Market Street Coffeehouse

Hello, hello!

It was an early morning for my mom and I. We left the house a few minutes after 6:30 to go to the Y. I had a banana and a peanut butter sandwich on the way for my breakfast.Image At the gym I put in a good 3.12 miles running before slowing down to a walk for a few minutes to cool down.Image Then I jumped in the shower to get ready for the day! 

I met Margaret at Market Street Coffeehouse on Ninth Street for a chai latte. That was only my second ever chai latte from a coffee house. It was so sweet compared to the ones I make at home, but it was a delicious little change 🙂 Image Margaret and I talked all about how we have been doing the past few days. I know I say this every time I see her, but it is so nice to talk to someone who really understands what I am feeling. Of course, we do have some differences, but our different situations can be related to each other. We had a few humorous moments as well! We were talking about our favorite actors and then we some how came up with the idea that we should try speed dating! It would be a HUGE challenge but I think I would like it and treat it as “practice” for meeting new people and we can always look back at the experience and said we did it just for fun. What do you think, could you ever go speed dating with a friend of yours?

I rushed off to work where I filled online orders, climbed the Everest version of boxes in storage searching for a shirt, and tagged new product. It was a good day and I feel like Megan (my co-worker) and I got a lot done! For my lunch I packed a chicken sausage, sweet potato, brussels and garlic and herb cheese hash, an apple and a yogurt.Image It was so yummy but I was apologizing for the smell of the brussels haha. After work I went to pick my mom up from her school and as I drove through the disgusting sleet/freezing rain I snacked on pretzels and a Kind bar.Image When we made it home I relaxed and then started brainstorming ideas for meals and snacks to make my client. I am excited to get back to cooking! My mom put dinner together tonight. She just put together a meal from things we had on hand. We had turkey burgers and roasted veggies. I topped my burger with feta, spinach, peppers and onions.Image Very good! And I didn’t let myself play sudoku as I ate! 

I hope you had a good Thursday! 


4 thoughts on “Market Street Coffeehouse

  1. Aww first of all, yayay for no sudoku! That’s huge! Also i think speed dating would be totally fun to do with a friend! Makes it less awkward or uncomfortable and can be really fun to share your stories after! 🙂

  2. Now I know why u and Madelyne get along..she left for NC at 7:30 this morning after her 6AM lacrosse practice! Maybe she can help you paint next week! (or work on a nice outdoor project,)

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