Let the two week count down begin!

I apologize so, so, SO much for not taking the time to drop in and give updates. My life has been so chaotic that I barely have time to sleep. I know in my last post I said that I would be back to write the very next day. Whelp… I lied. Sorry 😦 I had a stomach bug and was feeling AWFUL so I did absolutely nothing and I figured you all wouldn’t care to hear about that. So I saved you big time from getting too much information.
Since then I have been going to class, lab and work. Those three things have been my life. When I was able to be home all I had time for was homework and studying. I am still loving the course. The material is fascinating. I am definitely ready for it to be over though so my stress level decreases some. I have not been entirely satisfied with the grades I have been making, but apparently my grades are still slightly higher that the class average. I am trying so hard to accept the fact that I’m not going to be perfect and that it’s alright not to be. I only have two labs left: Monday is the second part of the anatomy dissection plus a quiz and then Tuesday is the final exam. I can’t believe lab is almost over! I’m ready though. I’ll be able to focus more on lecture. I only have two weeks left of lecture and then my life can briefly return to somewhat normalcy before I start the fall semester!
So some other things that have happened since I last popped in… Let’s see. Matt (my cousin Madelyne’s boyfriend) moved down here and started working at my mom’s school! Madelyne is going to be coming down in a few days and then I think she is moving in to her apartment down here at the very beginning of August. How exciting is that?!
Lately I feel like I have been a walking target for bad luck. I’m exaggerating because really nothing awful has happened. I did drop my phone in the parking lot at UNC, shattering the screen. I am hopefully getting it replaced today though. Then the next day I spilled my overnight oatmeal on myself a little bit in the way to class so I had to walk around with a stain on my shirts. I tried to hide it though haha. Then I definitely got ink all over that shirt from my printer at home. Fun times.
I had my appointment with Mary on Wednesday. It went really well. I filled her in on classes and then talked about some challenges I still faced. It is still a little hard for me to be spontaneous about eating. For example, I brought me lunch with me one day to UNC. In between lecture and lab my friend Erica invited me to go to a burger place for lunch with her and few other people. I politely turned it down, saying I needed to do some work before lab and that I brought my lunch with me. Looking back now I would have loved to meet more people, but the thought of having a burger for lunch that was unplanned was still a little bothersome. So I just need to work on getting over those fears of having food that is unplanned. And then the added fear of eating out. I feel like when I look at a menu I still automatically rule out certain dishes because I have marked them as “bad.” So Mary and I talked about that for a while and discussed how I don’t indulge in rich dishes very often so if I see something on a menu that looks good I NEED to order it! Good goal for the next time the opportunity arises.
This upcoming week is going to be a doozy! Wednesday is the triple-a all star game and the Bulls are hosting it. The days leading up to it are going to be insanity. So I am going to be busy with class and then through that on top. I have my lab final Tuesday and then a test in lecture on Thursday. I don’t know how I am going to have enough time for it all!
I haven’t taken many pictures lately and the ones I have taken are boring, so I’m sorry this post is dry! I am going to try and take more time so I can do my writing because I miss doing this!
I really hope you all are doing well and enjoying your summer! 🙂

6 thoughts on “Let the two week count down begin!

  1. Life is full of challenges, you can do it! You may surprise yourself at how much strength you have. I love and miss you sooooooo much! Keep powering through!!!

  2. I couldn’t say it any better than Dara!! Stay Calm and power on!!! U can do this! Mad can’t wait! Good luck on ur Final in lab and test Thursday! Love you

  3. It’s so wonderful to read your posts again! I’m glad you’re feeling better and am sure your bad luck streak will turn around.

    I always hated labs and love lectures. If I could, I would do nothing but audit big, 200-person lectures on lit, philosophy, and history. (Yes, I’m a humanities person, through and through.)

    I’m really glad your sessions with Mary are still going well and that you find them helpful. It gets difficult because social norms vary so much. I remember one of my old college roommates came home in tears because she was on a budget and was invited out to lunch with a group of people. Like you, she’d brought her own lunch but did want to socialize. So she went out, ate the food she brought because she didn’t want to spend extra money, and apparently a guy in the group made her feel awful about it and told her it was really weird and awkward to eat your own food if you go out with people. I thought that was ridiculous and super insensitive!

    Anyway, so happy to read this life update, and I wish you well 🙂

    • Aww, thanks! Now don’t me wrong, I still love labs and lectures equally, the labs just make you do sooo much work! I can definitely see you being a humanities person. You are so talented at analyzing situations whereas I feel like I need the solidarity from a scientific equation to come by an answer.

      Oh my gosh, that was so rude of that guy! I honestly have thought about bringing my own food to a restaurant if I am invited but don’t want to spend the money or waste the food I brought, but your old roommate’s experience strengthens my feelings about being judges by the others in the group. It makes it difficult to live your life carefree of what others think about you. So that’s just a tough situation to find yourself in!

      I hope you are doing well! Staying strong and true to your values will help you through the tough times. I know you can do it! 🙂

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