It feels so good to be at the beach!

Good morning, all! I am getting geared up to have an amazing day relaxing on the beach!

First off, the wireless/internet here is extremely slow and non of the pictures are uploading, so I will have to have a “picture post” whenever it decides to cooperate. So sorry for the lack of images!

Man oh man, do I have so things to share! So Thursday night whenever we got all set in at our campsite my dad and I decided to just go out for dinner since it was already pretty late. I asked a friend who recently moved to the area what his favorite locale spot was to eat and he suggested Wicked Tuna in Murrells Inlet, so that is exactly where we went! Then I did something crazy… I ordered something that waiter suggested. I had some time of sushi and it was actually pretty good! I had never had sushi before so I was being EXTREMELY adventurous. I was glad I tried it. I believe it had tempura shrimp, crab and lobster on the inside and on top it had spicy tuna with a wasabi mayo. I also tried a few bites of my dad’s mahi mahi tacos. Those were good as well! I had a lot of fun going to dinner with my dad and trying something new!

When we got back from dinner we both crashed! I woke up early the next morning and had strawberry greek yogurt with granola for breakfast. Then I went to the beach where I went on a 5 miles run! 

After that my dad and I got ready to go spend a good chunk of the day at my grandparent’s house in Little River. For lunch my grandpa and I got Subway while my dad and grandma made salads. I got a foot long turkey and cheese loaded up with veggies. I also had an apple to go with it. 

After lunch we talked for a bit and then watched an old Dean Martin roast of Sammy Davis Jr. My mom arrived a little after 3 and met us at the grandparent’s house. After talking for a bit we headed back down to our campsite in Surfside. We relaxed for a bit and I had pretzels, cheese and guacamole for my snack. Then my mom and I went for a little walk on the beach! I took my camera and got a few shots I liked. 

The rest of the evening was spent relaxing. For dinner we had chicken sausage, a roasted veggie medley, sauteed brussels, and quinoa. It was yummy! 

For my bedtime snack I had a clementine and some almonds. 

This morning we were up early to run to Walmart to grab a few things before it got crowded! When we got back I had my breakfast of a clementine and vanilla Greek yogurt with my homemade granola. Very yummy! I did the crossword puzzle for the day and now my mom and I are about to hit the beach! My dad went golfing with my grandpa so he will be joining us later today! I hope you all have a fantastic Memorial Day Weekend!