My Feet Want to Emancipate Themselves

Ahhh… it feels so good to be off my feet and on the couch. Since waking up I feel like the only time I was sitting down was when I was eating. I’m going to do a reverse review of E’s and A’s (eats and activities). By that I mean I am going to start with my activities.


This morning after taking care of puppy Jeb I came home and got ready to go to the barn. My mom didn’t make it out yesterday like she said she would so she joined me and took along the camera. I was so happy we went out there before the rain rolled in! I wasn’t planning to have time to go but I was so glad that we went. Vinnie was perfect! Maybe he just knew he needed to be well behaved so the ride could be short so he could eat his breakfast haha. ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

When I got home I literally cooked for my client the rest of the day, only taking breaks to have lunch and my snack. I then called it quits a little after 7 so I could get started on our own dinner. I managed to get a good amount done today! Two loafs of peanut butter pumpkin banana bread, sugar free granola bars, curry rice and pork stuffed acorn squash, coconut and green curry chicken noodles, Turkey burgers made with shredded zucchini and carrots and feta along with sauteed veggies and herb roasted potato wedges.ImageImageImageImageImageImage I still have one or two more dishes to make tomorrow. I just cant last any longer on my feet tonight haha. Standing on hard wood floors is wreaking havoc on my heels.


Last night while I was puppy sitting I went for some leftovers that were in the fridge. There was a yummy looking quinoa creation so I chose to heat some of it up. It was yummy!Image

I was way too sleepy to stay up for a bedtime snack. Sometimes sleep is the most important thing.

For breakfast I had banana bread with cinnamon cream cheese and a green smoothie before heading out to the barn.Image

For lunch I had another turkey wrap with an apple, carrots, baked Ruffles and Greek yogurt. Image

My snack was the bottom of the pretzel bag and some trail mix.Image

For dinner I made a dish that I actually made my client a few weeks ago. Sweet potato gnocchi with a spinach goat cheese topping. My mom grilled a pork tenderloin that was delicious and then she also heated up some frozen peppers. Great dinner!Image

Now I am going to go relax/fall asleep! Hope you had a good weekend!


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