Durham? Power Outage?… Durham!

Today was better than yesterday. By a lot. I slept well out in the RV with the kerosene heater so this morning I woke up and ventured into to frigid house. I snuggled up on the couch with my cat, reading a book, clearly in denial that the power was still out. 8:30 rolled around and my mom started questioning me about the plan for the day. Another peanut butter sandwich was fixed for breakfast, along with some berries.Image Once I finished eating my mom and I got ready to go workout at the Y. All of the treadmills were occupied when we arrived so we decided to do strength training. I haven’t done much strength training in a really long time so it felt good to work those forgotten muscles! I am going to be feeling it tomorrow. After a solid 45-50 minute workout we stretched and then hit the showers. It felt so good to shower! I missed having access to running water. Once we were cleaned up we ran a few errands and I did my grocery shopping for my client. I didn’t have a clear menu planned so I just kind of made a list off the top of my head. I was originally going to meet my friend Liz at 2 for a late lunch but she was running late because she hit terrible traffic. We went to Panera so my mom could have lunch and we sat out on the patio where I finished reading Lies You Wanted to Hear. It was an interesting book. Lots of drama related to a messy marriage. I ended up meeting Liz at 2:45 at Daisy Cakes downtown. I wanted to choose a local place I had never been to and we both agreed this place looked yummy. My mom did her own thing while I met with Liz. I ordered a roasted fennel sandwich and it was to die for! Pepperjack cheese, tomato, tomato jam, arugula, lemon aioli, zucchini. Mmm!Image It was so great to catch up with Liz. I really missed her. She was my closest friend at Appalachian. I wish I could visit with her more often! After we ate we did a quick walk through part of downtown talking about very random things! She eventually had to get back on the road to finish her trip to Maryland for her spring break. My mom and I headed home and then joined my dad in celebrating the return of our power! I was so thrilled because my dad said the power company estimated the power coming back around 6 pm TOMORROW. That would not have flown well with this chic. I got all the groceries situated and then worked on puzzles. I made a loaf of banana bread and the had caramel greek yogurt for my snack.Image I then hit the couch and watched Scandal. For dinner my mom roasted carrots with potatoes, broccoli and my dad grilled up some meat.Image It was a tasty, simple dinner. After dinner I got started on a few things for my client.  I cooked up a pot of rice and then made sweet potato gnocchi for the first time ever!Image I will cook it tomorrow and I am really hoping it turns out well! I am off to go have my snack and watch this Duke/UNC game! Hope you had a fantabulous Saturday!

Question of the day:

Do you think this is a good suggestion from my creativity app?Image


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