I Feel Like a Boss

Do you ever have days where you feel like you have taken on so many responsibilities, but those responsibilities give you a sense of belonging? Today was one of those days for me. At work I was assigned tasks that produced a feeling of empowerment, but in a good way. It was like I was greatly valued because of the things I helped with.

Morning workout + eats

I remembered I had frozen waffles so for breakfast I made a waffle-wich with cinnamon cream cheese and agave nectar. Ohhh man, it was tasty.Image I carpooled with my mom into Durham and we went to the Y before work. I decided to do another run, but instead of going for distance I really worked on speed increments. I started each mile at 6.4mph. At 1/2 a mile I bumped it up to 6.6. Starting at mile .75 I started bumping up the speed .4mph every .05 miles. I repeated the process for 30 minutes and then I did a 5 minute cool down walk with a slight incline. I worked up a nice sweat doing that!Image For my morning snack I had Greek yogurt and a banana. Image

Work + lunch

At work I began by talking with my boss about the plan for the day. I needed to clean up a register for the retail program guy to come work out the bugs with the system. Next I began on making files to download onto a USB for team travel for the year. I love that job! I pretended I was secretly a very important person on the staff because I was organizing the travel info. I was getting it prepped for taking it to get booklets made for all the players so they know the travel details. I had to make pages for all of the visiting stadium info, flight info, bus info, hotel info and the itinerary for each trip. When the retail program technician guy showed up my boss basically told me to tell him what we needed tweaked. Then he seemed to come to me for all of his questions. I have to admit, I liked the feeling of “running the show” even though I really wasn’t haha. I just tried to have fun with it 🙂 For lunch I packed soup, carrots and an apple.Image I was happy with my decision to pack soup. I was cold in the office!


My mom picked me up from work a little after 5. I was invited to go to dinner and a movie with the guys so I took them up on it. I had my mom drop me off at Josh’s. On the way I had a quick snack. A Kind bar.Image They have become my go-to snack after work because they are so easy. When I got to Josh’s we basically left right away. I think Justin and Josh were craving their favorite barbecue place (Bullocks) so that is where we went. We all got chopped barbecue sandwiches and for my sides I ordered steamed cabbage and string beans.Image It was a real southern meal haha. Very tasty though! The movie we went to go see was Noah. It was good, but very different than the movies I am used to watching haha.

Well I am going to go grab a snack and get some shut eye. I have work again tomorrow! Hope you had a good day!


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