I am ready for tomorrow. I think I now prefer to be busy during the day. I had down time this evening and it just kind of gave me too much time to think. I get bored easily and then become unhappy and snippy. So sorry, mom, if I was full of attitude! Ok, now that I have publicly apologized let me tell you about the goodness of the day haha 🙂

This morning I woke up and did the daily puzzles before I fixed my breakfast. I made a red pepper and spinach scramble, banana bread with cream cheese, berries and a chai latte. So satisfying! Image

Then I was off to the barn for the farrier! Vinnie was first to get done and then I had another wonderful ride. I wish I could ride all day long. Riding is so soothing and livening to me. I almost got Vinnie to do a flying lead change today. He half did it and ended up cross-cantering. He will get there though! I don’t know where that goal came from and I am probably asking too much of him too quickly but I think he has just as much fun as I do so I am not worried. It was warm enough that I hosed him off after my ride.Image He was well behaved on the wash pit which was good because usually he is a crack-head when I hose him off. I talked to Renee and Lena for a bit before I headed up to Roxboro to go help at my dad’s office. I wish I could have spent my day off doing other things, but I was glad to help in any way that I could since the end of tax season is only days away. I ended up filing which was good because it is mindless work but it is a big time consumer so nobody has time to do it, but having the returns filed is a HUGE help. It was also really good to see Tammy and Heather since I have’t seen either of them in ages! When I first got there I had tortellini soup and an apple for my lunch.ImageImage

When I got home I helped my mom clean the kitchen for a while before I fixed my snack. I had trail mix and salted caramel Greek yogurt. Image

After that is when I was struck with boredom. I tried to relax but my mind was just going a mile a minute. I watched Scandal and that helped to keep my mind occupied. I then helped my mom with a delicious dinner! Chipotle-orange shrimp over fettuccine with green beans. Oh my goodness it was good! And so easy!Image

Now I think I am going to watch this Pirates game and maybe read a little before having snack and going to bed. My mom and I are going to go to the gym in the morning and then I am going to work since there is a Duke/NC State baseball game being played at the stadium. I am just happy to have something to occupy my time. I am hoping to make it to the barn after work. I like being busy, but I like having time to see Vinnie. Tomorrow will be a good day!

Hope you had a good Friday!


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  1. Beth, thank you and I do accept your apology. It is so important that when things are making you think…..that you tell somebody. Pushing people away and isolating yourself is fuel for Eduardo. Remember your values, goals and your commitment to health. I will remember to push back and not leave your side. We will stand strong together against boredom, thoughts, Eduardo,……I apologize for not hanging out offering to rub your feet. I am curious what your title for this post would be? I believe in you and love you very much.

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