Back at it

Hello, hope you all had a great holiday weekend!

My weekend was AMAZING. I still can’t believe I managed to squeeze in a short notice trip to PA to see family. I will do a quick summary of it for you πŸ™‚

Friday I was up at 3:30 am in order to pack and drive to the airport for my 6:00 flight to Detroit. That was seriously the best flight of my life. I sat next to the most interesting guy and we talked the entire flight. My second flight from Detroit to Pittsburgh was delayed and so I ended up having breakfast at the airport with the guy I met. He helped me to find my gate for my next flight which was so nice! I honestly thought about him a lot over the weekend haha. Lori would have been so proud of me. That situation would have given me so much anxiety a year ago but I was totally comfortable with it! When I landed in Pittsburgh I was greeted by my aunt Paula and Madelyne. We made a few stops on the way to their house, but once we arrived we ate our Subway for lunch with my uncle Jimmy and other cousin, Mitchell. After lunch us girl took the horses out on a lovely trail ride. So much fun! When we got back my grandma, Baba, was at the house and it was so nice to see her. It has been two years since I saw her so I think we were both happy to have the quick visit. Mitchy and I then went on a 5k run and the hills there kicked my butt! I cooked dinner for everyone: pork tenderloin and spicy veggie rice. They raved about the pork so I was giddy. The next day Madelyne and I went on another trail ride after breakfast. Then we relaxed in the sun (I might have gotten sunburned) before lunch. Then us girls all took a little nap in the sunshine. How relaxing, right? Around 3:30 we packed it up and hit the road for the Pirates game! We picked up Caiti, another one of my cousins, on the way. I had such a great time at the game, even though the Pirates lost. I was so happy we decided to go πŸ™‚ The next morning I was up early to head back to the airport. Mitchy and my aunt Paula went with me and waited until I made it through security. My flight to Atlanta went well. I ate lunch at the Atlanta airport and then boarded my flight back to Raleigh. When I got home my parents and I talked about our time away from home. They filled me in on their visit to Charlotte and I told them all about PA. We didn’t have a special Easter dinner or anything but I don’t think any of us minded. It was nice to just have a relaxing evening at home.


This morning I woke up feeling refreshed and then I did the crossword puzzle before jumping in the shower and making my breakfast. I had a big bowl of oatmeal topped with berries and almonds. I also had a chai latte and some baby carrots.Image I can’t wait till I have a bit more time to try out some of the oatmeal recipes Baba gave me!

I ended up working 10-6. We got a lot done, but nothing that we really wanted to get done haha. I spent the majority of the day helping my boss with the online orders before I could work on getting more product added to the online store. We also had a good bit of walk in customers today, so our work was interrupted a few times. For lunch I had leftovers from dinner last night: chicken sausage, sweet potato, grilled squash and zucchini and an apple.Image

When I made it home from work I had some pretzels and string cheese.Image I wanted to go out to the barn but I was worried it was too late. I think I forgot that it stays light out later. I was a little tired as well, but tomorrow I am DEFINITELY going out to see Vinnie!

My dad made dinner tonight and it was yummy! He did a mixture of roasted veggies, a few french fries and pork chops.Β Image

Now I am watching the Penguins game! I think I am going to try and go to bed at a decent time tonight for the first time in like a year haha!


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