Taking Advantage of Down Time

Good morning, all!

I have come to the conclusion that I actually have a cold (or something) and not allergies. Yesterday I woke up and I felt so awful. I was hoping to go to the gym and the barn since it was my day off, but my body had other plans for me. Every muscle felt achey, my face felt like an elephant was sitting on it and my nose and throat were both a non-stop irritation. I literally spent ALL day on the couch.Image I managed to get a lot done though! I watched all of the introductory modules for UNC and registered for classes. I also made an advising appointment. That felt really good to get that completed. I then napped and watched television for some mindless time. I did end up watching Blackfish on Netflix before dinner last night. The documentary was amazing and I feel like I learned so much about orcas AND the SeaWorld industry. So many people recommended it to me, so if you haven’t seen it then I recommend you do so! I managed to go to bed before 11 last night and it felt great. I slept really well and I woke up this morning feeling much better! Still not 100%, but better than yesterday! 

Yesterday’s Eats


Now I am going to go make my breakfast and get my day started! Hope you have a great Friday 🙂