can finally take some yoga classes! On the way to town I had a larabar for my snack.Image I did a 2.5 mile run on the treadmill + .5 mile walk as a cool down.Image It felt great and I worked up a nice sweat being indoors!

My recovery was my usual chocolate milk and I drank it before we stopped at Harris Teeter to get our groceries for the week. They had some KILLER deals that we took advantage of. Buy 2 get 3 free Progresso Soups? 10 for 10 Chobani Greek Yogurts? Yes, please.

When we got home we each made our own lunch. I tried to use up random leftovers in the fridge so I heated up another chicken sausage and made a mix of quinoa, black beans, carrots, green pepper, celery and a garlic and herb laughing cow wedge. I also had some grapes and half an apple. It was a decent combo.Image

After lunch we got cleaned up and then my mom and I went and picked up a few little gifts for Amber before stopping to see her brand new baby boy, Asher! He was born yesterday and he looked great! Congrats again Amber and Dave!

Back at home the rain finally let up and the sky was beautiful.Image For my next snack I had an almond butter sandwich while I played sudoku. Then I worked a little on the slouchy beanie I am making! The brown section I knit and the white section is a crochet puff stitch. The green will be the same as the white. ImageImage (Bad picture, sorry)

Now I am off to get started on our dinner! I am making egg roll chicken chimis again!

Garage Day

Man oh man, did I put in some work today. After my breakfast of black beans, cheese, veggies, an egg and oatmeal with a latte I got started on “project: garage.” Image

We had about 85 boxes filled with old tax files piled up in our garage that were getting picked up to be destroyed. We have been trying to get this company to get the boxes for a while now and they finally followed throw with it. Just in time for our wood from the Reuse Ware house to be dropped off! I spent all morning moving boxes and dodging spiders. There were so many spiders. I thought I was going to be a goner. I ended up moving all the boxes 2 times before they got picked up. I did my best to clean and organize the garage. It was raining all day so I kept everything in the garage, which is why I ended up moving the boxes twice. I think I messed up my back during the cleaning process… I made a weird bendy/twisty movement to pick something up and it has been in pain ever since. That is what I get for lifting with my back and not my legs. I pushed through it though, no biggie. Garage after I cleaned: Image

Garage after wood was delivered and boxes were picked up:ImageImage

It was funny, the guys from the Reuse Warehouse showed up first and then the Cintax guy showed up a few minutes later. So I just got all the business knocked out at the same time!

Mid morning I took a break for my snack, which was a peanut butter banana and chocolate smoothie. Image

Once everything was finished around 2 I threw together a quick lunch. I made a 3 minute pasta portion and had it with tomato basil soup and spinach and then greek yogurt and berries. Yum!Image

I then relaxed the rest of the afternoon. It was rainy and gross so I wasn’t up for anything else after all that work in the garage.

For my second snack I had pretzels, turkey and raspberry jam. Holy cow, great combo.Image

We decided to go out for our Friday night dinner and we just went to Applebee’s. I really really pushed myself to order my big challenge for the week: ordering a cheeseburger and fries.Image I ate all the fries and half the burger and got a box. I think I did alright with that challenge. It was definitely hard because I wanted to order something different, but I stuck with it. I tried not to be upset after I ate it. It was a successful day for me! I got a lot done and my parents said they are so happy with how the garage looks 🙂

Hope you had a good day!

First Time Shooting and a Fun Quiz for You!

