Morning Workout and Dinner Creation

Happy Monday!

I had a full day at work sandwiched between an early morning workout at the Y and a relaxing evening at home.

This morning I woke up and got my things together for work before fixing a quick breakfast. I had waffles with cinnamon cream cheese and agave nectar in the middle. Yum! Image

At the gym I did a 30 minute run followed by a 5 minute cool down. I also did a few planks before jumping in the shower. Image

At work Megan and I spent the entire morning working on online orders. I took a break to have a morning snack of a banana and greek yogurt. Image

For lunch I had chicken tortilla soup, carrots and an apple. Then I finally started restocking from the busy game we had Sunday. Image

On my way home from work I snacked on a Kashi bar. Since these have become an easy snack for me, I should get creative with the pictures I take of them. I will be like an unofficial brand advocate haha! Image

I did the crossword puzzle when I got home and then the Penguins AND the Pirates games started! So I have been watching both of those with my parents. I also ended up cooking dinner tonight. We didn’t have anything planned and it was kind of a late start so I tried to make something quick and easy. I sauteed up a mixture of veggies (onion, green pepper, yellow squash and carrots) with fajita seasoning and I also cooked up ground chicken. Then I attempted to make a mexican queso-like cream sauce, which turned out well but it could have used a little more spice. I zapped a sweet potato in the microwave for myself and made that the base of my creation. I liked it and would definitely repeat this! Image

Alright, time to watch the third period of this Penguins game!