Gym, Work, Barn, Sleep, Repeat

So the title pretty much says it all. Today I was up at 6:15 so that my mom and I could go to the gym and exercise before we both needed to go to work. Thank goodness I prepared all my food the night before and packed all my clothes. It made the morning a million times easier. Before leaving the house I drank a liter of water. Trying hard to keep up with my hydration! As I drove into Durham I ate my overnight oats.Image I had to do a lot of steering with my knee so I could eat… hahah. At the gym I ran a mile, then did a few exercises for my arms and then my abs. I completed the workout with another mile on the treadmill. I got showered and then was off to work! I completed all of the online orders and then there was nothing else to do so we took a field trip to a retail furniture warehouse place so we could order the register stands for the store. It was fun to get out of the usual environment for a bit of time. When we first left I had a morning snack of berries and Greek Yogurt.Image When we arrived back at work we got started on boxing up hats from one of the back storage rooms. It barely looked like we made a dent. At 1 we decided it was lunch time so I broke out my leftover sausage, rice, peppers and onions mixture, a bag of carrots and an apple. It was tasty!Image That afternoon we were joined by another co-worker who has come back for the season. She is probably one of the most entertaining people I know so that made for an eventful time. We worked on tagging some merchandise that came in and because we ran out of things to do since we don’t know when we can move back in to the stadium, we left 30 minutes early. When I got home I made a quick almond butter sandwich that I had with a glass of milk and then I was off to the barn!Image I was so happy Renee was home because I got to ride Vinnie! It was a beautiful day to get a ride in. I was there until about 8: grooming, riding and talking to Renee. Vinnie has always had a funny skunk mane!Image

I got home around 8:15 and then talked with my mom before we ate dinner. We had turkey burgers, roasted veggies and sweet potatoes. Yum! That turkey burger was actually very delicious. Image

I just made another loaf banana bread because I am obsessed. No shame. I love it. As it baked I prepped my breakfast, lunch and snacks for tomorrow. Tomorrow is going to be a repeat of today and I hope it is just as amazing! Hope you had a good Thursday! Do you have anything fun planned tomorrow to kick start the weekend?


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