What Will Your Footprint Look Like?

Have a good Tuesday? Mine was super productive. I slept better that I had been the past few nights and it was wonderful. Plus the sun was shining so I knew it was going to be a good day! I had made a very similar breakfast to yesterday’s. Oatmeal topped with berries and almonds, a chai latte, a green pepper spinach and feta omelet. Oh, and a cup of blueberry tea. Mmmm.Image

After breakfast I got to work on sanding the wall that I applied a skim coat to. It created a massive amount of dust that filled the air and everything in my room. It looked like a volcano erupted and all the ash settled in my room. It literally covered everything, including me. This is what I will look like when I go gray.Image So I spent the rest of my morning cleaning up the mess I created. I walked to the kitchen and then realized I made footprints across the floor from all the residue. Footprints were a common theme this morning. I saw the cutest footprints in the snow on the back deck from one of our cats. Then I feel like I had a very philosophical thought. Footprints are a great symbol for the impact you have in the world. You can make a huge change to the surface just by putting your foot forward or putting yourself out there. The change you make to the world might be temporary, much like the two footprints here.ImageImage Even if something is short term, you still did something. There was still a change that occurred. It got me thinking about what I want my footprint to look like. What do I want to work on to change the world for the better. I don’t know if I have an answer to that yet, but it is something for me to think about. Do you know what you would want your footprint to look like? (Feel free to comment below and share! Maybe sharing is the first step to putting it in action!)

After I finished cleaning up my mess I got ready for my afternoon in Durham. I met Mary for my session and it seemed to be over just as soon as it started! After my session with Mary I went over to Whole Foods to fix my lunch from the salad bar. I also grabbed a salted caramel greek yogurt (that is what heaven tastes like) and a WhatsoNutso bar.Image

I took my time eating it and made plans with the guys for dinner at my house. Once I was finished I decided to go to Lowe’s to buy primer and paint for my bedroom before I went to my appointment with Lori. I had another great session with Lori! I will share my goals for the week in tomorrow’s post for both Mary and Lori! On my way home I snacked on a Kind bar.Image Shortly after I got home the guys showed up for dinner at my house! I was a little nervous and was feeling a lot of pressure to make sure they felt comfortable and had fun. I was really worried that they wouldn’t have a good time. After a few minutes I got started on making the southwest stuffed chicken. I split and tenderized chicken breasts and then stuffed them with a cream cheese, green chili, tomato, corn, salt and pepper mixture. While that baked in the oven we hung out and talked (I mostly listened to their stories) all the way up till it was time to chow down! We had stuffed peppers and roasted veggies along with the chicken. It was really delicious!Image(bad picture, sorry) I would definitely make it again but I would make it spicier next time. Rotel, anyone? They all said it was really good so I was so pleased! It felt great to make them a nice dinner. Once we finished eating we went to the living room and played several rounds of Catch Phrase. And we might of listened to some Shania Twain on the stereo… Catch Phrase is seriously my favorite go-to game whenever I am with a group of people and I am looking for something to keep us entertained. It was hilarious! I really enjoyed the night and I hope that they guys did too!

My parents decided to go out for dinner so when they got back I talked to them for a little before I fixed an almond butter and nutella sandwich for my snack. I also had a pear with it. I am stuck sleeping on the couch tonight. Remember when I said I cleaned up from sanding this morning? Well I cleaned everything except my bed. The sheets and comforter are covered in wall dust. So I think I am going to try and get some shut eye! Recaps of my appointments coming tomorrow after a full day of work at the Bulls! 


5 thoughts on “What Will Your Footprint Look Like?

  1. So now you can see why u have to wipe the walls down with TSP! Sanding skimcoat is my least favorite job of all time..but you handled it with a great sense of humor and I love your dust footprint! Next time though you might want to wear a dust mask okay?

  2. I love your footprint pictures, just yesterday I was observing the tiniest wild bird footprints in the snow. I loved how evenly spaced they were and they were all lined up going in the same direction. Awe what order. Then I compared it to Zoees paw prints in the snow, she always has a purpose but her prints were not in a straight line. Pretty cool, each track had a purpose and direction, but they looked nothing alike. Ipon reflection, I am more like Zoees prints, really determined with a purpose and the end goal may only be known to me, but I have left prints along the way. Thanks for reflection moment, now back to my 6th graders, I hear their footsteps…

    • Thanks aunt Paula, that was beautifully put! I love how you said each footprint had a purpose 🙂 Hope you had a good day with the kiddos at school!

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