Lunch Break Drop In

Hi guys! Yesterday was such a busy, busy day. It was an excellent day though! I’ll have to make this quick since I am on my lunch break so here it goes. I had to be at the barn by 9 for the appointment with the vet. Vinnie freaks out the most with shots haha. I ate my yummy banana bread on my way out there.

Vinnie was shedding like crazy! I was so happy!

After the vet I went home and got ready to go Durham to meet my client and have my appointments with Mary and Lori. Those went well! I’ll reflect more when I am at my computer. I went to Whole Foods and got my lunch and ate it at my moms school. I mostly talked to Amber while I was there because my mom was busy. I had fresh fruit and veggies, a ham and cheese sandwich and a yogurt. Yum!

When I got finished at Lori’s I had a kind bar and drove home. At about 7 my good friend Raf come over to help me paint. It hadn’t seen him since May so it was really nice to see him and catch up. We can talk about anything and we usually talk about crazy random things. We took a break to watch the Penguins game (go Pens!) and have dinner. My mom cooked some delicious sausage, pasta and veggies.

We painted until midnight! I drove him back to the house he was staying at and then when I got back home I had a quick snack and went to sleep. This morning I was up early to meet Bryan and Megan for breakfast at Elmo’s. I had huevos rancheros and fresh fruit. Happy Beth 🙂

Work has been fun this morning! I just finished my lunch and now I going back to work!

I’ll be back later!


4 thoughts on “Lunch Break Drop In

    • Awee, that is so sweet that you keep up with my daily posts! I always feel bad when I miss a day, I never want to worry anyone haha! Hope you are doing well ❤

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