I can’t wait to have a relaxing weekend!

Hi guys! I thought I would drop in real quick to do a recap of the past two days before my parents and I head out to have our dinner at a new-to-us restaurant. I worked yesterday and today so that pretty much sums up my days haha.

Yesterday I woke up and went to the gym early with my mom before I went in to work. For breakfast I had overnight oatmeal as I drove in to Durham. At the Y I did a 30 minute run with a 5 minute cool down followed by a few planks.Image It was a sweaty morning! There were a few small things I worked on in the morning and then I had strawberries and a greek yogurt for my snack.Image The Bull City Summer books finally arrived so I spent the rest of the day moving around 150 boxes that were 45lbs each. It was a good thing I didn’t do arms at the gym! I took a break for lunch. I packed leftover sausage, veggies and hoppin’ john rice. Plus an apple.Image

When I got home at 6 I had a Kashi bar as I enjoyed the company of my cat.Image I relaxed the remainder of the night which felt really nice after an active day at work. For dinner my mom made delicious potato wedges, roasted veggies and chicken.Image

I didn’t take a picture of my bedtime snack but I had raspberries and trail mix.

Today I slept in a tiny bit before getting up to make my breakfast and pack my lunch for work. I had oatmeal topped with berries, a chai latte and some sliced bell peppers.Image

For lunch I had the last of the hoppin’ john rice along with chicken and veggies from last night and an apple.Image

Work today went really well. I got the online orders completed before I worked on tagging apparel that arrived in boxes. My boss stopped by for a little bit today (he has been out sick) so it was nice to see him up and moving around. 

When I got home I had yet another Kashi bar for my snack.Image I am so happy to have the next three days off! I hope to spend lots of time with Vinnie and my mom for Mother’s Day. It is just going to feel so nice to relax before the next homestand begins!