I don’t know about you, but when I am reading a novel with a lot of emotion (or lack there of) intertwined in each sentence I tend to pick up on that and it is like my body absorbs the mood of the character. I feel like that happened to me today. My morning started off well and I was in a good mood, but about mid afternoon I started to feel “blah.” Maybe is was because a character in the book I am reading went through a period of depression? Maybe I was just getting upset that small things in my day weren’t going exactly as I was hoping? I just was not in the mood to talk. Sadly Vinnie couldn’t even kick me out of my funk. I blame static for that one. And I think I interrupted his nap time.Image Every time I wanted to hug him or pet his face I shocked him and he would spazz out. He was still a good boy today, I think I was just getting peeved at the static and his reaction to it. Nothing I could do though.

Let me rewind back to the morning. I woke up and rushed to get my breakfast made. I had 15 minutes to wolf it down. I had overnight oatmeal topped with blueberries and cashews, a veggie scramble, strawberries and a chai latte.Image Then I was off to the orthodontist to have my fixed retainer put back on. That shockingly took no time at all so I went to my dad’s office to assemble a few tax returns and to pet the stray cat before I headed back home.Image When I got home I relaxed and watched Netflix, did some reading and then did a few chores. I fixed a delicious late lunch. I had a black bean and cheese quesadilla, carrots and guacamole, an apple and greek yogurt.Image

When I finished I went out to the barn. I was hoping to ride but nobody was there so I just lunged in the arena and did a few ground work exercises. After the barn I did some more relaxing. I thought about going for a run but I decided to let my muscles recover another day after running those stairs at Duke. Maybe that was another reason I wasn’t feeling top notch. I still have a hard time being comfortable in my body on off days. Body image and low self esteem still seem to have a major impact on my thoughts and happiness. It’s a work in progress though! I did some more reading, taking a break to have a cinnamon cream cheese toastwich (new word?) for snack.Image I put the book down when it was time for the new episode of The Big Bang Theory and then it was dinner time. My mom made rice and turkey stuffed peppers. The top of the turkey “stuffing” was a little crisp, but it was still delicious!Image After dinner and a few minutes of sudoku I whipped up a banana bread recipe and threw it in the oven. I think I will have some for my snack before bed. I will make tomorrow a better day! I am working at the Bulls so my co workers will more than likely keep me in a chipper mood all day long 🙂


4 thoughts on “Pathos

  1. Beth, not sure exactly how I came upon your blog. I could try to re create the sequence but it doesn’t matter. I have thought about you guys and wondered how the Crums are doing. I am friends with Jennifer on fb. After reading your story, I am amazed at your strength and courage in your recovery. I didn’t even know what was going on. I will continue to pray for you. Give your parents a hug for me.

    Anne Neeley (Jane’s mom)


  2. Static is soo scarey. I have read and never tried these tips to rid one of static: pour water into a spray bottle and add a tablespoon of liquid fabric softener, then spray on the horse or horse and blanket before removing it from their body.;2 just rubb a fabric softener sheet over your hands and forearms before touching Bonnie. It will diffuse the spark. I guess you could put the fabric sheet on your horse and run him too. Good luck. I agree with identifying with characters emotions in books or movies, it sets ones own mood. But, it’s ok I have found out that feeling slowly fades. Love u

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