Satisfying Day!

This morning I slept in a tiny bit before making a basic, but yummy, breakfast. I made oatmeal with blueberries and almonds, a spinach scramble and a chai latte.Image My mom got a fancy little gadget for her birthday and I tested it out. It frothed the milk for my latte so well! Loved it.Image I ate breakfast with my mom as we made the grocery list for the week based on the sales at the store. I then rushed to get ready for work! 

At work we managed to clean the back stock rooms and get them filled with the majority of the product. it is amazing how much we got done today! I should have taken pictures… I definitely will take pictures tomorrow. I worked all the way until 2 and then I took a 30 minute break to go grab a quick lunch from Whole Foods. I then ate lunch in the Jeep. It sounds sad, but I enjoyed a little break away from people, just listening to music. I don’t like having to rush to eat though. I still savored the flavors though. I had a simple ham and cheese sandwich with grilled veggies and mixed fruit. Image

I worked all the way until six. I have to say I did have a lot of fun. I am already super comfortable with the group of people I am working with so I am very excited for the season!

On my way home from work I snacked on a Kind bar. Image

When I got home I talked to my mom and asked her how her birthday was so far. I felt bad that I didn’t have time to do anything or get anything special for her 😦 She was just happy that we had breakfast together. I am going to think of a late gift to give her though! I worked on the crossword puzzle for the day and then got caught up on my detailed food log. My mom made a delicious meal tonight. She fixed chicken sausage with a pepper, onion and tomato sauce with fettucini, brussels sprouts and green beans. It was so good!Image I am really going to have to make it up to her tomorrow night! 

It was very satisfying to get so much accomplished at work today. The only thing I would have changed was the weather. I would have made it sunny and warmer. And I would have added a few hours of daylight so I could have gone to the barn after work. I miss Vinnie so much! I haven’t seen him in ages. I had a dream last night that I let someone else ride him and it was awful. I don’t remember it very clearly but I just know I was freaking out haha. 

Time to go relax! I hope you had a wonderful weekend 🙂


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