Longggg Day

Day light savings has always and will always screw me up. I slept great and I woke up feeling so excited that I slept in late than usual but then I realized we lost an hour. I am so excited that it stay lighter outside later though! I woke up and didn’t want to wake my parents up so I did my puzzles and then watched last week’s episode of Scandal before I fixed breakfast. I made a chai latte, a green smoothie and then I topped two slices of banana bread with cinnamon cream cheese. One of my favorite breakfasts, hands down!Image After breakfast I got started on my day long job of cooking for my client. I can’t complain one bit! I love cooking new things and sampling them. Time flew by and yet it feels like this morning was days ago. I took a break for lunch, which was a sweet potato, chicken sausage and brussels hash and an apple.Image Yum! Then I got back to cooking! I got the majority of it done by 6 o’clock and then I grabbed a snack and headed off the the barn where I spent the next 2 1/2-3 hours.Image Vinnie was a big ball of dried mud so I spent a good amount of time grooming and talking to Renee. I noticed one of his hind fetlocks was swollen and he had a scrape so I did a quick (literally a minute) lunge to see if he was lame. He was fine so I tacked him up and rode him while Renee rode G. Vinnie was a good boy given the circumstances. I didn’t lunge him more before I rode, there were birds going crazy in the trees and it was dark out (the arena lights were on). All of those things usually are a set up for a disaster, but we worked through it and had a great ride. Renee and I talked more while we untacked and then let Vinnie and G play with each other is the aisle way before we put them away. I helped to feed and it felt like a flashback to my younger days. We used to help feed all the time and I missed the smell of the grain, specifically the sweet feed. Vinnie was more than ready to chow down!Image When I got home my mom already had dinner made. I felt bad because I was getting home so late, but I think I handled not watching the food being made very well. My mom did a quick run through of what was in everything just so I would know how to roughly bubble it. She made turkey meatballs with veggies and feta added in, garlic and grape tomato pasta and green beans.Image It was delicious! After dinner I made another dish for my client and finished up one I started before the barn. Here are pictures of a few of the dishes I made!ImageImageImage

I just finished my bed time snack and now I am ready for tomorrow!Image I work and then I am hoping to have enough time to go to the barn to ride again! AND I need to work on my room before company comes! Hope you had a terrific finish to your weekend!


One thought on “Longggg Day

  1. I wish I had that productive of a day. My highlight was walking the dogs up the ridge because the sun was finally shining. I am looking forward to walking again tonight! Have a good ride!

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