The Best Medicine

I was so glad to have the day off of work. I was hoping to sleep in, but that didn’t happen. I am just so used to waking up early! I spent some time relaxing before I joined my mom in the kitchen for breakfast. I had a repeat of my breakfast yesterday: banana bread with cinnamon cream cheese, tomato scramble, berries and a chai latte.Image While I ate I helped my mom come up the the grocery list for the week. Since my week is going to be long work days we did a little role reversal and my mom planned ahead some meals to make for me to pack for lunches and dinners. Shortly after that I got ready to go to the barn! I was there until 2 and felt completely at ease. The barn is pretty much my natural habitat. Vinnie is the best medicine in the world. If you are feeling overwhelmed, drained, depressed, lonely, bored, etc., Vinnie is the cure. He always slaps a huge smile on my face! I got there and waited for him to eat before I started grooming and clipping him. Then I tacked him up and hit the arena. I began with a light lunge before jumping up in the saddle. I focused a lot on canter transitions today. Both from the walk and the trot. I also did a lot of direction changes so he could practice getting the correct lead. I was so happy with him! I was really putting his brain to work, even after I was done exercises him. As his walk out I decided to take him outside the arena. He doesn’t do trail rides because he goes berserk, but I feel like I could gradually get him accustomed to going further and further away from the arena. I took him down to the end of the drive way and around the outside of the arena before taking him back in the arena to dismount. He was so good! I couldn’t give him enough hugs and kisses. And treats haha. I took so many pictures because I missed him so much!ImageImage I love the little V coloration on his muzzle. Image Favorite place. Ever. Image Vinnie making a funny face/stretching after his ride. Image Sleepy barn cats. Image Vinnie worked up a nice sweat under his girth today! Always makes me feel like I gave him a decent workout. Image I am so ready for him to be shed out so that his legs with be nice and black. They are getting there! Image

When I got home from the barn I made my lunch. I had rice with rosemary veggies and chicken, a few baby carrots and grapes.Image After lunch I helped my mom unload groceries before I started prepping to finally paint the second coat in my bedroom. I plugged in some tunes and then got everything done that I could reach without a chair. I took a break for my snack before returning to finish the top portions of my walls and all of the trim.Image I was about half way through removing the painters tape when my mom called me for dinner. She made a delicious butternut squash penne bake and chicken and green beans. It was very good!Image I can’t wait to try out the other things she made for the week while I was painting! I feel like I should have been the one making ahead meals since I am hoping to make a business out of it. But oh well, next time!

Tomorrow I am waking up early to go to the Y before I go to work so I am going to go get everything packed and laid out to make the morning easy! I hope you had a splendid weekend!


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