Attack of the Evening Slump

Good evening, friends! I feel like I have two whole days to fill you in on!


Yesterday was a long, long, long day at work. I was up early to go to the gym where I tried to beat Monday morning’s run. I was hoping to run further in the same amount of time, and I did, but I didn’t go as far as I thought I could. Oh well! it takes practice 🙂 Image I had banana bread with cinnamon cream cheese before my workout.

Once I was done at the Y I headed across the street to the Bulls for work. I quickly knocked out online orders before helping to restock. I took a snack break to have yogurt, strawberries and grapes. Image

For lunch I had tortellini soup, carrots and an apple. It was very yummy!Image Then I took a trip up to Diamond View to clean out my boss’s old desk. He let me do it because there is a guy who works for USA Baseball that I think is sooo dreamy so I wanted the chance to see him. It is kind of an ongoing joke that we have, so it is just a way to make time pass with a little entertainment. I was bummed because we only spoke like 5 words to each other. Do you ever get so caught up with your imagination that you get disappointed when reality doesn’t quite go that way? I mean I accepted the fact that I have it all built up in my head and I was still fine with that. But later that night at work I started to just let my mind get out of control. I was starting to question what all of my co-workers thought of me. I was being hard on myself and shutting down. I felt like the was no point to go after hopes and dreams that my imagination whisked up. So I went into a slump and focused on my work. I was enjoying the peace and quite of working in the stock room, getting things organized. I felt productive and it made me feel a little better. Anyways, I got a little ahead of myself. For my snack before the game I had a Kind bar.Image During my break I had spicy chicken, rice, veggies and pepperjack cheese. Yum!Image So I made it sound like I had an awful night at work. I really didn’t I still had a fun time before my slump, talking to a few of my co-workers while working. I think it was just a long day and I needed to relax. After work I went home and fixed my snack before I headed to bed.


This morning I woke up feeling much better. Getting sleep definitely helped my mood and brightened my day. I managed to sleep in a little before getting up to have breakfast before going to work. I had a green smoothie and banana bread with cream cheese. Oh how I have missed my green smoothie!Image There was an 11:05 am game today so I had to be there at 9. It was education day so the ballpark was filled with 7,000 kids. It was an absolute madhouse. Nobody could get away to take a break so I was on the cash register until we closed up shop. I ate the lunch I packed at like 3:15. Better late than never… I had an apple, carrots and tortellini soup. Image

At 4 I headed home and immediately got changed to go to the barn. The barn is definitely my sanctuary! My mom ended up joining me out there right before I started to tack up Vinnie. It was so nice of her to join me 🙂 Before I rode I had a Kind bar as my snack.ImageImage I think Vinnie wanted it for himself haha. My ride was amazing! I just had fun doing whatever I felt like doing, so that of course involved a lot of cantering. He was worn out by the end! Well, he was kind of lazy to begin with so maybe he wasn’t all that worn out. I asked my mom if she wanted to walk him out she was quick to say no. Maybe someday she will want to ride him, even if it is just walking!

My mom is currently working on dinner and it is smelling wonderful! I am not letting the evening slump get me today! Positive thinking  results in a happy life!