Did You Celebrate Today?

Happy St. Patricks Day! I didn’t really celebrate today. I am usually good at wearing something green, but I completely forgot to today. Oh well. I think every day is a day to celebrate anyways! To see the sun rise and set is enough reason to have a some joy. 

This morning I was up before the sun so I could join my mom to go to the Y. I fixed some quick toast with almond butter and banana slices.Image Then we each were off in our own vehicle! At the gym we both hit the treadmills. I ran 3.2 miles before doing a few minutes of walking to cool down.Image Then I did some stretching before hitting the showers before work. When I got to work around 8:45 I had a greek yogurt for my second breakfast.Image Then I got started on the online orders! I actually really liked being at work early. I spent a good chunk of the day just searching for items in the back rooms, digging through boxes. We got some tagging of new merchandise done and we also reorganized the temporary store. For lunch I had the leftover pork stuffed acorn squash and an apple, and oh my goodness it was just as delicious as last night!Image

It was cold and rainy/icy day, so when I got home from work all I wanted to do was snuggle up on the couch and have hot oatmeal as my snack.ImageImage I am not ashamed to say I relaxed all the way until dinner haha. My mom made tilapia, baked potatoes and green beans. It was a yummy dinner!Image

Tomorrow is a busy, but work-free, day! I have the feeling I am going to sleep really well tonight! I hope you had a great Monday!


8 thoughts on “Did You Celebrate Today?

  1. I was so surprised that I actually wore green yesterday haha. Usually I’m the type of person that never remembers and then sees everyone else wearing green and only then do I remember that it’s St. Patrick’s Day!

    Also, there is nothing as comforting as a warm treat (like oatmeal!) on a cool, blustery, chilly day! Or as welcoming as just snuggling and resting up until dinner time 🙂

    • I bet that felt nice to be festive with the green! I always forget when the actual holiday is, especially when most people do the celebrating during the days before. 🙂

    • I am hoping to do one on the 29th. It is the Great Human Race. I haven’t signed up for it yet, but I need to! They have a 5k and a 10k and I am leaning towards the 10k! What is the next fun event you guys have planned???

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