Accepted to UNC-CH!

Today was indeed a marvelous day! Things didn’t really happen exactly how I thought they would, but it was amazing none the less.

I woke up and talked to my mom for a bit. We mostly talked about my weekend plans. I talked to my sister about visiting her in Chattanooga, but she will be too busy with work so my mom and I looked at flights to Pittsburgh so I can visit family up there. We just kind of talked about possibilities and then I made a a waffle-wich for breakfast. I had grapes, kiwi and a chai latte alongside with it. Image

After breakfast I decided to do my run around the neighborhood while it wasn’t raining. I went on a very slow 4 miles. It was just an easy going jog that felt great. Image

I got ready to go to my appointment with Mary before going to work. When I arrived at Mary’s she actually had to run her daughter’s passport to the airport so we rescheduled for tomorrow morning. I just ended up going to work a little early, which was fine because there was stuff to work on! Carolina and State dropped off merchandise for the game so we had to out it all out on the floor. I got a call from Mary and she just wanted to thank me for being so flexible and then she also told me that she referred another one of her clients to me so I might be getting another personal chef job! I was so excited! For lunch I had leftover balsamic potato salad with veggies, yogurt and an apple. Image

I was getting very nervous because today was the day that I heard back from Carolina. I figured I would hear at 5 so as 5 o’clock approached I was growing more and more frantic. Luckily I was surrounded by great people to help keep me calm and confident. I checked a few minutes after 5 and it wasn’t posted yet. I decided to have my snack before trying to find stuff to do in the store.Image The UNC/NC State game was still scheduled so the gates opened and a few people came strolling in to the store. It was just pouring rain though, so the sold out game was going to be severely under-attendeded. At 6 I checked again on my application status. My boss sat in with me and was there for me when I checked. He was the first one to react when my decision of acceptance was posted! I was so happy and I couldn’t have been surrounded by better people to share my happiness 🙂 I called my parents and told them the good news, but I didn’t lie that it was going to still be difficult to choose between UNC and State. I am leaning towards UNC just because they have the academics I am looking for. But I love State’s campus and atmosphere! I am torn but it will all work out. It just put me in the best mood for the rest of the night! The game ended up being postponed till a later date because of the rain so we were out of there around 8:30. During the night my mom also told me that she booked my flight to go to Pittsburgh! I am just so excited for the weekend! I can’t wait to see family that I haven’t seen in a while.

When I got home I heated up a quick dinner and then went to the couch to watch the end of Good Morning, Vietnam with my parents.Image Now I am going to have a quick snack and then hit the bed! Tomorrow I have an early appointment with Mary before I go to work!


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