Busy, Busy, Busy!

Good Morning!

I only have a few minutes to do a quick post before I have to head off to work!


My appointment with Mary was fantastic! We talked briefly about my new potential client and I am going to be so excited if I get to start cooking for her! I then told her my news (getting accepted to UNC) and she was so happy for me! I then told her about my last week, and I apologized that my detail food log was not so detailed haha. I have just been so busy that I haven’t been keeping up with it like I should have been, but then we discussed how great it was that I wasn’t being consumed by making everything perfect and having to know exactly what I was eating. Remember my bubble sheets? I would sit down and bubble in exactly what I was about to eat or had just eaten. And I let the bubbles kind of control what I ate. Now I have good mental judgement of what a good meal or snack should look like and I don’t need the bubbles. Plus, I am learning to listen to my hunger/fullness/satiety levels. There were a few suggestions Mary made to add a little something to a few of the meals I did record, but other than that she said I was doing great and it is a huge thing that I am not worried about recording everything I eat so I can know exactly what I fed my body. It feels so great to be at that point! Then Mary gave me a book to do some reading in. I accidentally left it in my car and I can’t remember the title off the top of my head, but I will share it will you soon!

A few pictures to sum of my meals/snacks during my long day at work.



This morning I was up very early. I think I am just beyond excited to be going to PA tomorrow! I drank my water as I worked on the crossword puzzle. Then I tried out a new workout app on my phone since I wanted to do a workout at home so I could take a relaxing shower and make a nice breakfast instead of going to the Y.

I only did one round of the ab exercises. I will have to work up to 3 haha!ImageImageImageWhew! Good arm workout for me. I have weak little arms haha.

Now I am enjoying a nice breakfast (there’s oatmeal and granola somewhere under those berries) before I go to work.Image I will be at work all day and into the night since there is a game. I am going to pack for the weekend when I get home and then I will head off to the airport for my flight at 6:00 am! So this might be my last post until I return on Sunday. If so I hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend!


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