En route to the beach!

Good afternoon, everyone! I am writing to you from the road so I apologize for any brevity! My dad and I are taking the RV to the beach for the weekend and we will be joined by my mom tomorrow once she is done with school. I had a few days off of work so my dad decided to make reservations for a mini vacation. I am so excited!

So the past few days have been busy with work and then relaxing at home with Madelyne visiting for a short amount of time.

I will just sum up yesterday and today!

Yesterday I woke up early and was off to the Y before work. On the way in I had oatmeal topped with peanuts.


At the gym I did a quick mile warm up on the treadmill before doing a few arm exercises and planks.


Then I showered and was off to work! We managed to stay busy the whole day so it made the time go by quickly. For my morning snack I had carrots, an apple and cheese.


Madelyne and my mom brought me lunch from Whole Foods and we went and ate it across the street at American Tobacco. It was so nice!


On the way home from work I had my snack and talked to Madelyne since she rode home with me after spending the day at my mom’s school.


Then we went out to the barn and I had a quick ride on Vinnie!


My dad actually cooked dinner for us and it was delicious! He grilled pork, then made pesto pasta with cherry tomatoes and green beans. Yum!


We watched 3 Days to Kill which was a pretty good movie. I like Kevin Costner. For my snack before bed I had pretzels and key lime Greek yogurt.


This morning I was up early to take Madelyne to the airport 😦 it’s always sad to say goodbye, but it’s so much better knowing that she will be moving down here in a few months!

My eats for the day:




My dad cut grass on the tractor while I manned the push mower. We cut all of the grass and then got packed up to hit the road!

I hope you all have fun things planned for the weekend!