If You Could Change One Thing for Your Well-Being…

If given the choice to change one thing that would ultimately result in an improvement of my well-being it would hands down be related to my sleep. I think I would choose to change the days. Instead of being 24 hours I would make it 30. Then I could still do everything I am doing now, but I would have an extra 6 hours that I would designated for extra sleep. I really don’t get much sleep and I am worried it is going to start effecting my health. Well, I am not that worried. I just now noticed that I am super sleepy and I remember yawing a lot today. I would hate to have my immune system take a beating because I haven’t been giving my body enough rest. I am going to work on that! What is one thing you would change to improve your health and well-being?

This morning I was up at 6:15 so get my things ready before heading of to the Y with my mom. On the way in I ate my overnight oatmeal again. I decided to run 4 miles.ImageImage I never know how far I am going to run before I go. I just hop on the treadmill and go until I feel done or until I am running short on time. This morning I would say lack of time dictated how far I ran. I was happy with it though. I got showered and then headed into work. I completed all of the online orders before having my morning snack of berries and yogurt.Image Then we got to work on boxing up hats in the storage room. We ran out of boxes very quickly haha. We started tagging blankets and did a few other things before we took a break for lunch. I had a turkey sandwich, apple and carrots.Image After lunch we went back to tagging more new merchandise. I also helped my boss out by contacting a bus company to arrange travel for one day when they are on the road in August. I enjoyed doing that. I felt like I had so much more responsibility haha. We also had another interview and we basically decided on the spot that we needed to hire her. The entire place is moving back into the stadium this weekend except us. We are living in boxes. This isn’t even half of it. Image

As I drove home from work I snacked on pretzels and trail mix.Image I also stopped at one of my mom’s worker’s house to meet her puppy that I will be sitting for tomorrow night! His name is Jeb and he is a yellow lab. SO ADORABLE!

As soon as I got home I threw on my boots and then headed out to the barn to ride. I also chatted with Renee and she has convinced me that I need to buy a horse that Rick (Mare’s trainer) is trying to sell to open up space for clients. I am sold. He sounded amazing. I wonder how I could convince my parents? haha. Vinnie was wonderful tonight! I could tell right away he was going to be in a good mood 🙂 Image

When I made it back home I ended up talking to my parents for a good bit of time before we fixed dinner.Image Now we are relaxing and watching basketball! I am excited for tomorrow. I am hoping to get some good sleep, then my mom and I are going to do some meal/grocery planning before we go to the Y. I am going to do another yoga class! Then we will do our grocery run. Then I will probably start puppy sitting! I would also like to get out to the barn before the weather turns nasty again! So much to do! I need those extra 6 hours in the day!


One thought on “If You Could Change One Thing for Your Well-Being…

  1. Sleep is a wonderful thing! I want to see a picture of the puppy. Good news about the stadium being almost done. Have fun puppy sitting.

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