Goal: Work With No Excuses

I have literally spent my entire day at work. Yesterday, too, when I wasn’t at my appointments. Last night I got home and had dinner at 11:30 so I was just way too tired to do my daily post. Tonight I was able to leave earlier so I am taking advantage to do a reallllyyy quick update before I have snack and go to bed. I NEED TO SLEEP. Tomorrow is opening day at the ballpark and we still have like a week worth of things that need to be done, so I am going to be going in really early and I will be there till the last person leaves, so more than likely there will be no post tomorrow either. So… Where to begin?


I woke up early to go to the Y with my mom before clocking in at 8. I followed my mom’s lead and did a 40 minute strength training workout. It was a good one. I felt the burn as I did the exercises but it didn’t make me sore. Before the Y I had a banana and after the Y for my morning snack I had overnight oatmeal made with strawberry Greek yogurt.Image I worked on personalizations for online orders all morning before I went to my appointment with Mary. My session went really well! I have my goals made and we talked about creativity and how to differentiate between different types of satiety. It is also my goal to be more spontaneous when I am at work. I have been coming up with excuses to not partake in the eating activities that others do. A lot of people go grab a quick bite out and I haven’t felt comfortable doing that, which makes me wait till I get home to eat dinner and I end up eating too late and going too long in between meals and snacks.

After that I met my mom at Whole Foods for lunch. I had a rice, veggie and egg mixture, mixed fruit and greek yogurt.Image After sitting and talking with my mom for a while I ran to the bank before heading over to my appointment with Lori. I can’t believe that yesterday was my last appointment with Lori. I am really going to miss working with her. We briefly talked about my homework from the past week before we reflected on what I have learned over the past year. We also discussed techniques that really worked for me so that I can use them in the future. It was a good way to wrap up our time together.

After my session I had a new bar for my snack.Image Then I went back to work! I worked until 10:40. I am so glad it was fun though!

When I made it home I reheated what was left from my parent’s dinner. I threw the chicken on sliced bread with a wedge of white cheddar laughing cow. There was also some really tasty baked zucchini and yellow squash. Then as my immediate bedtime snack I had some berries, trail mix and milk.ImageImage


This morning I was up early to get ready for work. I got ready and then packed my lunch before having a quick banana and greek yogurt. Mid morning I had my almond butter sandwich.Image

I worked all day at folding t shirts. I did a few other things, but this was a task that felt never ending. For lunch I had leftover pork stuffing,  cauliflower, an apple and pretzels.Image I was feeling very stressed out because the t shirt tables weren’t getting done as quickly as I was hoping. After 2 my boss basically ordered me to go eat my lunch and relax for a minute. I was also getting stressed out because there were so many new people who came in to work during the afternoon and I felt like I had to keep telling them what to do which took up time for what ever I was working on. Either that or they would come over and try to work with me on what I was working on while there were other things that needed to be done. I dealt with it though. I was new once too haha. Time flew by and I ended up having my snack later than normal. I had another new bar which was surprisingly good.Image My stress level thankfully decreased over the night. I am so happy to have Casey back at work. She really brings the fun haha. She is also really thoughtful. She runs a lot and so we were talking about a half marathon and she was saying how she didn’t want me to become obsessive about it. She also checks to make sure I have eaten my lunch or snack. She is also hilarious so she is just a really good friend to have at work. There are some other really good people who work there who make the time really enjoyable!

As I drove home I ate some veggies and a turkey sandwich from Whole Foods.Image My mom was nice enough to drop me off some food for dinner so I wasn’t waiting until I got home to eat. She is so nice!

Alright, I am calling it a night! Wish me luck for the busy day tomorrow!



6 thoughts on “Goal: Work With No Excuses

  1. Let’s go Bulls…….you are going to have an awesome summer. Be strong, confident and powerful My friend Sheldon always would tell me…..You got this….those are are empowering words. So I tell you dear Beth….You Got This! Breathe relax and use alll of the strategies that Mary and Lori have taught you. They believe in you so much. Daddy and Jennifer and I do as well…..Play Ball……

  2. Hi! I want to let you know that I am definitely still reading and very much enjoying your posts. I get bad at commenting because I receive your posts via email and usually read them while at work, rather than reading them on WP at home like a diligent, good adult.

    Some things:

    I’m so glad you took the challenge to venture into Whole Foods’ hot bar! I actually think Whole Foods is super duper affordable . . . if you know what you’re doing. 🙂

    Did you like the new bar you tried?

    Also, there is one thing I’ve been thinking about and very much want to write to you. Out of all the recovery stories and blogs I’ve seen, I find yours the most inspiring. It’s because I think that you are the most genuine and honest patient I’ve seen enter and work through recovery. Many times I see “recovered” young women who seem to merely replace an obsession with the ED with an obsession with recovery. I’m inspired by the fact that you eat real food and real meals, rather than substitutes and hyper-healthy meals that seem straight off a list of ED safe foods, rather than normal food that normal people eat. This is the one blog in which food isn’t a part of your identity. When I think about you, I think of you as an excellent daughter, a loving sister, a horse lover, etc., rather than someone who identifies herself as a chocolate lover, a PB aficionado, a runner, and other labels that have to do with food or exercise that I see many others in recovery use. There’s something very sincere in your recovery story. To be blunt, you’re the least delusional and sneaky recoverer I’ve encountered. Yes, you admit to having rough days or detrimental thoughts, and I love that you acknowledge them, then move along in your recovery path. Thank you so much for telling your story, and please know that I’m reading and very much admire you.

    • Hello! I understand, I have gotten bad at commenting myself… I loved the hot bar food that I tried! I will definitely be more comfortable trying new things each time I go back. One thing that I talked with Lori about at my final session with her was how to conquer things that give me anxiety. Beginning with one large challenge a week and gradually working my way up to several challenges a week will turn that anxiety causing situation in to one that I don’t even think twice about!

      You are really the sweetest person and I absolutely adore you. You have kept up with me throughout my entire recovery and I couldn’t thank you enough for all the positivity you have brought into my life. It really means so much to me to know that I have been an inspiration to you. It has helped me to stay strong, knowing that my experiences were inspiring others. Hearing you say that my identity in recovery has been unique is a rather large compliment as well. Figuring out who I am has been a struggle for me recently and I am well on my way to unraveling my true self 🙂 Know that I have much admiration for you as well! You are a brave, intelligent, beautiful young woman and you have so much to offer this world! Hope you are doing well!

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