I Love Work!

So I have been rather busy the past two days at work. I think it is safe to say that I really love my little job and the people I work with, because I still look forward to going in to work, even when I am sick. Not many people can say that, though. Am I right? Honestly it is the people that make it such a great place to work. I have the best co-workers.

Yesterday’s Eats (some of them)



This morning I slept in till 9 and it felt sensational. I had the best greeting from one of my kitties.Image I took my time drinking my water and making my breakfast. I whipped up some oatmeal (topped with strawberries and mixed nuts) and a veggie scramble. Plus a chai latte. Shortly after I finished breakfast I got ready to take a quick trip to the barn. I really wanted to see Vinnie before I spent the rest of the day at work. He seemed really happy to see me which always puts a smile on my face 🙂ImageImageTwo of the barn cats looked so serene napping on the windowsill. 

About an hour in to work we noticed that there was a bird in the store, so I spent a solid 45 minutes chasing this bird around trying to capture it. It was probably the most entertaining part of my day haha. I eventually caught it because it landed on a t shirt and I quickly and carefully wrapped it up in the shirt and took it outside. Good times. After naming myself the “bird herder” I had my lunch. Image Work went really well! I saw Amber, Dave and baby Asher! It was nice to see them and catch up for a few minutes 🙂 The game went into extra innings, but the Bulls got the win! On my break I had another Kashi bar and then when I got home from work I had rice, veggies and chicken. Image

Hope you had a great Saturday!