It’s Everywhere

Another week has been kicked off. Monday came before I was ready, but this morning when I woke up I was eager to get it started. I jumped in the shower and then got all ready for my day before I fixed my breakfast. I made a scramble with onion, red pepper and spinach, a bowl of granola topped with walnuts, blueberries and strawberries (can you believe I only used three strawberries?) and a chai latte. It was a delicious start to my day.Image

I grabbed my things and headed to the Bulls for work. When I arrived I got started right away on filling online orders. While we were packaging up things to be shipped, we got another delivery of hats. SO. MANY. BOXES. Image

After we finished the online orders we printed the tags to stick on some of the fitted hats. We still have a lot to do before we can get to the new boxes that came. I packed my lunch with me. I brought spicy vegetable chili, an apple and greek yogurt.Image Then we went back to tagging hats. At 3:30 we had to stop and work on a few boxes of shirts because there was a staff meeting taking place where the hat boxes were located. We spent the rest of our time at work tagging and folding shirts. It felt good to get a lot done today. We could have gotten a lot more done if it weren’t for the online orders, but getting orders is always a good thing.

When I got home I had baked Doritos and a Kind bar for snack.Image Then I got to work on baking some things for my clients! I will let you know how they turn out. While one of my recipes was baking I spent a while talking to my mom. She wanted to ask my opinion about something. She began by telling me about one of her teachers at her school who is a speech teacher there part time. She said she was really worried about her because she was extremely underweight and just looked defeated. In the work setting she is not allowed to say anything to this teacher, but my mom was saying it is too hard for her to just sit back and watch. My mom wanted to know what I thought she should do and if she did do something she wanted to know how her teacher might take it. We talked for a while about eating disorders in general. My mom said she see’s it everywhere and it is true. I can’t go out in public without seeing a woman and thinking that she is anorexic. I say to myself I used to look exactly like that so she must be struggling. My mom see’s it in a lot of people at school, including some of the kids and even a few mom’s. I think eating disorder’s have become more common than ever. My mom then asked me how I took it when people told me how much better I look now. I explained to her how it felt to have restored my weight because I can do everything that I want to do. I have the energy and strength. I then told her how the voice in my head isn’t happy with how I look. I said I wasn’t happy that the jeans I got a month ago are too small now. I look in the mirror and I see things that I am not happy with. I also explained to her that when I was restricting I felt special, powerful and worthy. I told her that now I don’t feel like that even though now I actually am all those things. It is hard to explain how I can feel so much better health wise, but mentally I feel weak and like I don’t deserve to say I have an eating disorder (Eduardo convinced me having an eating disorder was a good thing or it was what I deserved). I told my mom it was just something I was going to have to work on for a while. Those thought’s don’t disappear over night. It will take time, but I will get to the point where I no longer feel unworthy to live a healthy life. It was a good conversation and my mom thanked me for sharing all my thoughts. Now I ask you though, do you have any advice for my mom on what she should do about her teacher? I told her to consider an anonymous letter, but I have no idea what the right thing to say would be. So then I told her to contact one of the professionals at Duke because I am sure they have advice for this type of situation. What do you think?

Once we wrapped up that conversation we fixed dinner. We were going to make southwest stuffed chicken, but one of my recipes for my client was in the oven and the chicken was going to take a while to bake and it was already late. I quickly heated the chicken on the stove and then sauteed up some brussels. We ate the butternut squash that my mom cooked in the crock pot yesterday. The brussels were nice and spicy and I sprinkled my veggies with some feta cheese. It was delicious! Image

I hope you had a good Monday! Get ready for a great Tuesday!


One thought on “It’s Everywhere

  1. Well that’s tricky, I think ur suggestions were right on the money. See what the pros say first. I also work with a young teacher noticeably struggling, I have asked other staff about it and they said they told the school counselor about it and that was it. They said it os difficult to say anything inn the workplace. Glad you had a good day at work.

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