Tomorrow is Sneaking Up!

Tomorrow has snuck up on me. It is going to be a busy busy day and all I can say is bring it on! I am running my second 10k race in the morning and I can’t believe it is here already. Then I am going to work after and I will more than likely be there all day long because I think we are finally moving into the stadium! I felt like this day would never come, but sure enough it has arrived and for some reason it feels like it came out of nowhere. I am going to relax and watch this Penguins game before grabbing a snack before bed. I am trying to go to sleep at a decent time so I can be well rested for my day ahead.

This morning I relaxed for a little before getting up. I might have done too much relaxing because I ended up going into a mad rush to eat my breakfast before i had to go to work. I made oatmeal topped with berries and a veggie scramble. Oh, how amazing it felt to have a hot breakfast.Image

At work I feel like we just did really random things because we weren’t sure what the plan was as far as moving back to our store in the stadium. We did the few online orders that we could do. We decided to start folding and size stickering shirts so we wouldn’t have to worry about doing that once we move since we might not have enough time. For lunch I brought a black bean and cheese quesadilla, carrots, an apple and Greek yogurt. Super delicious!Image Later in the afternoon my friend, Allie, from high school and volleyball stopped by to interview for a job with us. It was so great to see her and I think she is really excited to work here this summer! A few of the new workers also came by for some hours and helped fold and sticker shirts. I left a little after 5 and headed home. On the way home I snacked on baked Cheetos and a Kind bar. Image

I was able to do some relaxing before my mom got home with the race packets for tomorrow 🙂 Image I chatted with my parents and just hung out until it was time to start making dinner. I made homemade mac and cheese while my mom made turkey burgers for her and my dad as well as the broccoli. I heated up some chicken since there were only two turkey burgers. Then I mixed it all together to create a fantastic meal! Image

Ok, I am outta here! Wish me luck for tomorrow, I am going to need it!



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