I Think Old Blue is Turning into my Kitchen Table

Hello and happy Tuesday! 

This morning I was up early to get ready for work. Today was the second (and last) Education Day at the ballpark. It was an 11:05 am game so the good thing was that I was on my way home at 3! I ended up eating my breakfast on the way in to work in Old Blue and then I ate my lunch as I drove home.ImageImage The weather managed to cooperate for the game and the 9000 kids in attendance seemed happy to be away from school. They were wreaking havoc on the store though! We were busy the entire hour and half between the gates being opened and the start of the game and then throughout the entire game. We sold more mini bats than we have ever sold before. It was just a crazy day. 

When I got home all I did was relax for the rest of the day. I had a snack of cashews and a Kashi bar while I relaxed.Image We watched a Stallone movie tonight, Bullet to the Head, and it was interesting. I liked it, it was a good action movie. For dinner we had pork tenderloin, stewed yellow squash, grilled zucchini and sweet potatoes. It was tasty!Image

I am going to go have a little snack and hit the bed. I woke up today with a sore throat and it has been sore all day. I hope I am not getting sick, but I don’t want it to be allergies either! Ahhh! Maybe it will go away overnight. Tomorrow I want to go to the Y in the morning before I go in to work. I am working 9-5 so it will be a decent day of work for me! I find that I have more motivation in the morning to workout than I do in the evening. Anyone else the same way? 

Alrighty, well I hope everyone had a splendid day and I wish you a wonderful Wednesday! 

3 thoughts on “I Think Old Blue is Turning into my Kitchen Table

    • I read about your kitties and I am so sorry to hear that there have been so many complications! I know you will do everything you can to make it an easy and speedy recovery for Meeko! You are an amazing young woman and I know you are working hard to overcome all the challenges life throws your way! Keep it up 🙂 ❤

      • Thanks, girl! Only 2 more days until we get to take Meeko to the vet and get her sutures removed. Phew! It’s been a rough two weeks!! But she has been such a trooper! Thanks so much! ❤

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