6 mile walk with my mom plus a trail ride = one great Saturday :)

Hope everyone had a great Saturday! Mine was absolutely amazing! 

So last night was a bunch of fun! We went out to The Wooden Nickel in Hillsborough. It was a small little place that was so packed when we first got there. We eventually snagged a table. It looked like a lot of people there ordered a burger, so I decided to go with just that! My dad thought it would be funny for us to trade drinks for a picture haha. It was a good burger and I think I got my burger fix for a while. We walked around the rest of the main street area and we looked at other restaurants that looked like they would be really good. It was a great challenge and I was so happy we went somewhere new for all of us 🙂ImageImageImageImageSorry the pictures are dark! 

I woke up early and made my breakfast and ate it with my mom. I made a veggie scramble, oatmeal and a chai latte. It was warm, filling, and just right.Image After I finished eating we quickly got ready to head out to the barn. Renee had a woman coming to look at Ray later in the morning so I was hoping to get a ride in before, but I ran out of time. I gave him a good grooming and fed him an apple before my mom and I talked to Renee for a bit of time. 

When we got back home we got changed and headed outside to go on a long walk! It was so nice out and it was a great change of scenery. I was growing tired of looking at the neighborhood haha. There are some beautiful views out there! We saw a few horses and even a turtle along the way. ImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

When we got back from our walk we stretched and then I made banana bread before fixing my lunch. I made a sweet potato topped with pepperjack cheese and then carrots, salsa, an apple and Greek yogurt. It was yummy!Image Right when I finished eating Renee texted me to tell me that Ray was not sold and that it was actually a good thing! Apparently the woman had no idea what she was doing. I was planning on going out later in the day, but storms were in the forecast so I went back out to the barn early. I had such an amazing time! I did a quick ride in the arena before I headed down the road with Renee and G. I couldn’t believe how well behaved Vinnie was! I hadn’t taken him down the road in several years because he would always freak out and take off galloping. Every little think would put him on edge. Today he couldn’t have been better! A motorcycle rode by and there was thunder and he wasn’t bothered one bit! Today was just such a great day at the barn. I was so proud of Vinnie and I had such a great time talking to Renee. I think tomorrow I might even ride Ray! That will be so exciting. We will see though. I am not sure if the arena will be dry enough after the rain we got. And I don’t know what my mom will want to do for Mother’s day! 

After the barn I came home and did a small organization project before jumping in the shower and then having my snack. Image

I relaxed and then got started putting all of the hats online for the Bulls. I took a break for dinner, which was so flavorful. My mom made a homemade tomato sauce, tortellini and chicken. Delicious!Image We ended up watching a movie, The Internship, which was actually really good. I multitasked and finished the hats while I watched. 

Now I am about to go have my snack before I call it a night! I hope you all have something incredible planned for Mother’s day! 🙂