Hi guys! Today I went shooting for the first time. Well maybe technically it wasn’t the first time if you consider little pellet guns to be actual “guns.” Josh, Justin and Tyler picked me up from my dad’s office and we went to Justin’s house to shoot some guns! There were three hand guns and two different rifles that we fired. I hope I got that right. I had a lot of fun though! I actually hit a target, twice! I could see it being something you have to do a lot to get good at it. I think my shoulder is going to be sore and maybe bruised. Some of those had a kick to it! I think my favorite was the AR-15. I feel so legit saying “AR-15.”Image

Last night my parents and I had ground chicken tacos which were great!Image Then for snack I had a banana, almond butter sandwich and a pudding. Image

Today I started off by fixing my breakfast and packing my morning snack. I made a banana sunflower butter oatmeal bowl and a two egg veggie scramble.Image The oatmeal was great! For my snack I packed a mini pita and a slice of cheese. I spent the morning at my dad’s office, not doing any work. I mostly talked to Heather since she was there and I also worked on a few puzzles. Then I was off to shoot!

The boys dropped me off at my house around 2 and I made a quick lunch. I had chicken pot pie soup, crackers with cheese, pretzels, leftover veggies and an apple.Image I relaxed and did some crocheting while I let my lunch digest. A little after 4 I went on my run! It was 2 miles, give or take. It was a great run though! I came back and did some stretching before I had my recovery chocolate milk. After a bit of time I had my snack: yogurt and trail mix.Image Once I finished eating I got to work on finishing my crochet project! I made a slouchy beanie, but I think I made it a bit too long and it is stiff because I used three strings of yarn to match my boot toppers. I rolled it a little bit and I think it looks better. I made my dad be my model 😉 ImageImage

Then I took a nice hot shower and then we were ready for our dinner. My mom made buffalo chicken meatballs, roasted asparagus and cauliflower with a cheese sauce. For the cheese sauce we used a can of Campbell’s condensed cheddar cheese and a can of Rotel. My sister also made some chicken that she really likes. I had a small piece because it was fried and fried food is still a little scary for me. I ended up putting some of my chicken meatballs on a sandwich. It was all so yummy! Image

As a family we watched the movie Prisoners. Holy crap. That was a really intense movie. It was good, but I would have liked the ending to go different. I don’t want to spoil it for you incase you were wanting to watch it haha. Now I need to go fix my snack.

Real quick, here is a really fun quiz you should take! Let me know if it is accurate or not! Mine was surprisingly spot on! Here is what my dialect map looks like:Image

Moving Forward!

Good afternoon! How was the start to your week? I thought my Monday was going to be awful after Madelyne left, but it turned out to be a decent day 🙂

E’s and A’s


Yesterday for breakfast I put together a bowl of oatmeal, a scramble with sausage and kale, a clementine and a vanilla and cinnamon tea latte.Image

After my run I had a glass of chocolate milk and then I made myself a half size white chocolate peanut butter sandwich with banana chips. Super delicious!ImageImage

For lunch my mom and I made french bread pizzas (cheese and garlic) and I had mine with an apple, carrots, baked Doritos and key lime greek yogurt.Image

My second snack was a LUNA bar.Image

For dinner my dad grilled steaks and asparagus and my mom roasted cauliflower, carrots, red potatoes, onion, and garlic in the oven. She told me she needed my creative help with seasoning them, so I decided to give it a little bit of a Mexican flavor. I used cumin, cayenne pepper, fajita seasoning and black pepper. My mom poured some vegetable stock in the pan as well. Everyone raved about those veggies! I will definitely remember that combination of seasoning. I also had a mini wheat pita pocket to help fill of some of my grain/starch bubbles. Image

My nighttime snack was a glass of milk, a banana with a little cinnamon, and moose munch.Image

This morning for breakfast I had a big bowl of overnight oatmeal with frozen berries that I zapped in the microwave. I also made another scramble with sausage, peppers, onions and spinach. With a tea latte, of course. Image

My snack this morning was a slice of pepper jack cheese and a little pita pocket. Image

I will whip up my lunch once I post this 🙂


I got lots of little things done yesterday! After breakfast digested for a bit I went outside to do my 1.5 mile run while there was a break in the rain. My mom did her walking while I jogged and then I relaxed on the porch while I waited for her to finish so I could coach her through another 7 minute workout. And then…

I officially started moving forward with non food or health related things! I signed up for a local photography class that will start in March. How exciting is that?! I hope to learn some really neat things to improve my photos. I also sent in my application to NC State for taking an online class or two this spring. So we will see! Hopefully I hear back from them soon. Another thing I did was I researched a home study equine massage therapy certification program. I have actually been thinking about that since March or April. It is something I think I would enjoy greatly. Plus it would give me a reason to spent more time at the barn! My mom freaks out and thinks something happened to me when I am at the barn longer than an hour and a half…

So that felt pretty great to register for those two things. I have been needing to put my mind to work in other ways than just playing sudoku and doing crossword puzzles.

