It’s time to hunker down!

Wowzers, today has been crazy. I was up early to make it to my advising appointment at 9:15 in Chapel Hill. On the way I had my green smoothie and bagel with cinnamon cream cheese.Image My appointment  went really well but in order for me to take a class that I absolutely have to take this fall, I need to take Biology during the second summer session, which starts mid June. So I was a little overwhelmed with that because I was worried about working. I pretty much called my boss immediately afterwards so I could let him know that I was freaking out but that it was what needed to be done. But I calmed down since then and now I am excited and feeling confident and ready to get started with classes! 

After my advising appointment I walked over to the admissions office to start the process of changing my admission date to the summer from the fall. Then I had to hurry back to the truck so I could make it to my appointment with Mary on time. We had a good session. I began by summarizing the past week and then we kind of discussed how my protein amount might have been a little low. So she gave me lots of tips on how to make sure that I wasn’t falling way short on protein. Lots of good advice and I am ready to work on it!

I went over to Whole Foods for my lunch and I got a ham and cheese sandwich, yogurt, fruit and veggies. I had a nice relaxing time just enjoying my lunch!Image

Then I was off to the airport to pick up Madelyne! She flew down today for an interview tomorrow and then she will be staying until Thursday morning. I am so happy to have her here! We spent the afternoon/evening talking about possible future plans haha. For my snack I had pretzels, carrots and guacamole. Image

My parents made it home from Chattanooga a little after 7 and then we all chatted until Madelyne and I ran in to get Mexican takeout for dinner. I got chicken fajitas. I don’t know why but getting takeout isn’t as good as I remember it. I mean, it was still good, but just nothing spectacular. Image

Now we are watching We’re the Millers. Hilarious!

Hope you had a good start to the week!