My mom, Jennifer and I did a quick trip to Harris Teeter to get a few necessities before we do our meal planning. We did want to do the meal planning for the week until my dad was back from his appointment with Mary. After his physical he said he had a lot of work to do to get his blood levels and weight within a good range for him, so he made an appointment with Mary to learn about what he should be eating. I think he spent more than two hours with her! I am proud of him for doing that.

Back at home I did lots of relaxing. I also started a mini project that I could work on while I relaxed. I grabbed my knitting needles and three colors of yarn. I started knitting using three strands. I wasn’t sure what I was going to make, but about halfway through I decided to make a pair of boot toppers. I got about one and a half done and I finished the second one this morning after I cleaned and had my snack. What do you guys think?ImageImage

Bahama Christmas Parade and a Rainy Day

Hi, everyone!

This morning was the annual Bahama Christmas Parade. There was not a big crowd at all this year, which made it kind of sad. The weather forecast was rain, so I guess people didn’t want to risk it, although the rain did hold off till after the parade. Before we went I hung the ornaments on our tree and had my breakfast. I made huevos rancheros since we had some leftover black beans from our mahi mahi tacos on Thursday. I topped the beans with peppers, onion, tomato, cheddar and an egg. I also had a pumpkin tea latte and sunflower butter toast as well as banana slices and pomegranate arils. ImageImage

Pictures from the parade:ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

When we got back to the house I called my grandma, Baba, to thank her for my Christmas present. She got a Barnes and Noble gift card! Can’t wait to go! So we chatted for a bit and then I had a bagel and cream cheese for my snack. I watched the episode of The Vampire Diaries that I missed on Thursday and then relaxed for a while before lunch. I made myself a buffalo chicken sandwich and ate it with apple slices, carrots, baked Cheetos and a glass of milk.Image Since it was raining pouring all day, there wasn’t much to do. I took to the couch and spend lots of time trying to figure out the seed stitch. I think I finally figured it out! Either that or I figured out some other type of knitting pattern haha.IMG_1636 My parents decided to take the RV to Raleigh this afternoon instead of tomorrow so Madelyne and I are on our own until tomorrow when we decide to go over to Raleigh to join them! We did some more relaxing and for snack I had a yummy Kind bar and pretzels. Perfect salty snack.Image Shortly after we went to Harris Teeter to grab a few things we needed for dinner. Since my dad isn’t a fan of broccoli, or Chinese for that matter, I wanted to try the beef and broccoli sauce that I got last week. So we just had to pick up the necessary ingredients for that. It was stupid easy to make! We ate it over brown rice that took 45 seconds in the microwave to cook. We were worried it was going to be awful, but we really liked it. I would definitely get that again for a quick fix! Image

While I ate, Maddie asked me a few questions about my nutrition plan and we just kind of talked about a few things involving my eating disorder. It was nice to have short talk about it, it gave me a little extra push towards becoming “normal.” Now we are watching Pitch Perfect and we are planning on watching Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron later. That is my all time favorite animated movie! Well, it might be tied with Pocahontas. I just love Spirit because it’s about a horse and an incredible friendship he makes with a native. What’s not to love? And the sound track… A++.

Well I am going to go enjoy our girl’s night! I might even stretch some… I am a tad sore from my first run haha. I hope your day wasn’t as rainy as mine. Enjoy the rest of your weekend 🙂